Inspite of the multiple benefits and advantages of compensation management and its particular impact on employee’s performance, that cannot be said that having compensation managing policy is a panacea to be successful

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in appraising, and controlling employee’s overall performance. It is therefore the work of all managers to ensure that the application of compensating plan meets employee’s expectation in order to have good and effective overall performance. The initially basic requirement for effective and functional functionality system is to possess a common understanding of the standards of performance needed from every job holder, performance necessary from every job holder and compensation management ought to be in relation with organizational goals and objectives.

One of many responsibilities of administration is to produce compensation policy a veritable tool to get optimizing the potentials of employees and human resources administrator or experts should be inside the driving couch in ensuring that the system can be run based on the principles of fairness and equity.


The study was aimed at examining the impacts of payment management methods on employees’ performance on the Nigeria Interface Authority, Apapa.

Forms were administered to chosen staff of Nigeria ports Authority, Apapa. The entire populace was predicted at 340 people composed of of older and jr staff and out with this population a sample of 100 respondents were randomly selected for intense study and analyzed.

The responses extracted from the customer survey that was personally given and the evaluation of speculation Using chi square (x2 distribution)

statistical technique of analysis make up the basis of the finding of the research survey. Some of the studies are

1 . Which the Nigeria slots authority (NPA) has a well-organized and efficient compensation management system which is suitable to all employees.

2 . That reimbursement management system contains a great effect on employee’s productivity and performance with the Nigeria jacks authority (NPA).

three or more. There is a romance between payment management policy and employee’s performance and that compensation managing will bring about positive impact on employee’s overall performance.

5. That employee’s performance can even be determined by using some elements which are certainly not monetary inclined like determination, leadership, interaction, objective, control, sense of belonging and decision making regarding compensation management practices.

5. That despite the significant impact of payment management system, efficiency of a few employees is usually not up to the set regular of the organization.


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