We strongly advise you to carefully go through the Terms and Conditions given herein before proceeding ahead.

Eligibility to Use

By choosing to continue to our website, you agree to the following eligibility conditions:

  • Information that you provide during registration is complete, correct and accurate.
  • Updating of the accuracy of the aforementioned information is your responsibility.
  • You’re 18 years or above and are entitled to enter into legal agreements.
  • The use of these services doesn’t infringe upon the rules of your school/college/university.

Please note that we can suspend your account and terminate our services to you, if it’s learnt that you don’t meet any of the above eligibility conditions.

Services Offered

Our detailed services are given on our website and the same shall be provided to all eligible customers. Some of our services include book reviews, project reports, term papers, essays, research papers and dissertations. We also offer proofreading, editing, formatting and paraphrasing services on request. Our writing services are only meant for personal use and our papers can’t be used for commercial purposes.

You can also get professional rewriting services from us; it’s important to mention here that if the paper contains plagiarism of 40% or above, it’ll be considered as writing a fresh custom-made paper and the charges will be in accordance to the same.

To avail our services, you’re required to fill up our registration and order form on our website. Our services are provided as per the regulations mentioned in the Terms and Conditions given herein. The other related aspects like refund, privacy, revisions etc are governed by our policies on the particular topic, which are given on our website and may be updated periodically. So, make sure that you’re abreast with our latest policies before you place an order with us.

Placing Your Order

You must make sure that the information which you’re filling in at the time of ordering paper from us is 100% accurate. You’ll solely be held accountable for any delays or controversies arising from incorrect or incomplete information provided by you.

That’s the reason why we ask you’re prompted to check and confirm the correctness of your data and instructions before finally taking your order. This conformation is required to be given in the “Order Tracking” tab within 3 hours of placing the order (1 hour for orders with less than 24 hours deadline). Please note that providing adequate instructions and confirmation of correctness are prerequisites for us before we start processing your order. Any delays caused due to insufficient data or inaccurate information will be attributable to you.

We guarantee to deliver the paper that meets your requirements as confirmed by you. You’re not permitted to change your requirements after confirming the same. If you wish to change the initial instructions, it’ll be considered as fresh order and you’ll be required to make additional payment for the same.

Paying for Your Orde

You’re required to make the payment on receipt. The responsibility to ensure that the payment is successful rests with you and our services may be terminated if your payment gets declined by your paying agency. The rejection or refusal of the payment by your credit card company or the bank will be treated as violation of these terms of service, which may even attract legal actions against you.

It should also be noted that our fees are exclusive of the government imposed duties or taxes and you’re responsible to pay the same as per your State regulations. Any levies which are applicable on the use of our services are also to be paid by you.

Our site uses the best encryption and security services to avoid misuse of stolen bank and credit cards. Any such attempt by an individual will be dealt with appropriate investigation and punitive action by the State authorities.

Refund Policy

Our “Refund Policy” allows you to claim a refund as per the terms laid out herein. You’re given a 14-day “Refund Period” for your orders up to 20 pages, which is increased to 30 days for papers over 20 pages. This refund period commences on your deadline or once the order is delivered to you, whichever is earlier.

If you’re not satisfied by the paper submitted, you can claim your refund by submitting a request for the same within the allocated refund period. In case of confirmed plagiarism, we can extend the refund period up to a maximum of 180 days.

If your order is cancelled by us beyond the halfway time of your order’s deadline, you’re entitled to a 30% refund or 100% compensation to your Bonus Balance, which you can use for your future orders. The refund can only be made to the account from which the payment was received and it normally takes 5-7 working days after the cancellation is processed.

Revision Request

The company’s “Revision Policy” gives you the freedom to request for a revision, if you need certain minor corrections or amendments within the purview of your initial order instructions. Once the order is completed and the paper is submitted, you must go through it and submit your revision request within the “Revision Period”. Please note that the revision period is the same as the refund period as explained above.

The revision period is 14 days for orders having less than 20 pages and 30 days for papers over 20 pages. Just like the “Refund Period”, it’s also extendable up to 180 days in case plagiarism is established. For orders of higher complexity and/or larger size, the period allowed for revision is 30 days. However, it’s at the discretion of our company to decide, whether your order deserves to be allocated this extra revision time.

If you fail to submit a review request before the expiry of the revision period, the order is understood to have been accepted by you. In case you wish to request for some changes after this, you’ll be required to pay extra for the same or place a fresh order for a rewrite.

Conclusion. Our company takes pride in achieving complete user satisfaction and have laid down the terms that are meant to help us serve our clients in the best possible manner. It’s highly recommended that you go through the complete Terms and Conditions of our service to avoid confusions and/or delays in our service.