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Excerpt by Term Newspaper:

… The girl puts a robe as well as stares in me. I am able to hear oklahoma city in the length and that begins to rainwater harder. Your woman lights a cigarette and i also start to costume. And then We call a cab and then take the Wayfarers off and she informs me to be peaceful walking throughout the stairs thus i won’t awaken her parents. (Ellis 1985, 120-122)

In the second scenario, he is using a girl Blair who was when his partner. The girl must know if perhaps Clay provides any emotions for her fantastic response points out why having been so without emotions.

BLAIR: What do you care about? Why is you happy?

CLAY: Nothing. Practically nothing makes me happy. I really like nothing.

BLAIR: Did you ever care about me, Clay-based?

CLAY: We don’t need to attention. If I value things, they’ll just be a whole lot worse, it’ll just be another thing to consider. it’s less painful basically don’t attention. (205)

This all suggests that Clay-based knows that there is something wrong with his life. Although he won’t want to question or perhaps probe since it is likely to cause unwelcome and unflattering answers. For this reason, this individual chooses to silence his feelings and appears more like a mechanical mannequin that does what everyone else will because there definitely seems to be no easy way out in the situation. Although this doesn’t comply with that the new has a non-existentialist theme. Far from it- the protagonist in cases like this knows and believes that his a lot more his personal making nevertheless he is simply confused as to what could take an end to the painful ‘hollowness’ of his existence.

Clay’s existentialist fold of mind is visible coming from his several efforts in order to free of the vicious group of sexual and drugs. This individual knows this individual needs help but make it appears can be not on coming. Clay-based has no that you turn to nevertheless he will try hard which suggests that having been not accurately a non-existentialist being, happy to succumb to the dead boring of his indulgent way of living. On one celebration for example , his father shows concern and asks in the event he is good. Clay murmurs “It’s the drugs, ‘ ” his father replies, ” ‘I didn’t quite hear that’ ” (43). This is an indication of his detachment from his children, which is 1 reason Clay-based, and his good friends are ‘lost’. But Clay-based is different because he is aware of his problems unlike some others who simply quit and were tired of have difficulties. The leading part knows that their very own lives are simply a hollow photo of perfection because several glance may reveal the inner turmoil everyone was suffering from. “My father looks pretty healthier if you don’t check out him to get too long” (42) This individual knows, understand and seems every single issue like any other person of his age group but he refuses to respond probably as they realized number of years ago that it was absolutely futile to look and react. Using one occasion, this individual dispassionately points out: “It won’t bother me that my dad leaves myself waiting… Pertaining to thirty minutes whilst he’s in some meeting after which asks myself why I am just late” (41)… “doesn’t really make me angry” (42).

Clay-based understands that they are not like additional kids. For these people spending time with parents is recognized as an shame and parents are often the most destabilizing force within their lives.

Jesus, Clay, you look like if you’re on acid solution or anything, ” Blair says, lighting another cigarette.

I just got dinner with my mom, ” We tell her. (96-97)

The fact that Clay wants change and needs someone to shell out him attention is clear via his dialogue with a small psychiatrist. The protagonist is definitely desperately searching for an answer to his inner hardship and confusion but the professional is just as superficial as the remainder of them. Clay-based admits that he offers problems although psychiatrist starts off some worthless discussion upon Elvis Castello showing that like other folks in Beverley Hills, this individual didn’t consider drug problems seriously. Nevertheless Clay is usually adamant, he wants answers: “What about me? ” he requirements. The professional simply shrugs it away nonchalantly: inches ‘Come on, Clay… Don’t be so… mundane’ ” (123).

Clay really wants to survive, unlike his different friends, but like a actual human being. However those who are likely to care dismiss his survival attempts of all occasions. The sole source left to him is himself. Clay understands that his survival depends upon him so he begins observing just how this decadent lifestyle experienced affected his friends.

Julian is a perfect circumstance of someone who succumbed to expert pressure in Beverley Hills lifestyle and has long given up. Finn, the medication dealer, who have regularly injects Julian with heroin medication dosage, is a symbol of wicked influences that you attracts to himself when ever life is discursive and guy has conceded defeat. Clay observes how Finn handles Julian: “Now, you know that you aren’t my finest boy and you know that My spouse and i care for you. Just like my kid. Much like my own child… ‘ ” (171). Finn knows that these kids want love and he makes a mockery with their problems by using gentle kind words to provide them a feeling of belonging.

In contrast to other kids in the story, Clay is certainly more scared of what might turn into of him. He is worried about his your life, which is aware an existentialist interest in living and living through. He wants an identity of his own that Beverley Slopes lifestyle are not able to offer. Through this part of the region, everyone looked the same and everyone felt the same-“… skinny, tan physiques, short brown hair, write off look in the blue eye, same vacant toneless voices” – and Clay doesn’t want to “look just like them” yet he knows he might (152).

Some of the even more revealing signs of Clay’s frustration for independence and endurance appear during his conversation with his close friends Julian and Muriel. This individual notices that with his medicine addiction, Julian looked “almost dead” (91). He was not anymore a friend also since the one reason this individual visited Clay-based was to take out a loan. This is how he uses emblematic language to describe the pathetic condition of Julian: “… Sitting on the desk is this cup paperweight using a small seafood trapped in it, its eyes looking out helplessly, almost as if it was pleading to be separated, and I commence to wonder, if the fish has already been dead, would it even matter? ” (168)

It is during his meetings with Julian and Muriel inside the extreme level of their individual addictions that Clay understands that each one of them wanted end to their wretched existence. Julian had desired refuge in drugs although Muriel was obsessed with loss of life while the lady was acquiring treatment pertaining to anorexia. They were almost deceased anyway and suicide is usually therefore a common occurrence through this class. Muriel is as desperate for freedom since Clay him self, only your woman seeks this through loss of life. On one situations, she begs Clay to leave her wear his Tee shirt, jersey with a indication red draw in the middle: inches ‘It appears as if you acquired stabbed or something. You should let me use it, ‘ Muriel pleads… inch (82).

Clay-based notices that death was obviously a more pervasive reality in the society than anywhere else. It had been like everyone was waiting for fatality to reach and consider him away of his miserable point out. Parents had been just mature versions with the decadent youngsters and thus could not offer any sound advice. Friends had been suffering from similar problems and thus were useless. Religious beliefs was absent so death appeared to be the only real ally. Many images in the book suggest an obsession with death through this class- such as: a film “about this selection of young pretty sorority girls who get their throats slit” (97); a billboard with “huge green skull” (106); a tune titled “Somebody Got Murdered” (181); a song “Sex and Dying in Large Society” (184) etc .

After seeing all this maliciousness during his Christmas holidays, Clay selects not to wind up as the others with this group. He previously seen enough and decides that he or she must leave the scene if perhaps he don’t want to end up hollow and half-dead because his friends. “These pictures stayed with me personally even when i left the town. Images therefore violent and malicious that they can seemed to be my only point of reference point for a long time afterwards. After I left” (208). His decision to leave was obviously a sensible 1 since it was impossible to stay in the midst of aimlessness and find several meaning and direction. It had been author’s way of offering a remedy to a issue that had been ingesting Clay as he had found its way to Los Angeles over a Christmas break.


Lower than Zero, inches New Republic, 10 June 1985: 142

Bret Easton Ellis

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