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Via my childhood, I always wished to sink in the profoundness of languages and cultures which have really been a great method to obtain inspiration of my life. Lifestyle is the philosophy and customs presiding over the life of a society which is why a specific language is the organ of articulation. Since Nepal is a multi-lingual and multi-cultural country, I am fortunate enough to live in this engaging community which shows me the pattern of life through various multimedia. Different languages and cultures fascinate me personally. I have learned various languages and cultures by my extremely born working day, and I would love to share those to the new environment where We would also get a way to pick up on specific languages and cultures. This particular thing appealed me to apply for the International House wherever people from all around the world will share the cultures and languages under the same roof top. Since the Worldwide House gives a Window on the World, I can imagine just how innovative and supportive environment I will be residing in for up coming four years.

I could make spectacular contributions to the welfare with the International Home and its members. They can acquire chummy while using diversified Nepalese language and culture. I will introduce clean programs just like Deusi Bhailo among the people and can pass on meaningful details about such applications. Since Nepalese cultures cover a large number of a festival, I can organize such festivals for the very time when we enjoy the festival in Nepal and can produce members familiar with the fests. I can make them understand the significance of a number of the important aspects like Khukuri, Daura Surwal, Guniyo Cholo, Dhaka Topi, specific emblems, etc inside the Nepalese culture. Every Nepalese are circumscribed by a prevalent feeling of Nationhood and endless reverence for the nation and a feeling of brotherhood or sisterhood towards various other citizens. These kinds of unity in diversity can truly end up being an exemplary for additional nations citizen.

Different ideas are engendered by the use of styles of dialect, and ‘languages’ are used to convey culture and cultural jewelry. In the pool of diversified cultured learners, I can area the variance in traditions and vocabulary via cross-cultural interactions. Following getting into the International Residence, I can knowledge a remarkable worldwide experience simply by joining The city of jacksonville State School International System that links students with abroad possibilities. Furthermore, I am able to get involved in many events and presentations which is a great platform to continue my own leadership part of the future as well. I can also organize community assistance programs pertaining to the enhancement of the JSU family.

Hence, I think my existence influence surrounding around me as I usually make the vicinity driven, animated, and exciting where I actually step and alter the prospect from the people who have bonded with me. I pursue to keep such activities in my coming days and nights as well which will motivated me to apply for the International Property.

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