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Genting Group has twenty six years of knowledge in producing, operating and marketing internet casinos and bundled resorts around the world. Is it doesn’t Malaysia’s leading corporation and one of Asia’s best multinational companies. Genting’s main niche area is amusement and food services bundled in resorts. Genting’s initial integrated resort is the Resort World Genting, formerly referred to as Genting Highlands Resort. The resorts and casino homes in Malaysia are; * Resort World Genting, Malaysia

* Genting International Tradition Centre, Malaysia

* Awana Genting Highlands Golfing & Region Resort, Malaysia * Awana Kijal East Cost Golf, Beach &Spa Resort, Malaysia * Awana Langkawi, Hot tub & Tropical isle Resort, Malaysia.

These types of integrated places are one of the most popular destination for local and foreign traveler. In this facilities, Genting acquired provide internet casinos, hotels, theme park, concert display, Food & Beverages, full shopping, golfing, cable car terminal and several outdoor activities such as eco-sport, new world trekking, abseiling, mountain cycling, and horse riding.

In Resort World Genting, Malaysia for example , you will find five hotels with more than 8000 rooms, 40 fun tours, over 2 hundred dining and retail outlets, huge shows and business tradition facilities. The five resorts are; 5. Maxims Genting

* Highland Hotels

* Amusement park Hotel

* Holiday resort Hotel

* Initial World Lodge

Until now, Genting had grow and diversified their marketplace into many other product and services range includes planting, properties, power generator, petrol & gas, e-commerce, i . t, biotechnology and cruise liner. * Genting Power Generator

* Controlled by Genting Sanyen Electrical power Sdn Bhd in Kuala Langat station. It items electricity to Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Malaysia, under a 21-year power order agreement. The first and later thermal power plant to provideits own hydrant and to supply steam to a different industry. 2. Genting Plantation

* Acquired oil palm plantation which spearheaded by simply Genting Plantations Berhad. Started out since 1980 when they attained Rubber Trust Group which usually owned 13, 700 hectares of plantation land in Peninsular Malaysia. Further acquisition were made and get land banking companies and oil palm generators. Now Genting have a total milling capacity of 255 tonnes hourly. * Genting Properties

5. Genting’s initial primary target is holding land based assets pertaining to long term understanding and grows potential to the current strategic move to expand and market the Group’s landed properties. Genting began the project by Genting Highland Resort expanding 83-unit Kayangan Apartment. The project was followed by the launch of 428-unit Ria Apartment and luxurious 320-unit Awana Condominium.

Promoting Services and Educating Consumer

Genting had operate many projects in their advertising of companies and products. They are taking steps in teaching customer successfully as a resistant, everyone through this country is aware of Genting as well as its services and product line. The sales and marketing section had discussed their responsibilities in guaranteeing to educate the client more effectively in addition to promoting providers. Firstly, the responsibilities of the sales and marketing office are; * Research, assess and plan business ways to achieve create goals and develop new suggestions to secure even more business/arrivals coming from new and existing focus on countries; * Constantly develop new actions plans to counter competitive market environment;

* Proactively drive and develop new business development opportunities, including fresh trends and new market segments; * Marketplace information provider to our several business units the two local & overseas; 5. Able to efficiently monitor most business strategies and its success reporting; * To assist Awana marketing on evaluation dexterity and performance of all advertising, plans and activities; 2. To assist Awana sales in ensuring every overseas landings are well synchronised and paid for; * To support AVP on all street shows’ products presentations and programmes; * To provide feedbacks on sales and marketing activitiesin different countries and markets to AVP upon weekly and monthly basis; The list above shows how Genting acquired ensure that their services campaign mainly in leisure and hospitality will certainly run properly and could attract more consumer thus enhance sales. Genting’s promotion regarded success reported the gross annual reports printed each year. In running advertising, Genting got used a large number of mediums intended for advertisement including: * Pamphlets

* Blog page

* Website

* Tv set

5. Social networking sites (eg; Facebook)

* Car radio

Besides that, in empowering all their promotion, Genting had work with TOURISM Malaysia to improve their brands as one of the the majority of popular visitor destination in Malaysia. Genting also acquired join advertising with the travel company just like Bus Firm to attract even more customers. They make the tourists’ trips being more convenience by offering transport from the bus company and tour guides that may guide the visitor around the hotel. Promotion had been done solely and excessively yet economical and good.


* Genting Highlands Facebook page ( * TRAVEL AND LEISURE Pahang official website * The Genting Malaysia Berhad ( * The Genting Planting (

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