Kittyhawk is definitely 1 . 3-inch hard-drive disk that HORSEPOWER trying to organized to the fresh market. HP tries to target a new marketplace and earning profitable revenue from that. Even though the notion of this task is ingenious but the project failed in the long run. The start of the Kittyhawk basically goes well. It has the support from the senior supervision. HP create a special group which focus on the job to distinction from the main products that HP already had as well as the group independent from the organization which let them have freedom to formulate the hard travel.

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They make an effort to control their very own product industry manner because they be familiar with technology transform fast as soon as it change. It might bring about the failing of their product.

Also they atmosphere is additionally important which in turn allow them create Kittyhawk on time. The team continue to work hard to achieve their very own goal and so they did truly put on a number of innovations including the glass drive substrate, the drive will need less electric power which out-do other drive is much more lighter weight.

HP put lot of effort on this project to find other potential markets. The idea is good but nonetheless this task failed eventually because of a number of reasons.

There are many factors led it failed including not really understand their very own potential customer, bothersome technology want time for all their market and setting their particular goals for disruptive technology. The Kittyhawk team would not found the ideal customer for his or her product. It’s a bad decision that they failed to check the computer system and notebook computer sections of the show nevertheless went simple for traveling with a laptop. Because of their product is a new technology at the time, is actually hard to find out what consumer need so when is the most fortunate time for the marketplace.

I also think that they did not hold all their opportunity with Nintendo which might have lead them success. Because what Nintendo desires is what the first strategy for Kittyhawk which is “a cheap, tiny disk drive.  Rather than go after Manufacturers, they want to go for a great upper market of PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT. In the end, the PDA section chose one other substitute gadget because of the value issue. Consumers turned to end up being unexpected clients such as Japanese people company, production of cash registers and camera. Apparently, the customer was completely different from the unique target client.

Also when it comes to disruptive technology, it’s hard to say that after is the best a chance to launch the newest product. It might need more coming back market to adapt this. The existing consumer might modify it faster than the new customer. Yet after all, most customers would need a chance to see if this disruptive technology would meet their will need.

It’s always a purpose to set a target for a new project nevertheless it comes to troublesome technology, is actually hard to create the perfect target for it. Without knowing what all their product will probably be and not understanding who’s their customers, the team pair of a goal pertaining to of earned $100 million revenue in two years and to achieve earnings growth of 35%. The Kittyhawk team should just follow their particular original aim and try to appeal to customer just as much as they can and alter their product base together with the market need. But because of having to obtain earned hundred buck million income and income growth of 35%, they have to produce new technology to get to the aim. They most likely could of gain revenue from becoming the first-mover of the market.

In my opinion, the Kittyhawk crew should know wherever their customers will be and precisely what is their consumers’ need. (Christensen, 1994). Following is set the goal correct. Specially, when ever trying to start a troublesome technology, is actually hard to know when to meet the market and where are definitely the customers. Although putting up the best deal to the market doesn’t generally mean accomplishment in the market. So never set a goal as well unrealistic that might bring to the failure from the product. And so when it comes to establishing goal, may set impractical such as progress rate, revenue.

But keep time and also budget for disruptive technological because it’s the most important things that this need. Do risk evaluation and make sure know how big is definitely the market. Even though market research achievable product may suffer from problems of uncertainty and might not really be dependable. But with no it, it would be more difficult to success. In addition, Kittyhawk staff should be way more versatile to deal with the change of need via customer. Since technology world is too unforeseen and unpredictable all the time, the Kittyhawk staff should transform with that in order to achievement. The team really should have changeable strategy. Finally, the most crucial is use current assets from individual company, choosing the advantages of firm, then make the best make use of them and create a great valuable product which is ideal for the market.


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