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labor force and describe how the unemployment rate can be calculated. Weak points of the current methods of measuring labor force contribution rate and unemployment

Work force is people between 16 and 66 years of age either employed or seeking work. Labor force includes students, retirees, and criminals, those engaged in gainful employment as well as folks without reported income.

In the usa of America, unemployment charge is computed from the month-to-month surveys done by the Government Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is estimated by dividing the number of individuals without job by the scale the available workforce which includes the applied and those out of work.

Romer (1986) states that this method utilized in calculating the unemployment level also includes; Sociable Insurance Statistics such as unemployment benefits. He claims that this method is not comprehensive since several benefits run out before one will discover a job. Additionally , the various other method, job office statistics, is not really helpful mainly because it involves monthly collection info of people with no jobs who have access job offices.

Review the viewpoints of Marx (Alienated Labor) and Maslow (Hierarchy of Needs).

Marx theory of alienation is reference to the disassociation of things that belong collectively. He means it from a sociable perspective that individuals are separated from issues that they will need. For instance, labor separates 1 from his family or freedom or alienation of one from home.

Maslow’s theory also ok bye needs. States that there are points that man needs obviously andThe most crucial of his pyramid he called insufficiency needs including friendship and love, reliability, and physical needs So both ideas address individual needs.

Comparison the points of views of Marx (Alienated Labor) and Maslow (Hierarchy of Needs).

Marx theory of alienation is dependent on capitalism and refers to act as through capitalism as an impediment to needs fulfillment. Maslow theory on the other hand simply mentions human being needs and not in relation to additional engagements. This individual places the fundamental level at the bottom, and self-actualization at the top of the pyramid (Maslow, 1954).

Marx’s alienation concentrates on the effect function has on employees and this may take the form of alienation by self, function, family and etc. This robs the workers their particular right to control the value of their preventing via benefiting from the merchandise they generate (Langman Fishman, 2006), although Maslow’s pecking order of needs illustrates humans need admiration and the desire to be valued by others. That they engage in activities to give them the impression of contribution.

Is it possible for any worker being both pleased and alienated?

A staff member can be antiestablishment and pleased without much understanding. This will depend on where the require is placed. The importance has to be happy and deprival of the will need results in furor. For instance, you can be satisfied with friends and family but alienated to function, but if the function is certainly not of value then they will not mind the indifference, they might certainly not realize this.

List and discuss 3 (3) methods unions have fought intended for workers privileges.

They have built the labor market competitive. Competition results in proper allowance of assets, in the labor market solutions constitute people with varying expertise. In the competitive markets, laborers are paid out according to their value in the market. When competition is perfect, pay include compensation of unfavorable working conditions.

Unions assist in controlling the salary imbalance inside the markets. Worker use unions to atmosphere their issues regarding unfair wage syndication. The unions protect staff member against salary inequalities including the one experienced during monetary crises (the great depression of 1930).

The unions not merely give the personnel a “voice” within their places of work, but also provide them with alternatives to express their issues regarding internal differences. Workers include a formal means of settling their particular dissatisfaction with the employers, the unions assist in resolving problems related to repayments

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