The iPremier Company opened in 1996 and had advanced into one of thefew success stories of web-based commerce. It also sells extravagance, rare, and vintage items on the web. Inside the treacherous business-to-business segment, iPremier was one of a few remainders.

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Although the company was a actually successful organization in business discipline, during the 75 minute harm, iPremier performed very uselessly and served negatively, which will would tell customers that it must be lack of ability to resolve the problem.

Once picking up the product to know the web page is locked up, Turley, the CIO of the iPremier Company, did not have the prepare and technique to solve the problem. He simply waited for the outsourced company, Qdata, giving the solution. What is worse, the company cannot make sure in the event the credit cards and customer data are safe. All of the managers inside the company just waited until the attack stopped.

Of course the company’s operating types of procedures were deficient. Actually, there was clearly totally not any procedure for fixing the disorders according to the case.

The staffs, like the CIO plus the technology team, could not develop a complete approach before the strike happening. If the company’s web page was bombarded, there was not any plan to solve the problem. The CIO also did not sure about what the threat is usually. If the harm happened in the work time instead of morning hours, the company could lose not merely the information in the customers and the profits, nevertheless also the reputation from the customers.

The iPremier Business should make certain that there is the security system to make sure that once facing problems, the company can end it as soon as possible. The employees, particularly the technology crew, should take the responsibilities of guarding the information of the customers. Likewise not just the IT division, they have to hook up the public connection department to clarify what happened for the press as well as the customers.

Following attack finished, iPremier Organization should reconsider the procedures of thesecurity system to see how the cyber criminals targeted the firewall. Since that the company remains the “intense environment and concentrated only the expansion, the company ought to move its infrastructural program to the model that is modern-day in order to get ready for the safety of customer’s information.

After knowing the website was attacked, Turley’s goal is to stop the attack and rebuild the procedures of security system. Turley received the device calls and gather advice about the attack then asked the suggestions from other people to develop alternatives. However , the process of the decision making is very ineffective, after gathering data, Turley realized the cause of the attack, yet he are unable to find the correct method to end the harm. He would not make the decision successfully and do something neither.

IT Doesn’t Matter

Information product is the contrasting networks of hardware and software that people and companies use to collect, filter, process, create, and distribute info. Information technology is definitely the application of personal computers and telecoms equipment to maintain, retrieve, send and change data, frequently in the framework of a organization or other enterprise. In line with the definition of the IT and IS, it is obvious that info system is the integration that is made up of many tools and transfer data by the tools, on the contrary, information technology is definitely the hardware that actually works as a instrument in the information system to aid the data transformation. In the article, the author mentions that the information technology is becoming the commodity and decreasing the costs, which means that the knowledge technology are not able to offer competitive advantages because before. Therefore , the managers should control the expense on information technology. However , the info system is totally different from information technology. The managers can easily reduce the investment on IT or do not pursue the most advanced technology, but they should certainly create fresh procedures of transfer information efficiently.


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