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Each of our country prides itself in for being an extraordinary example of a war-ravaged and devastatingly impoverished nation remarkably turned into a high-income economy. At this point we stand as the 11th greatest economy on the globe, but progress rates have recently been getting a slowing pattern. This movement towards low growth is of concern, certainly not because of the numbers themselves but instead in that they will reveal structural limitations to the current economic arrangement.

To a great extent, To the south Korea’s outstanding economic performance from the 1970s and onwards can be related to the country’s devotion toward maintaining sound fundamentals: growing human capital, high cost savings, strong establishments, and relatively well-managed financial and monetary policies. One other feature typically highlighted can be its higher level of monetary openness, which subsequently allowed domestic companies access to inexpensive raw materials, massive markets, and advanced technology, by which economic development based on large productivity was attained. Yet a blemish in this sort of strategy would be that the country turns into disproportionately influenced by trade, and thereby extremely vulnerable to shocks in equally global require and supply.

Forecasts intended for Korea’s GDP growth lay at around 2 . 9%, but Korea can regain its impetus by taking measures to reshape and diversify its options for growth. You will find largely two paths, demand-side stimulations and supply-side productivity boosts. President Moon, you are definitely pursuing the past with your improved government spending, expansion of public-sector jobs, redistributive policies, and lowest wage outdoor hikes. However , the two paths are not mutually exclusive in addition to fact, these strategy has potential to travel more lasting growth results. Therefore , my first advice is that together with your policies to improve income and consumption, a simultaneous quest for supply-side innovation should be realized. The most efficient means to this may be to increase competition and hence improve innovation by simply lowering boundaries to international investment, assisting start-ups and SMEs by simply encouraging entrepreneurship, and tackling chaebol monopoly.

Chief executive Moon, we all live in a globalized community. The destiny of a one country’s economy does not completely rest in the own actions but is definitely critically affected by the situations and actions of more states. Therefore , my own second suggestion is to help to make efforts to advertise regional financial integration, especially with underdeveloped ASEAN countries, to further utilize and strengthen a global value sequence. Much potential lies in the heterogeneity of factor endowments among Cookware economies as this can be translated into intercontinental division of labor. Moreover, this is the time to improve regional cooperation in dealing with financial crises, drawing from our experience that such crises cannot be contained nor resolved within the confines of one particular country.

Lastly, I recommend a more lively diversification in trading lovers. Although marketplace mechanisms will be able to naturally direct trade goes, the government should intervene if perhaps too many ovum are going as one basket. Strategies of intervention may include additional preferential trade deals and inspiring companies to expand their very own business ties with Russian federation, India, and Latin America.

To conclude, the Korean language economy has done well, but for it to continue to set a model for growing countries, several structural concerns need to be resolved. I am confident that you will consider my personal suggestions and accompany associated with social welfare measures to bolster long lasting growth and sustain the Korean desire.

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