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A key element to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is that it is a hierarchy, specifically that the baser needs must be satisfied prior to the higher requirements can be achieved. A salesperson scrabbling to make a living might be prepared, to satisfy his / her physiological requirements, to sell everything to anyone, actually encourage someone to go into hazardous debt which has a mortgage they can ill-afford to obtain an expensive or faulty house. An individual who lives in a hazardous community may well enter into such an agreement, to earn enough money regarding own immediate self-interest to move out of these community. The foolishness of getting a house on this sort of a basis in the long-term is difficult to appreciate when ever short-term needs are not achieved on a physical level. Only if the salesperson’s bestial instincts of food and shelter and protection are satisfied can she or he think about truly receiving love, much less helping the customer.

This is simply not simply a purpose to feeling hungry salesmen living only on commission payment, because this mentality is also mirrored in the customer’s mindset. The client will not value buying a residence if more basic demands such as foodstuff are consumed on a side to oral cavity basis. Harmless, an individual may be willing to stay in a cold community, hostile to children or his or her racial group. To be safe, the buyer usually takes on a mortgage loan he is aware he will arrears upon, to help his family. To receive like from a salesman, a woman may well agree to an unwise buy, to receive temporary approval also to see a smile on the real estate property agent’s face.

Even on a basic level of the individual sales minute, needs must be met. Just how many house sales had been lost, because the couple saw the ideal residence at the end of the day, with tired and cranky kids, and swollen feet? How many below ideal homes were marketed because the owner had the foresight to bake refreshing cookies when the couple was visiting, as a result creating a loving ambiance of your ideal house?

For the sale of a home loan to truly aid Maslow’s desired goals, however , all needs has to be met – the seller has to be physically satisfied, feel secure the home is definitely on the market, like the seller, feel he or she is trustworthy by the retailer, and strive to match the correct community with the vendor, just as the seller must truly feel physically and mentally safe, have an affordable sense of trust in the vendor and personal self-pride, and wish to build a better living environment for both him or herself, and eventually the community at large when he or the lady becomes a element of it.

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