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Review on the My Georgetown College Portal

Have you ever heard of student portals? Most of the respected and accredited educational institutions have one. Usually, it is a huge database with important information regarding the financial, personal and academic aspects of studying in a college.

Review on the My Georgetown College Portal

Georgetown College also created a portal to make the everyday experience at the establishment a breeze. This gateway can be used by students and their parents, alumni, staff, and faculty, donors. To begin using this source, first, you have to register and log in. It is possible to do this on the home page of the portal and it takes only a couple of minutes.

Within the portal you can do the following actions:

  • View incoming announcements
  • Refer a student
  • Look through your final grades
  • Get an unofficial transcript
  • Check out courses schedule
  • Other

If you have a desire to make a gift to the GC, it’s is possible to do so through the portal. There is a tab called Giving, after redirecting onto which you’ll be required to fill out a simple form and in that way you’ll become one of the donors and support the future of the college.

Also, it is possible to view any of your financial details via the student portal. You can view graduate/undergraduate school fees and tuition, check out the refund schedule, read some articles of interest, get information on the tuition refund insurance.

Contacts of the My Georgetown College Portal

Review on the My Georgetown College Portal

The following contact information is provided on the portal website:

About My Georgetown College Portal

Review on the My Georgetown College Portal

This webpage is a mighty tool that connects students, faculty, staff with institutionally related information. Moreover, it is a method of communication. For some, this portal may seem large and difficult to surf through, but actually, it has a pretty simple navigation system.

All of the information is grouped into tabs at the top of the portal. Every tab consists of multiple pages of content. When you select a tab, its color turns into a light grey. Also, the portal has a breadcrumb trail. It helps you to keep track of where you are in the portal. To go back to a higher level of the portal, you just have to click on that level in the breadcrumb.

On the left-hand side of the portal, you’ll find a sidebar. It shows the pages that are available on the chosen tab. At the end of the sidebar, a quick links section is located. Here are the most frequently used links.

The my.georgetowncollege.edu also has a footer. It is situated at the bottom of the website. You can choose to get redirected to the following sections of the portal – privacy policy, about us, contact us, campus directory.

To make navigation on this portal more convenient, portlets have been added to it. They are small applications that can be found on the right side of any page and contain some basic and common features. There are such portlets: a star icon, which collects portlets that you consider important onto a certain place on a page; a wrench icon, which configures portlets; a question mark portlet, which redirects to certain help details on the portlet.

Program Description of Georgetown College

The GC academic programs serve as the foundation for intellectual growth, personal development, and lifelong learning. The college provides many opportunities in pursuit of individual goals and objectives. It offers both undergraduate and graduate programs.

On the portal you can find the following departmental majors and minors provided by the college:

  • Accounting;
  • Art;
  • Biology;
  • Business Administration;
  • Communication and Media Studies;
  • Data Analysis (minor);
  • Economics;
  • Elementary Education;
  • English or English with Creative Writing Emphasis;
  • Finance;
  • Health Care Administration;
  • History;
  • Management;
  • Mathematics;
  • Philosophy;
  • Psychology;
  • Religion;
  • Spanish or Professional Spanish (corollary major);
  • Sustainable Community Development (minor);
  • Theatre and Film;
  • Others.

And the interdisciplinary majors and minors:

  • American Studies;
  • Asian Studies (minor);
  • Biochemistry;
  • Christian Leadership (minor);
  • Classics (minor);
  • European Studies;
  • Language and International Studies;
  • Security Studies;
  • Women’s Studies (minor)
  • Others.

Besides, it is possible to choose a dual degree program in engineering arts or nursing arts. Also, pre-professional studies are available – Law, Medicine, and Dentistry, Ministry, Pharmacy, Physician Assistant, Veterinary Medicine. GC even has a Reserve Officer Training Program to offer.

To make the time at a college even more valuable, Georgetown College offers programs of distinction. There are 4 types of programs:

  1. Honors (Oxford Honors, Science Honors, and Independent Honors);
  2. Pre-Professional (Health Scholars, Pre-Law, Healthy Living, and Leadership, Equine Scholars)
  3. Arts (Prototype Program for the Arts, Music, Maskrafters Academy for Theatre and Film)
  4. Faith-Based (Christian Scholars Program).

About Georgetown College

The Georgetown College has been founded in 1829, and officially opened in 1830. But, its history can be traced back to even 1787, when it was a school established by a Baptist minister, named Lebanon. More than 24,000 people have graduated from this college. They include many doctors, ministers, artists, Rhodes Scholars, U.S. Congressmen, a member of the President’s Cabinet, and many others.

It is a Christian college in the Baptist tradition that gives an exceptional education in a vibrant community. More than 1500 students are now enrolled in undergraduate/graduate programs from over thirty states and nine foreign countries. Its main goals are to offer amazing academic programs, provide talented faculty, and to support every intellectual, spiritual, cultural, social, and emotional opportunity.

Reviews for Georgetown College

Most of the reviews are positive and contain students’ thoughts on studying at GC. Everyone agrees on the fact that the faculty is highly professional. The professors are very caring and always willing to help the learners to succeed. Tutoring is also always available. The 11:1 student/faculty ratio makes the education there even better. In those small class sizes, you actually have a name, you are not just a number to the school.

Another advantage of GC that was mentioned by many students is the academics. There is a lot to choose from. And the athletics programs are awesome and help everyone to be involved on campus. Also, Greek life is huge, if it is your thing, you’ll definitely enjoy your time at this college. The thing that most of the students complained about was the dorms. They say that they need some improvement.

Also, students say that it is difficult to have fun at the campus. If you drink, even if you are not underage, and get caught, you’ll get punished with really strict rules. And because of that a lot of parties are being held off-campus, which is not safe.

It is impossible to maintain both sides, which is why we created a pros and cons list of this educational establishment. It is left for you to choose the side.

Review on the My Georgetown College Portal
Feedback examples

Pros and cons of Georgetown College


  • 11:1 student/faculty ratio
  • athletics
  • academic programs
  • highly qualified professors
  • acceptable workloads


  • dorm buildings need improvement
  • there is a large push towards religious-related careers
  • some rules are too strict

Does Georgetown College have a campus?

Yes, and around 90% of the students choose to live on campus. There are a lot of activities to choose from for students – sports, government, sororities and fraternities, faith and service. The campus consists of nine academic buildings, fifteen residence halls, and five apartment-style buildings.

Tuition and Fees at Georgetown College

All tuition and fee details can be easily found on the portal under the tab Finances. For undergraduates, the tuition per semester is $19,325. Housing costs between $2,360 – $4,265 per semester. Also, a meal plan is available, which costs around $1,675 – $2,530.

The graduate tuition is $410 per semester hour. Plus, you must pay technology fees, portfolio fees, and others.


The my.georgetowncollege.edu portal is easy enough to use. It has simple navigation and modern design. All the information that you may need is to be found by clicking onto the tabs located at the top of the screen. There you can find useful content for students, parents, alumni, and faculty.

But to use this powerful tool in its all capability, you must register and log in. Visit the Create Your Account page and you’ll be able to set up an account in a couple of steps. Then, at the top of the webpage, enter your username and password, and as simple as that you’ll log in. Don’t be lazy, take your time to register and you’ll get access to a valuable source of information. This portal will help you during your time at GC and even after. Maybe after graduating from college you’ll have a strong desire to make a donation to GC? Well, if it happens that you do, go to the Giving page and fill out a simple form, it won’t take much of your time.

If during registration, or at any other time, any questions arise, or you came across any issue on the portal, contact the Office of Admission, or send a request form through the portal.