Cookies are used by most websites and are small pieces of data that stores information that it collates on a user’s hard drive for record-keeping and improving website functionality. We use them to ensure optimum performance from our website as well as gaining an understanding of what parts of our website are most popular and why. In regards to a legitimate interest, the company may use evercookies.

What types of cookies do we use?

  • Strictly needed cookies – these cookies are necessary for our website to function correctly. These cookies allow you to navigate freely and use all of its features unrestricted. There is nothing within this type of cookie than can lead to your identification, they are entirely impersonal. We recommend you allow these because disabling them will impact your ability to use our website correctly.
  • Performance-related cookies – this type of cookie exists to measure and understand website performance, efficiency and analytics. These files help us to understand how you interact with our website, including information about the pages you visit, how quickly you navigate between pages and the amount of time you spend on our website. As well as this they help us to identify potential error messages so we can work to quickly improve functionality.
  • Analytic cookies – we use these in regards to marketing. As we look to generate traffic, we try to make sure that our advertising is reflective of the demographic we are trying to target. These cookies will analyse the use of our advertising campaigns to understand their effectiveness, as well as help, identify which content will help in this respect. They are entirely anonymous and no personally identifiable information is collected through this.
  • Advertising cookies – these record information about your internet activity to personalise our marketing towards your preferences. We understand that everyone uses the internet differently and these cookies will record activity such as any advertising you choose to view to improve the appeal of our advertising for your benefit. These are used with your consent and are entirely personalised.

Throughout your use of our website, we capture limited data (user-agent, last user-requested URL, HTTP referrer, client-side and server-side clickstream). We use this data to analyse patterns and in the event of performing essential system maintenance. It is important to be aware that you have plenty of options when it comes to managing cookies. You can freely choose to opt-out of their use as per your browser’s specific regulations. However, it is important to understand that opting out will affect your use of the website.