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Sociology continues to be defined t the scientific study of man interaction and, as such, can be accepted being a scientific activity (Leming 1997). Social scientific research aims at discovering and detailing observed incidents of and in nature by means of a framework that may be tested. The objective of sociology is, therefore , to make a body expertise that will present not only a knowledge of the origin processes affecting human behavior but also enable sociologists to predict social behaviors (Leming). Being a science, that pursues visible and provable regularities and explains these regularities using a set of visible and provable propositions or perhaps statements of relationship (Leming). The very success or success of sociology lies specifically in the informative and predictive power of this body expertise derived from analysis.

The basic elements or components of a theory are a conceptual scheme, a set of propositions that states the relationships between variables, and a framework for verification (Leming). The conceptual plan consists of tips that have abstract homes not yet quickly verifiable by simply direct physical observation. Additionally, it has a system of interrelated claims of human relationships between variables, which seam the parts of the concept jointly. The conceptual scheme and the statements of relationships are joined collectively and organized under a paradigm (Leming).

A paradigm is the standard image of a particular subject matter in a science and serves as circumstance for the verification (Leming 1997). This defines what should be examined and asked, how the inquiries should be asked and the rules to observe in interpreting the answers which will be obtained. It is the broadest unit of general opinion within a research, which subsumes, defines and inter-relates the examples and variables, hypotheses, methods, and instruments inside it (Leming). Sociology is a multi-paradigm science in that there are numerous paradigms within the field, not just a single among which dominates that field. Some of the more popular theoretical paradigms or traditions are the structural-functional theory, the conflict theory and the representational interaction theory (Leming).

Sociology, like most other scientific professions, is a multi-paradigm science.

There is much argument over the volume of paradigms existing within the discipline of sociology, yet sociologists would consent that no single paradigm can be dominant within the discipline. Examples of these theoretical traditions consist of structural-functional theory, conflict theory, social exchange theory, and symbolic conversation theory.

4 principal capabilities of theory for cultural research had been listed in relating theory and research (Parsons 1938 as qtd in Leming). Theory must point out worthwhile “social facts” pertaining to research and there are no specifics without ideas. Theory has to be capable of organizing analysis findings and conclusions. It should also be in a position to identify the gaps in scientific expertise and provide suggestions for future study. And theory must give the causality between concepts as well as the sets of interrelated propositions (Parsons as qtd in Leming). Merton (1967 while qtd in Leming) added three even more functions of theory, i actually. e., as extending scientific generalizations as abstractions are formulated within a higher level, as supporting the two deduced proposition and that from where it is produced, and as launching a more powerful ground intended for prediction than mere scientific observation. Merton (1967 because qtd in Leming) also said that social research initiates, reformulates, deflects and explains a sociological theory.

Alternatively, empirical study both tests theoretically extracted hypotheses and develops fresh ones through new findings (Leming 1997). It reformulates the theory as well as the variables together with the infusion of new relevant info and extends the conceptual schemes in rendering the idea more covering. The relationship among theory and research is viewed as symbiotic: research is fundamental to theory building and theory guides, and theory, in turn, renders exploration more productive and valuable. Theory and research will be, therefore , the most important elements in the conduct of social clinical inquiry (Leming).

Research in the natural savoir differs from that from cultural sciences essentially only in methodology (Rudner 1966 as qtd in Leming). Both natural and social savoir utilize the scientific method, which is based on statement and reasoning, rather than in supernatural

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