It is not challenging to start working with the XYZ Homework network. In fact, XYZ Homework combines over 4,500 different math exercises and assignments. These tasks not only affect the development of students but are also incredibly accurately integrated with other XYZ study guides. Thanks to a competent approach, the creators of the XYZ Homework network did everything possible so that any learner could start performing unique mathematical tasks as quickly as possible.

Use of cloud technology for the operation of XYZ Homework

In order for everyone to use the XYZ Homework structure, there is no need to install additional software. In this case, we mean software located in a unique cloud service.

Thus, all servers that manage databases do not overload the user’s personal computer, which allows achieving the highest speed. As a result of this, both teachers and students receive a unique cloud system that operates in real-time. Besides, it is worth noting that the XYZ Homework training structure works around the clock.

Use of an automated assessment network

Today, XYZ Homework uses a computerized grading system. This, in turn, allows evaluating new homework accurately and correctly indicate all the weighted average results. Moreover, the academic journal which contains the grades of all students will become updated automatically.

In other words, as undergraduates complete various tasks, students will receive appropriate grades that will appear in the program. In this way, teachers can to track their students’ performance more effectively and increase overall effectiveness.

Usage of data from XYZ in other systems

If somebody wants to use additional software to analyze grades, or simply see them in another structure, then this is incredibly simple. The developers of XYZ Homework took care of these nuances in advance.

All you need is to use the export settings directly in the rating log. The system will create a so-called .csv file which can subsequently become opened by almost any program that uses spreadsheets. In addition to this, students also have an opportunity to directly import all the necessary data into a completely different system.

Possibilities of using XYZ as a standalone LMS

Do not forget that teachers can also use this approach like an LMS (Learning management system). This solution is advantageous because it allows teachers to send training materials and other data to all undergraduates quickly.

Thus, all students can simultaneously receive the necessary data on the calendar of training courses. Among other things, students will also have a great opportunity to pre-track various tasks and tests that they have to complete.

Using XYZ Homework as Communication Channels

The XYZ Homework administration approach allows teachers to create a very effective communication channel with students. Also, various mathematical symbols are integrated into the system. This facilitates the formulation of problems and the demonstration of multiple examples for tasks.

Among other things, teachers can also send bulk messages to all their students. Teachers can also do personalized mailings for each scholar.

If you will need to share training materials with your colleagues, this is also quite easy to do. The program contains all the necessary functionality for such cases. Such a function is very relevant for teachers from different faculties or educational institutions.

Can students give homework answers several times?

Often it depends on the type of task somebody needs to complete. It goes without saying that in the case of test or examination tasks, you have only one chance to give the correct answer. However, when it comes to standard homework, no one limits you to the number of solutions that you can subsequently give or change at your discretion.

To do this, teachers need to go to the settings menu and find the grade settings item. Next, one needs to go to the section ‘Default for each problem’ and change the value to the number of attempts needed. After this, students will feel free to make several attempts before giving the correct answer.

Features of student login and information retrieval

The registration framework for each learner is almost identical to the approach used to register teachers. In general, the registration process includes the following steps:

  • After you go to the official page of the service you need to find the login button;
  • Click the Create New Account button;
  • After everyone can start creating an account.

In addition, each of the student accounts has two parts. The first part contains an access code for each scholar. The second part includes the identifier of the course for each of the teachers.

In this case, the course identifier will contain a unique two-digit number displayed on the administrator’s screen. As the number of students increases, the two-digit number of the identifier will accordingly increase to three-digit and four-digit numbers.

How to use XYZ Homework if your school does not support an online grade book

If the educational institution where you study uses a different grade book framework, this is not surprising. However, such a situation does not create any problems for you.

The fact is that XYZ is optimized to interact with completely different systems for evaluating undergraduate results. All you need to do is additionally configure the export settings for your grade book. The framework, in turn, creates the corresponding .csv file that everyone can use in entirely different methods and programs that are more familiar to a school.