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In this try things out, the nutritional C content of a industrial tablet is decided and in comparison with the manufacturers’ specification. Vitamin C is definitely water-soluble which is an enantiomer of ascorbic acid. (Commercial vitamin C is often a mixture of ascorbic acidity and other ascorbates. ) Ascorbic acid, C6H8O6, is a minimizing agent that reacts rapidly with iodine (I2). Because the iodine is added during the titration, the ascorbic acid is definitely oxidized to dehydroascorbic acid solution, while the iodine is reduced to iodide ions since shown in the following equation.

Ascorbic acid + I2 (aq) “”””>2I- (aq) & dehydroascorbic chemical p

Due to this reaction, the iodine formed can be immediately reduced to iodide as long as there is any ascorbic acid present. The amount of ascorbic acid is determined by the stoichiometry of the equations and the difference between the total amount of iodine present and the quantity that reacts with the thiosulphate. This method is appropricate for use with vitamin C tablets, fresh or manufactured fruit juices and solid fruit and veggies.


Nutritional vitamins are a group of small molecular compounds which can be essential nutrients in many multi-cellular creatures, and humans in particular. L-Ascorbic acid was initially isolated being a pure substance by Albert Azent-Gyorgi and Charles Kingin 1928 (Pauling, 1970), a great anti-oxidant and free revolutionary scavenger, is found ubiquitously in fruit and vegetables including citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, limes, tangerines etc . ), melons, tomato vegetables, peppers, spargelkohl, green abundant vegetables including spinach, taters and turnips, its quantitative determination is very important within the manufacturing of wine, beverage, milk, carbonated drinks and fresh fruit juices, where it can be a quality indicator (Gerrior & Zizza, 1994)]#@@#@!. Given the essential function played in the human diet plan and necessary to growth and repair of tissues in every parts of body of a human. It is necessary to type collagen a crucial skin proteins, scar tissue, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. Nutritional Cis essential for the curing of pains, and for the repair and maintenance of cartilage, bones and tooth (Mcevoy, 1993) one of the a lot of ways of determining the ascorbic acid content of a remedy is by titration.

Figure composition of nutritional c (ascorbic acid)

Titration is a volumetric analysis and it is one of the standard analytical techniques in chemistry which will enables one to quantitatively figure out how much of a particular substance is definitely contained in a given sample. This method is involved with almost every aspects of our daily living such as lifestyle sciences, scientific chemistry, water quality, industrial analyses etc . To make meaningful titration analysis, one has to understand and learn the principles involved. Several types of titration techniques are available but , two standard types which can be still in much use happen to be acid-base and reduction-oxidation (Redox). Acid-base titration involves the neutralization effect and the items are generally salt and normal water. Redox titrations involve the titration of your oxidizing agent (or oxidant) with a reducing agent (or reductant) or perhaps vice versa. Oxidation process process involves loss of electrons while lowering process consists of gain of electrons. Thus an oxidizing agent is one which accepts electrons while a minimizing agent can be one which seems to lose the electrons. There must be a sufficiently huge difference between oxidizing and reducing capabilities of these agents for the reaction to undergo achievement with a razor-sharp end stage.


250-mL conical flask

Supplement C tablets

400-mL beaker

KBrO2 solution

50-mL, 25ml and 10ml computing cylinder

10% KI solution

50-mL burette with stand

installment payments on your 0 Meters H2SO4 remedy

Cup stirring fishing rod

Starch indicator

Analytical balance


1 . A standard titration setup was framed up using a stand, a burette clamp and a white tile

Physique 2 set up for titration

(Courtesy of http://www.chemteach.ac.nz)

2 . A burette was rinsed with unadulterated water then with the given sodium thiosulphate solution. several. With the stopcock closed, the rinsed flacon was totally filled up with the sodium thiosulphate solution after which the stopcock was exposed so that the idea of the flacon was as well allowed to be filled up. The initial burette quantity was recorded to the accuracy of two decimal locations 4. A 25. 00cm3 pipette was rinsed with distilled drinking water, and then with KBrO3 remedy. 5. 25. 00cm3 of standard remedy of KBrO3 was transferred to a clean conical flask using the rinsed pipette. 6th. Using a 25cm3 measuring cyndrical tube, 25ml of 2M H2SO4 was transmitted into the conical flask that contain the KBrO3 solution. several. Using a 10ml measuring cylinder, 5ml of 10% KI solution was also put into the conical flask made up of the KBrO3 solution. 8. Immediately, the response mixture inside the conical flask was titrated with the salt thiosulphate remedy until a pale yellowish solution was observed. on the lookout for. A few drops of starch solution were added to the pale yellow-colored solution inside the conical flask. 10. Titration of the blend was continuing until the option changed coming from dark green to clear. The final burette reading, correct to a couple of decimal locations, was recorded. the quantity of the sodium thiosulphate remedy added was calculated 10. Apart from the 1st trial, 2 more effective titrations were carried out. The burette was refilled in the middle runs when the volume leftover was not enough for a full titration.


Physique 3 supplement c tablets

(Courtesy of lule. blogspot. com)

1 . A tablet of vitamin c was moved into a 250ml conical flask andapproximately 40cm3 of 2M H2SO4 was added. The tablet was then smashed to reduce until a simple solution formed.

2 . Using a testing cylinder, 10cm3 of 10% KI answer was put into the tablet solution and 25cm3 of standard KIO3 solution was pipetted in to the flask.

3. The solution was then immediately titrated with standard thiosulphate solution inside the burette before the dark color changed to the initial color of the tablet.

four. This procedure was repeated with 2 even more samples of the tablet.

your five. The volume of sodium thiosulphate used in every single titration was written and the typical volume was calculated.








0. 85

thirty-three. 60

32. seventy five

thirty-two. 33


0. eighty

thirty-three. 10

32. 31


14. eighty-five

46. 80

31. 95

Table results from standardization of sodium thiosulphate (A) Number of moles of KBrO3 in 25cm3 remedy = [this method is used because the molarity of the solution is given and the amount is known]0. 00964×0. 025=0. 000241mol

Mass of KBrO3 remedy used= [this solution is used in deriving the mass of your substance if the no . of moles has (or derived)]=0. 000241mol×167g/mol=0. 040247g= forty five. 25mg

Attentiveness of KBrO3 =

No . of skin moles of Na2S2O3 required for one particular titration sama dengan 0. 00241mol×6= 0. 01446mol

Moles of I2 liberated = installment payments on your 41×10-4 moles

Concentration of Na2S2O3= zero. 298mol/dm3







almost eight. 80

11. 75

2 . 90

3. 43


14. 70

15. 20

3. 50


15. 20

19. twelve

three or more. 90

Table 2 results from vitamin C analysis (B)

Brand of nutritional C: Cenovis

Manufacturer’s specification of nutritional c tablet: 1000mg of vitamin c per tablet

Molar mass of vitamin C (C6H8O6) = 12×6+1×8+16×6=176g/mol

Balanced Formula for effect = KIO3+5KI+3H2SO4′ 3I2+3H2O+3K2SO4

Range of moles of KIO3 in 25cm3 option = 0. 00100 mol

Moles of I2 manufactured by 25cm3 of KIO3= zero. 00100×3= 0. 003 moles

No of moles of Na2S2O3 necessary to react with excess I2

Moles of I2 that reacted with sodium thiosulphate

No . of mole of Na2S2O3 =

No . of mole of original I2 ” no . of gopher of extra I2 =0. 000723- 0. 0005=0. 000223mol

No . of mole of I2 that reacted with ascorbic acid solution = zero. 006-0. 0005 = 0. 0055

Mass of ascorbic acid = 176×0. 0055= 0. 92g =920mg


The test was effectively carried out as well as the results were pushing. The evaluation of the supplement c content material of the Cenovis tablet was carried out applying titration. The vitamin c tablet was crushed right into a conical flask and specific amounts of KI and KIO3 were added. The solution was then titrated with regular thiosulphate option until the needed color was derived. The results were noted and computations to determine the sum of ascorbic acid in each tablet was also successfully done. However the resultsfrom the test showed different values through the manufacturer’s specs. The manufacturer (Cenovis) claims that every vitamin c tablet consists of 1000mg of ascorbic acid solution while this kind of experiment reveals otherwise. Following calculations were done, the experiment located each nutritional c tablet to be containing about 920mg of ascorbic acid which can be below the manufacturer’s specification. On the other hand this problem could be due to different factors; 1 . The manufacturer in the tablet built wrong research of the tablet. 2 . This experiment comprised errors which usually arose coming from wrong studying of musical instruments, wrong calibration of tools, or mistakes in concern.

Works Mentioned

Gerrior, S., & Zizza, C. (1994). Nutritious content with the U. S i9000 food supply, 1909-1990. Washington G. C: U. S section of Farming. Mcevoy, G. (1993). Drug information the american medical center formulary assistance. American society of health-system pharmacist. Pauling, l. (1970). vitamin c and the prevalent cold.

studymode. js. (2010). commercial vitamin c tablet analysis. Retrieved from studymode: http://www.studymode.com/essays/Commercial-Vitamin-c-Tablets-Analysis-470526.html


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