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The Caste Method is a structure based on the purity of individuals. It is for a social school that is available in many communities today. The Dalits A. K. A., ” The Untouchables” are definitely the lowest level inside the indian Body System. I need the body system of India to be removed so there might be equality, no more religious segregation, and fair protection from the police force.

Dalit people are considered contaminated and are kept to do the dirty jobs that the other caste members do not wish. The untouchables are outcasts that have to reside their own separate villages far from all of the larger castes. Everyday many Dalit people are becoming harassed and treated less than human. “Dalits are not permitted to drink from the same bore holes, attend precisely the same temples, use shoes inside the presence of the upper famille, or drink from the same cups in tea booth. ” Explained by the article, India’s “untouchables”, Face Violence, Discrimination. The untouchables cannot escape this treatment both, each member in the Dalit famille is marked an untouchable right from beginning due to their father and mother being untouchables as well. The Dalit individuals are horribly beaten and humiliated because of the fact the fact that are “impure. ” A statistic shows the insane treatment against the untouchables, this states, inch Every hour two Dalits are assaulted, every day 3 Dalit females are raped, two Dalits are killed, and two Dalit homes are torched. ” Unspeakable acts happen to be happening daily towards the individuals who cant even defend themselves. Treatment similar to this is comparable to how the Jewish individuals were tortured through the holocaust. Many weak, afraid people were provided for concentration camps where these were treated like the Dalit people of the Indian society and couldnt stand up on their own either. Although these events are going on in a different time period, the damage and pain are still identical.

The complete Caste Product is based on religious beliefs. The highest level of the famille system is the Brahmin class. The Forkynder class involves religious commanders and professors. The second class consisted of rulers and warriors that are referred to as Kshatriyas. Up coming, the Shudra class are laborers, or servants to raised castes people. Each peuple member feels if they are natural and do the ideal things in every area of your life, once reincarnated, they will have got a better lifestyle than their very own previous. Last are the Dalit people, inside the Indian society untouchables are believed outside of the caste program. Since they are, “impure” there can be simply no physical exposure to them and an uppr caste member. “They were required to move off of the path in the event someone coming from a higher course approached because contact with this kind of people was, “contaminating, “‘ Stated by article, Cultural Classes and Castes in Ancient India. This religious segregation the actual Dalit individuals have to live in pity for their whole lives along with their children and their childrens kids. The untouchables are forced to live in exile and can only enter the different cities or perhaps villages through the night to rove for food. In the actual Social Classes and Castes in Historic India, this states, “Indeed, the Untouchables’ very dark areas were deemed polluting, and so they were required to beat drums and generate loud noises to publicize their approach. ” As Dalits are believed unclean they are treated just like waste and never equals.

Police officers are supposed to guard and provide their residential areas and take care of everyone equally, right? Well in India, law enforcement officers are twisted and both assault the Dalits too or do not attempt to obtain justice pertaining to the crime towards the Dalit people. “Because the police, town councils, and government officials often support the caste system, which is based on spiritual teachings of Hinduism, a large number of crimes get unreported carry out to fear of reprisal, violence by law enforcement officials, inability to pay bribes demanded simply by police, or just the knowledge the police can do nothing. inches Stated by article Indias “Untouchables” Confront Violence, Discrimination. The police only turn their heads and let the crimes happen to the Dalits because they are considered, “unclean. inch In some other cases rather than turning their very own heads law enforcement officers take action thats very much worse, they will participate in the crimes for the Untouchables. Smita Narula said, “There have been completely large scale abuses by the law enforcement officials, acting in collusion with upper castes, including raids, beatings in custody, failure to charge offenders or perhaps investigate reported crimes. ” Even the people who are supposed to guard the culture are joining in on mistreating and assaulting the Dalit persons. Untouchables are truly becoming abused without having one to help them. This is therefore terrible since the police needs to be protecting and defending the dalit persons from the additional castes yet thats not the case. The police power in our culture today is usually dedicated to our country and work to shield the people in it. For example on the day of 9/11, various policemen had been on look saving people from the circumstances of the building and some officers even passed away trying.

I want the caste system of India to become abolished and so there can be equality, no more spiritual segregation, and fair protection from the police pressure. Dalits are human a simple member of the caste program and should end up being treated like so. The Untouchables should gain rights and that will be possible if the caste system was concluding non-existent. Everyone in India should be treated the same regardless of of how “pure” or “impure” they are.

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