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This kind of paper examines the various areas of IT organizing at Modmeters Company which includes two tricks of expanding internationally and rendering direct-to-customer revenue. The part of IT is very important in the expansion initiatives of Modmeters. The executives of numerous departments held a meeting to recognize the budget requirements for the expansion. The master plan is to establish new plant life in Asia and Asian Europe in which the infrastructure facilities are not enough required for the operations by Modemeters. Brian Smith, CIO of Modmeters is concerned about these two initiatives as the IT financing was not of very good.

The company never invested in reengineering the existing devices, instead, that they always launched new systems over the other. John Johnson, CEO desired to change the name of the organization as MM for this current strategy.

The current budget levels at the firm are not going support the expansion pursuits. Surprisingly, simply 2% with the revenue was allocated to THAT. According to Brian, 80% of the IT budget was fixed intended for running the present systems and fixing errors.

The 20% was allotted depending on ROI, in which majority of this was used by manufacturing department, Human resources and marketing departments having minimal share. Brian believed that the kind of budgeting is not really effective for their new business tactics (McKeen & Smith, 2012). Brian points out the need to put into practice flexible systems to support the updated strategies.

He challenges on the spending budget requirements to obtain new infrastructure and complications with the existing devices. The systems are not included and work with different limite in different sections. IT needs expenditure for infrastructure, underlying techniques and to take care of the information. Nevertheless , the outcomes of the budget meeting after possessing a long dialogue were to prioritize the THIS projects depending up on all their contribution for the key aims of the company and also how each of them is adding value to the Modmeters.

To build up the direct-to-customer sales, the marketing department needs even more investment to obtain the resources. Therefore, to put into practice the new strategicinitiatives at Modemeters, the budget allocated to IT and marketing takes on a key part.


A great IT preparing process must be developed in order to meet the demands from the new projects. First of all, the IT buildings has to be transformed such that the systems happen to be flexible to use. All the categories should use similar terms to manage the information and speak with other partitions. A data book need to be produced to address the terminology issues. IT should be associated with decision making in Modmeters. An enterprise structures need to be developed to get the best out of IT. Though, I actually accept it projects must be measured in terms of ROI, the latest situation by Modmeters differs. The systems are never reengineered and the communication between the systems look like a other, where failing of each program may lead to an entire failure. There exists a need to commit on improving the structures considering permanent advantages of the investment. The IT and business needs to have a common goals and objectives in expanding the existing organization.

The needs of the making, marketing, R&D and HOURS need to be recognized and set aside the budget accordingly. Identify the core expertise of IT and a cost-benefit analysis needs to be made for the projects. The business employees’ opinions should be consumed in using technologies. The key business staff must be identified and made account managers. They should present their studies to the leading management to ensure that, the governance body will consider for interoperability of the devices. In the IT vision, helping principles needs to be developed which links the organization strategies. At the same time, existing business requirements and functions should be addressed as a continuous process. A departmental procedure should be used while prioritizing the assignments. This approach concentrates on improving the organization by increasing globally, permitting direct-to-customer revenue, satisfying Stan’s auditing needs, making use of existing projects and improving the infrastructure.

Account managers ought to analyze how a proposed task would gain their individual departments. The IT and business people will need to work closely while expanding strategies. A SWOT analysis should be made while producing the plan. It must be given enough budget and team work is essential to implement new strategies. The folks need to be trained by allocating budget necessary to HR section. The resources should be applied effectively pertaining to the global growth. A centralized IT framework is essential to get Modmeters to share the information between your divisions. Wendy, VP of producing should understand the value than it. At Modmeters, business needs must be understood by IT to deliver the best technology at the same time, business people ought to provide required funding to IT.

In addition to the ROI, Customer satisfaction, greater efficiency, product top quality, cash cost savings and other intangible benefits need to be considered while assessing the organization value of the project (Ferris, 2012). The marketing department funding needs to be increased. It is crucial to enable clean transition when expanding and change should be maintained carefully to achieve success. Also, the policies and procedures in the IT program should conform to the restrictions. To conclude, THIS and organization collaboration is very important in ideal IT preparing. IT value should be realized by business and business needs should be understood by IT. By Modmeters, reengineering the existing systems, taking a departmental approach, fulfilling the department needs and funding completely will help to put into practice the two proper initiatives.


Mckeen, J. D., & Johnson, H. (2012). Delivering Worth with IT (2nd ed). New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc.

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