Fernandes was born in Kuala Lumpur to a Goan (Indian) father, and Kristang mother, Ena Dorothy Fernandes.[2] At a age, he used to follow his mother, a businesswoman, to Tupperwaredealer parties and conventions. He was educated in Epsom University from 1977 to 1983 and managed to graduate from the London, uk School of Economics in 1987. He worked very briefly with Virgin Ocean as an auditor, subsequently becoming the financial controller for Richard Branson’s Virgin Records working in london from 1987 to 1989.[3] Tony was admitted while Associate Part of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountancy firm (ACCA) 20 years ago and became Fellow Member in 1996.

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He is at present a member in the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).

Upon his return to Malaysia, he started to be the youngest managing representative of Warner Music (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. As well as being an accountant, Fernandes is an amateur guitarist and also offers achieved level 8 piano which is exactly where his audio inclination is situated. He was in charge of revolutionising ethnic music, nasyid and dangdut, bringing them into the popular of contemporary Malaysian music.

[citation needed] He subsequently started to be the Southern East Asian regional vice-president for Warner Music Group via 1992-2001. When ever Time Warner Inc declared its combination with America Online Incorporation., Fernandes remaining to follow his dream of starting a low cost no-frills aircarrier. However , his application for a license from your Malaysian authorities was refused

Launching AirAsia

It was through Datuk Pahamin A. Rejab, the former secretary-general of the Malaysian Domestic Control and Client Affairs Ministry that Fernandes came to discuss with then Excellent Minister, Realisieren Dr . Mahathir Mohamad in October 2001. Instead of beginning with scratch, Mahathir advised Fernandes to buy a preexisting airline instead. AirAsia, the heavily-indebted part of the Malaysian government-owned conglomerate, DRB-Hicom, was quickly losing money. Fernandes subject his residence and utilized his personal savings to acquire the organization, comprising two ageing Boeing 737-300 aircraft (9M-AAA and 9M-AAB) and US$11 mil (RM40 million) worth of debts, for just one ringgit (about 26 ALL OF US cents), and transformed that into a market player. Coming just after the September 14 attacks of 2001, everybody thought that Fernandes had gone “crazy, predicting the fact that company will fail miserably.

Yet, just one year after his takeover, AirAsia got broken even and cleaned all its debts. It is initial public offering (IPO) in The fall of 2004 was oversubscribed simply by 130 %.[citation needed] Fernandes says his timing was in fact ideal: after eleven September 2001, aircraft leasing costs fell 40%. Likewise, airline lay-offs meant skilled staff had been readily available. He believed Malaysian travellers will embrace a cut-rate air flow service that might save them time and money, especially in a tight economic system. That was why he copied one of the world’s the majority of successful no-frills carriers, Ireland’s Ryanair (which is in switch modelled following Southwest Airlines in the Usa States). Fernandes estimates about 50 per cent of the travellers on Asia’s budget airlines are new flyers. Just before AirAsia, he estimated that only six per cent of Malaysians had ever travelled within a plane.

Accomplishments and awards

Fernandes’ biggest achievement continues to be to turn the AirAsia airline into a global carrier. Before the creation of AirAsia, countries in the region would not have open-skies agreements. In mid-2003, Fernandes’ lobbying pressed Dr Mahathir to raise the concept with the frontrunners of adjoining Thailand, Philippines, and Singapore. As a result, these nations have got granted getting rights to AirAsia and other discount carriers. Fernandes made available the budget carrier sector in the area. Now, Southeast Asia owners a number of low-price carriers such as:

* Malaysia’s Firefly (owned by Malaysia Airlines)

* Singapore’s Tiger Breathing passages (owned by simply Singapore Airlines);

2. Singapore’s Scoot (owned by simply Singapore Airlines);

2. Singapore’s Valuair and Jetstar Asia (partly owned by simply Qantas Airways) (both airlines merged in 2005);

* Thailand’s Nok Surroundings;

* Vietnam’s Jetstar Pacific (formerly Pacific Airlines), and

* Philippines’s Cebu Pacific cycles.

In Asia and Philippines, AirAsia keeps a minority stake in the respective community companies. Thailänder AirAsia, a joint venture with Shin Company, Thailand’s greatest telecommunication conglomerate, took to the skies in Feb 2005 and has to day carried above 1 mil passengers in the first yr of functions. PT Awair, re-launched as being a low fare airline in 8 December 2004 and subsequently renamed Indonesia AirAsia, presently provides 5 household destinations in Indonesia. Fernandes has received several awards intended for his achievements:

* Intercontinental Herald Tribune Award intended for the “Visionaries & Management Series, intended for his excellent work in AirAsia; * “Malaysian CEO from the Year 2003 in January 2003 ” so far awarded to only nine other receivers in the country, by simply American Communicate and Business Times. The award was an initiative to recognize pioneeringup-and-coming and bureaucratic expertise and satisfaction among frontrunners of Malaysian corporations. 2. Named the joint success of the CEO of the 12 months 2003 award by American Express Corporate Services and Business Times. * “Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year inside the Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur Of The 12 months Awards in 2003; 2. Made the list of Business Week’s “25 Stars of Asia in 2005. * Malaysian Ernst & Small “Entrepreneur of the Year 2006 * “Excellence In Management ” Asia Pacific Command Awards 2009 * 2010 Forbes Asia businessman from the year[35]

2. 2011 No . 52, in FastCompany Best 100 Most Creative Persons in Business.[36] Fernandes has also been honored by the King of Malaysia with the subject Tan Sri, Dato’ Sri and also by the government of France with the Legion d’Honneur Order.[37] This summer, according into a Team Lotus press release, Tony a2z Fernandes was awarded a CBE or perhaps Commander from the Order in the British Empire “for services to advertise commercial and academic links among Malaysia and the UK


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