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Recently we learned all about the term Marxism and its value in literature and essential theory. Marxism is all about “who benefits and who suffers”, it presumes that course struggle is the root of most struggle, and aims toward a “classless society”. The strength structure of Marxism lies between the operating class and the labor versus the high level and those whom benefit away others.

In books, class have difficulties is frequently the basis of all pressure, usually there are opposite types of status such as the rich and the poor, black and white etc . Human traditions always was and always will probably be determined by economic and material realities, background was/is eternally about solutions and material gain. Rarely, if ever, is usually history regarding outside forces such as God and spirituality, nor is this ever based on individual circumstance. In fact , societies often independent themselves in the very individuals that it has made. When making use of the Marxism lens its important to keep in mind that politics identifies power structured relationships, or any type of arrangement in which another group controls 1 group of people.

Ideology is identified as a “representation” of the mythical relationship of your individual to her/his actual conditions of existence. An effective way for me to clarify the definition of ideology should be to give a spiritual example: In the usa, Christian ideology keeps Christian believers from coping with the fat of their concerns and retains them via holding themselves accountable for the magnitude of issues occurring around the world today. Why? Since Christians are transferring virtually any problems they have, or any enduring they observe ¦onto a deity. Faith based ideology leads that person into believing that this is a “natural” way of living or the way The almighty intended that to be, once really transformation change unless action is usually taken. The reality is Christian ideology or any religious ideology is just a depiction from the relationship your husband holds with reality and the current current condition of existence. Tyson p. 54 states “By posing being a natural techniques for seeing the world¦” In my comparison replace the word normal to spiritual, “¦repressive ideologies prevent us from understanding the material/historical circumstances in which we all live since they will not acknowledge that those conditions have any bearing on the way we come across the world”.

An additional example may be the American Desire. In this ideology you believe that any and everybody can generate it, every they have to do is place the work in and success will follow. This is an incorrect ideology mainly because even with diligence in America plenty of people still fail. Or if you operate too hard and do something illegal money will come but not without a price (prison). The sole purpose of Marxism should be to expose these types of power composition that are in control and eliminate ultimately creating a classless contemporary society.

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