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An example of connection that I decided to use to get my media analysis job is a wintertime fashion vlog video published to Vimeo. com on December ninth, 2014 with a fashion and style YouTuber known as Jennifer I am, under the username “clothesencounters” (Winter 2014 Lookbook). A fashion vlog is a two to half a dozen minute extended contemporary online video lookbook that aims to express a stylist’s aesthetic style in fashion and style to the viewers through the event of developed outfits (“looks”), and perhaps even guide the viewers by offering creative style inspiration for the viewer’s self. Jenn Im’s fashion Vimeo videos have recently gained eminence, since evidenced by her deposition of more than a million subscribers and eighty-eight million video thoughts about YouTube. Jenn Im’s do it yourself published YouTube fashion vlogs are an sort of a “counter hegemonic mass media activity” as they are used to produce and purvey content “independent of the industry, ” which usually helps deconstruct hegemonic best practice rules concerning capitalism, class, and gender (Boateng Lecture: ‘The Culture Industry’ Slide 21).

Jenn Im’s style vlogs are counter hegemonic because that they aim to deconstruct the capitalistic treatment of style and galvanize the democratization of fashion simply by increasing possibilities for the population to become more involved with trend culture. In the usa, there is a preexisting social way of thinking of going after democracy and an all inclusive opportunity for participation of the public”such a mentality is visible in the history of the American have difficulty for equal rights of opportunities for African Americans, females, homosexual people, and hispanics. This pattern of desiring to make the possibilities that are presently only available to white people available to almost all carries over into the social phenomenon of fashion. Since the invent of runway shows, the method lookbook has been used to enhance a designer’s point of view upon style. However , such lookbooks often just feature clothing from high-end fashion brands and have the main ambition of promoting a designer’s clothing to buy rather than to get the expression of opinion about style, which usually thus causes its viewers to be restricted to only those who can afford these kinds of garments. This capitalistic model of fashion traditions constructed by profit oriented lookbooks and runway shows is undemocratic because it limits the ability of folks to be associated with fashion through economic purchasing power, if one can certainly not afford the clothing displayed in such displays, one can not fully participate in the world of fashion and style. Thus, with this kind of older model of fashion lifestyle, only a small percentage of the world, primarily the white colored upper class, can easily fully engage in the world of vogue. However , the rise with the online online video lookbook, normally known as the “fashion vlog, inches has helped democratize vogue culture by simply allowing one to partake in the word of their feeling of style or perhaps creativity and never be forced to restrict themselves to 1 brand of clothing or cosmetic style to do so. In today’s society, any person can exhibit their own judgment on what embodies a great aesthetically pleasing design through do it yourself published means such as video logs online instead of the need to be dictated by the opinions of so called stylists, expensive fashion brands, and designers who didactically over assert their viewpoints regarding design through lookbooks, magazines, and runway shows. Because of the capacity to express thoughts and opinions through do it yourself publishing mediums such as YouTube, the public does not have to confront the financial pressures and limits about creativity that designers, stylists, and vogue magazine publishers often have to face, the public just needs to be concerned with expressing what desires to express, whereas the personnel from the fashion multimedia industry need to prioritize the capitalistic goal of making the most of monetary profit.

Apart from democratizing fashion culture simply by increasing their accessibility, Vimeo fashion vlogs have the exclusive feature of any comments section, which allows for public debate and engagement with the creator’s interpretation of style, whereas lookbooks and magazines are concrete floor, definitive internet pages that are sent out with no requirement of general public participation or response. In accordance to Sterne, “if you want democratic participation, you should also try a reflecting populace [¦] the participants have to be capable of take on some sort of critical perspective on the work in order for doing it to have virtually any avant-garde potential” (Sterne). The truth that the classic print lookbook and style magazine simply cannot have “any avant-garde potential” because they cannot provide a online community for people to take a “critical point of view on the job, ” reephasizes the idea of a culture industry: that the majority of advertising merely preserves hegemonic ideologies and “offers audiences narratives to help them accept” such hegemonic ideologies (Boateng Lecture: ‘The Culture Industry’ Slide 16). In the case of the lookbook, types of narratives presented to the open public that preserve dominant ideologies are the romanticization of the upper class white life-style and distribution of sexuality specific vogue. These cases will be additional elaborated afterwards in the daily news. However , as opposed to the hegemonic media that may be traditional lookbooks and magazines, fashion vlogs are instances of counter hegemonic media because they provide the group with in order to critically go over the work, which in turn helps disclose the ideologies prevalent popular culture and therefore aids in uncovering the reality of fashion culture.

When analyzing Im’s vogue vlogs particularly, it becomes obvious that her vlogs support propagate a more democratized and accessible style culture. Her vlogs do this because the clothes she uses to create her looks happen to be from accessible and affordable retail and thrift retailers, which means that anyone that desires to achieve a similar style or achieve clothes motivated by individuals featured in Im’s videos, not just the ones from the upper school who can manage high vogue garments, can do so and thus fully engage in the improving and extensive cultural kind of expression that may be fashion.

In terms of how the fashion vlog differs from all other forms of interaction related to fashion culture, such as the fashion magazine, the fashion videos promotes democratization of style a lot more than fashion magazines. Fashion magazines are often ridden with advertising: “MediaRadar information that six of the eight top womens fashion magazines offered more advertising and marketing pages for their big Sept issues than they did a year ago, ” and enjoying the primary purpose of creating earnings and increasing revenue throughout the advertisement of clothing or beauty related products instead of inspiring creativity of style (Taube). The existence of promoting in the fashion magazine roter planet (umgangssprachlich) the primary goal of the diffusion of judgment on design as well as reader involvement stylish culture because at the end of the day, fashion magazines are “commercial platforms” that “monetize their users’ involvement either directly or indirectly” (Sterne). Thus while magazines may encourage participation, they actually so in the interest of monetary gain instead of for democratization”on the other hand, the fashion videos promotes engagement of the community without a monetary incentive. Even though the fashion vlog appears to be considerably more beneficial to world in comparison to the traditional lookbook, it is crucial to note the fact that possibility of Vimeo monetizing well-liked videos could limit this kind of interpretation with the fashion vlog as a power against the capitalistic treatment of fashion. But overall, the fashion videos, as well as style vlogs specifically created simply by Im, will be counter hegemonic because they deconstruct the capitalistic methods toward vogue culture demonstrated in lookbooks and fashion magazines, and enhance democratization within a society and fashion lifestyle where “the influence of private money” can be significant enough to limit and undermine the designed “democracy” of institutions just like fashion (Zelizer).

Jenn Im’s style vlogs happen to be counter hegemonic because they will help take apart the dominating ideology of glamorizing the upper class light lifestyle in mainstream consumer fashion culture. In popular fashion, it is not necessarily unusual to observe a reverence of the white leisure lifestyle”Abercrombie and Fitch, for example , contains a “legacy of your unabashed client celebration of [elite] whiteness that, in the face of a region whose previous and present are riddled with racist tips, politics, and ideology, is usually not totally new” (McBride 64). Furthermore, other well-liked fashion brands such as Rob Lauren and Banana Republic also “commodify a particular upper-class American lifestyle” (McBride 72). Im’s style vlogs invalidate this hegemonic ideal that just clothes associated with the upper-class white lifestyle are acceptable indications of owning a pleasing feeling of style by creating searches for the public that celebrate outfits with non-American cultural impact on, such as Central Eastern affected tapestry scarves and Of india influenced styles on harem pants, and clothes which might be purchased by low-end retailers such as thrift stores. Im’s specific give attention to creating appears with clothes purchased via low class thrift stores breaks down standard of glamorizing expensive garments that only those of the upper category can afford, because the thrift store itself is known as a conglomeration of clothes from diverse cultures and fashions, unlike a high-end garments store that purposefully chooses the garments that it wants to sell with the aim of helping the major ideology that only clothes that embody the top class white lifestyle are satisfactory indications of good design. Im usually even makes fashion vlogs titled “Goodwill Haul, inches where the girl constructs apparel from garments and accessories that were totally purchased in thrift shops like Goodwill. The fact the public seems to respond positively to this change in ideology regarding what constitutes “good style, inch as suggested by the accumulation of one , 000, 000 subscribers and eighty-eight mil video thoughts about Im’s Vimeo channel, illustrates how Im’s videos successfully aid in deconstructing the major ideology in consumer style that romanticizes the upper school white lifestyle.

Another example of how Im’s trend vlog is a abgefahren contrast for the lookbook can be seen in the comparison of the infamous AF lookbook and certainly one of her fashion vlogs. The AF lookbook is an example of hegemonic press because it preserves the prominent ideology of elite white-colored supremacy by simply “delineating the commitment to whiteness [¦] in terms of what deems appropriate in the way of appearance (McBride 70). For example , the AF lookbook states recommendations for appropriate hairstyle, just like how “dreadlocks” or “any type of ‘fade’ cut is unacceptable” (McBride 70). This authoritative part of AF in groundlessly deciding what is acceptable and what isn’t directly contrasts Im’s ‘Get Ready beside me: Girls Night time Out’ videos, because in her vlog Im produces an unconventional hairstyle of two buttocks on her head that states is “perfect” for evening, but likewise tells the group that “if this hair is too wonky or even atrocious [¦] feel free to not put on your hair such as this and style it how you normally would” (Get Ready with Me: Girls Nighttime Out). Im thus simply expresses her opinion in style instead of dictating precisely what is acceptable and what isn’t very, which is confident because it helps maintain fashion culture mutable and open to general public critique, unlike the AF lookbook.

Jenn Im’s fashion vlogs are table hegemonic mainly because they serve to refute classic dominant ideologies regarding male or female and help recognize broader gender norms stylish. There is already an “increasingly tolerant attitude towards sexuality identity” in society, demonstrated in the designing world through events such as the kick off of the vogue “industry’s very first unisex label” in 2007 (Cruickshank). Nevertheless , the hegemony still continues to be that guy and female apparel are separate and that males ought to costume “masculine” and women out to costume “feminine. ” Im’s style vlog is an example of countertop hegemonic mass media that aids in overturning this hegemonic gender norm of fashion by creating diverse looks that incorporate both feminine and masculine elements of style and thus showcase the idea that any person can dress yourself in any style that they can want to, regardless of male or female. For example , in a single of her lookbooks entitled “Winter Lookbook 2014, ” Im demonstrates an outfit titled “Tomboy Tough. inch In the clip of the video where the girl presents her outfit, the viewer recognizes Jenn Im or her standing in the middle of the screen, looking into the camera with her lower limbs crossed and her hands stuck in her pouches, wearing a loose white striped shirt, oversized olive jacket, gray acid solution wash thin jeans, black platform boot styles, and a warriors golf ball knit beanie. On the whole, Im’s outfit exhibits muted colors and loose, not tight pieces. These types of colors and form, together with the chunky and square quality of the boot styles she would wear suggests a casual and more assertive style, seeing that loose garments, muted colors, and square structures are generally associated with masculinity. The olive color many shapeless type of Im’s clothing construes the of a typical armed service jacket”army outdoor jackets are associated with notions of masculinity and toughness. The fact that Im also mentions that the jacket is via a “menswear” line, nevertheless that she believes the type of jacket she is wearing should “just” end up being “limited to dudes” also propagates the idea that masculine stylistic elements shouldn’t be prohibited from women’s design because the artistic should be able to always be appreciated simply by both sexes. Her “acid wash” denims in the framework of fashion connotes rock and roll, masculinity, and toughness, and her use of the term “neutral” to explain the jeans once again endeavors to remove gendered stylistic components from the clothing. Im continues to channel the masculine vibe of the attire with her Warrior’s golf ball game beanie, seeing that sports are often associated with masculinity. Yet , the skinny skinny jeans and heeled quality in the boots, along with her curled hair, connotes a more girly style since tighter clothing and pumps are often associated with femininity. Hence, her outfit is a mixture of feminine and masculine components, with a more apparent manly tone, which relates back in her identifying of the costume as “Tomboy Tough. ” The video after that cuts into a new picture of I am in a position where her arms are crossed and she appears straight into the camera with an unashamed, shameless and non-chalant facial expression while twirling a strand of her hair. Below, we see Im or her propagate her message of eradicating sexuality boundaries through her body gestures, she displays a mixture of manly and feminine signals. In her almost battle ish posture with solid squared shoulder blades, arms crossed, and unashamed, shameless facial appearance, we can find a “tough” and masculine aura, that seems to signify someone who knows their really worth and won’t care what others think about them. Alternatively, the twirling of her hair is a more female gesture that softens the entire masculine stance. As shown by not merely the choice of clothes for this appearance, but likewise by Im’s body language when ever exhibiting her look in the video, Im’s fashion vlogs allow readers to view that gender is a social construct” manly and feminine stylistic elements can certainly be synthesized to create progressive and imaginative looks. Hence, through this kind of example, Im’s fashion vlogs deconstruct hegemonic norms regarding gender.

Overall, Im’s video breaks down the “corporate cultural” style and “quasi cultish devotion” that retailers like Abercrombie and fitch “seem to inspire, ” her video is not just a “conventional code of expression” since it can be not dictated by a capitalistic agenda, and it uncovers the realities of fashion traditions by deconstructing hegemonic ideologies regarding capitalism, class, and gender rules prevalent in the current society, through offering her own ideas of what constitutes good style in a non dictatorial approach (McBride 76). Through her influence on fashion, a societal part of culture, Im’s videos hence help dismantle the “deep seated sexism and elitism” pervasive in American world (McBride 87).

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