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The core issue Unifine Richardson (UR) looks is their very own sole darling supplier, Harrington Honey (HH), will be used up of Chinese language honey within a little more than a month for the reason that Canadian Foodstuff Inspection Organization (CFIA) lately found records of chloramphenicol (a banned antibiotic associated with causing a sometimes-fatal bloodstream disorder) and rejected the contaminated honey. Until China finds ways to detect infected honey, Unifine Richardson are unable to sell any one of its current Chinese-Canadian mixture. Because of the CFIA’s findings, a global supply of sweetie will decrease by 20%, thus causing an increase in price.

Harrington Honies will not be capable of maintain the darling stream.

The price tag on honey, globally, has already been over a steady incline (Exhibit 2) and the lack will further more intensify this trend. Another issue UR is facing is that addititionally there is an unequal relationship between the two businesses. Harrington Sweetie is conscious of this and is also using this to its edge by not offering better choices to UR.

Additionally , many of these of UR’s honey functions are associated with one significant customer, which customer provides tough requirements. As stated earlier, Unifine Richardson has about one month of honey products on hand left and it has to make up your mind based on the available options offered by Harrington Honey.


Unifine Richardson buys about one million pounds of darling annually. The earth supply of darling has lowered by about 20%. Currently, the company pays $1. 08 per pound intended for the Chinese-Canadian blend honies. Harrington Honies provided YOUR with three alternative types of honey:

1 ) Canadian-Argentinean mix

a. Cost: $1. 42 million (a 31% cost increase).

b. Customers may reject because flavor can be significantly different from current honey blend. c. Argentina is definitely world’s third-largest honey dealer.

2 . 100% Canadian honey

a. Price: $1. 75 million (a 62% expense increase).

3. fully American sweetie

a. Cost: $1. 79 , 000, 000 (a 66% cost increase).

n. World’s second-largest honey dealer.

These options all pose very significant expense increases intended for Unifine Richardson. Considering the rigid timeframe that UR is usually under, it will not be possible to ascertain a new relationship with another supplier; however , UR does have the power with YOU DO NOT NEED : to negotiate on the rates they are getting offered. YOU DO NOT NEED : suggested YOUR consider a long term contract to lock down the price, which suggests UR is a substantial volume consumer that YOU DO NOT NEED : does not desire to lose.


Based on the immediate options available, we would not recommend going with the 50/50 honey blend. There exists a question about the taste in the Argentinean sweetie. UR could face expensive recalls; U. S. -imposed dumping costs, loss of status and a failure to meet customer expectations. The 100% U. S. honies is also not only a viable option because it is the priciest honey, and there could be additional issues such as unpredictable delivery, transportation gaps, shipping costs, etc . The Canadian sweetie is the best instantly available choice, considering the limited timeframe the purchasing director has to decide. Because YOUR is located in Ontario, perhaps it will have a reduction in costs or vehicles costs. Together, Pincombe must also contact his finance spouse at UR for research on value alternatives it could offer it is largest consumer, based on the existing prices YOU DO NOT NEED : quoted them. Based on these kinds of findings, finance could suggest Alternative six (alternative proven in appendix).

Considering that it might take 15 a few months to eliminate the CFIA concern of chloramphenicol traces inside the beehives, YOUR should speak to HH and advise that they can consider continuing business and signing an agreement with all of them if they are going to negotiate in price. UR should claim that HH give you a 20% lower price on value (based upon data given by the financing department) and they’ll sign a contract with them. If perhaps they cannot arrive to an satisfactory agreement, YOUR should advise HH that they can continue to purchase from them in the immediate future, but will keep an eye out for alternative suppliers. Additionally , a dual-supply strategy should be considered so that the company can use a hedging tactic to minimize the fee. Unifine Richardson only applied one source source, Harrington Honey. Depending so greatly on one dealer left the organization vulnerable to risk.

“The finest supply chainsidentify structural adjustments, sometimes prior to they happen, by taking the latest info, filtering away noise, and tracking key patterns. They then relocate establishments, change options for supplies, and, if possible, use outsourcing for manufacturing (Lee, 2004). The organization needs to seek out alternative suppliers that get their sweetie from Mexico. The source area will not have an important impact within their operations and UR will keep its delivery on time. It is best that the YOUR purchasing supervisor contact their large customer to explain the existing price boost, and determine what their needs happen to be. The honies is generally used like a dipping marinade for chicken breast wings. How critical are these claims dipping marinade to this customer to warrant the 60 per cent total increase? If the client wants to conserve the honey buys, or chooses to end, UR needs to know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

This customer represents 80% of their honies sales and it is possible that they may want replace the honey for a replacement product. Just for this customer, the honey is actually a noncritical item, and might be replaced with salad dressings, which UR has the ability to offer. By creating alignment and exchanging “information and understanding freely with vendors and customers,  (Lee, 2004) UR may also avoid enormous losses. Supplied in the appendix is the data summary that UR ought to provide with their customer to assist them for making a decision where honey they wish to use as a substitute. UR ought to be upfront while using customer for the negotiation they can be trying to get hold of from YOU DO NOT NEED : and guide that YOUR will be taking a 15% lowering of profits in order to help absorb some of the price to keep all of them as a buyer.

UR can also advise that its consumer could perhaps make a percentage embrace its chicken pieces or perhaps charge a nominal cost of say $0. 25 for sauce to help balance the cost. By simply empowering his largest consumer to make a ideal decision that greatly affects both of them, he will probably gain admiration and perhaps more loyalty. Also, UR will now be able to place an buy and agreement with HH for the correct products (based on type from his largest client) and not be stuck with probably a product that the client would not want and risk losing them. Like a long-term target, UR ought to work on getting a more lasting supply string to prevent future disruption in supply and profit declines.


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