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Nursing Method Clinical Decision Making

Definition of Medical Decision Making

Medical decision-making is usually defined inside the work of Higuchi and Donald (2002) entitled “Thinking Processes Used by Nurses in Clinical Decision Making” to get “a problem-solving activity that focuses on determining patient complications and selecting appropriate treatment interventions. inches (p. 145) Clinical decision marking is usually stated being that which “forms the basis of expert scientific practice. ” (Higuchi and Donald, 2002, p. 145) The nurse works in clinical practice settings as a member of a health care team and this requires the nurse speak decisions to other associates “to ensure the continuity and coordination of sufferer care. ” (Higuchi and Donald, 2002, p. 145) The nurse is further more required to document clinical decisions in the person’s charts and plans to get care. Specialized medical decision-making, relating to Higuchi and Jesse has been “studied using the assumptive perspectives of decision theory and data processing. Higuchi and Jesse state that the thinking operations include all those as follows:

(1) Description – the delineation or definition of a situation or perhaps the form of some thing;

(2) Portrayal – Depiction or characterization through enactive, iconic, or perhaps symbolic means.

(3) Inference – Action of procedure for drawing results from property or facts;

(4) Synthesis – composition of parts or factors into a sophisticated whole;

(5) Verification – Confirmation of accuracy, accordance, consistency or correspondence. (Higuchi and Donald, 2002)

II. Description of Benner’s Stages of Medical Judgment

Benner’s stages of Clinical Skills include five different phases as follows:

(1) Novice – this stage is the newbie stage where the nurse does not have previous experience of the scenarios in which they are really expected to conduct. Context-free guidelines are discovered for general application but these rules are not able to inform the novice which in turn tasks work for each scenario therefore the nurse is limited in applying these types of rules to the clinical setting. (Saver, 2009, p. 1)

(2) Advanced Beginner – In this level, the health professional has enough experience to acknowledge “recurring, meaningful pieces of a situation. ” (Saver, 2009, p. 1) During this stage the health professional begins to “formulate guidelines that dictate actionsthey have expertise skills and know how, yet don’t have many in-depth encounters with a comparable patient human population. ” (Saver, 2009, p. 1)

(3) Competent – The rns begin to view their actions as they correspond with long-term desired goals or programs. While becoming competent the nurse falls short of both the acceleration and flexibility from the proficient doctor but is developing a feeling of mastery and is able to count on advanced organizing and organizational skills. “An increasing feeling of saliency helps them recognize precisely what is important. They start to recognize patterns and the character of a clinical situation quicker and effectively. They need to examine fewer options to make decisions. inches (Saver, 2009, p. 1)

(4) Efficient – the nurse that is proficient “views situations while ‘wholes’ instead of parts, and maxims, reflecting nuances of any situation, information performance. The proficient doctor learns via experience what events typically occur and how to modify programs in response to be able to events. The nurse views goals and salient facts, but still must consciously generate decisions. ” (Saver, 2009, p. 1)

(5) Professional – the expert health professional understands what needs to be achieved due to a “well-developed capacity to

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