Goodner Brothers set focused sales desired goals. In order to accomplish these goals, they were seen to undercut all their competitor’s rates. In the textual content, it is remarked that “To compensate for low low profit perimeter, Goner scrimped on functioning expenses, including expenditures about internal control measures.  Goodner Brothers should have certainly not saved on internal control measures so they would have caught Hard woody stealing their particular inventory. Goodner Brother’s needs to have had more employees to have appropriate examine and bills strategy.

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The bookkeeper should have been the one getting into invoices in the computer while sporting someone verify her function to make sure zero fraudulent activity took place. Having Woody enter inaccurate amounts of orders in to the computer allowed him of stealing the vast amounts of inventory. Also, Goodner Brothers needs to have had two executives accept the purchase of inventory from wholesalers. When Woody brought inventory by a fictitious outside flower nurseries, Al should have had another executive indication off within the approval from the transaction.

Then Al would not experienced a conflict with client positions] with coping with his friend Woody’s deceptive activity.

Finally, Goodner Brothers should have stored a closer eyesight on their inventory. They needed someone to keep an eye on the products on hand at all times. Most likely Goodner really should have had a guard who would only let deliverymen and sales reps enter the ware house if they had the appropriate invoices to accomplish this. There were a whole lot of inner control weaknesses at Goodner Brothers. They should have had executed proper inner control actions in order to prevent the fraud determined by Woody. Goodner Brothers lack of inside controls is definitely an example of what auditors try to find when they get started an review of a firm.

In the article Revisiting Substantialness, Gist and Shastri speak about that an examine staff can reduce review failures in the event they work with due care. To be able to act in due treatment, the staff must maintain a temperament of specialist skepticism by a heightened level. Professional skepticism requires auditors “need to become alert to patterns and situations of material misstatement due to problem or scams, remain aware of internal control weaknesses that increase the risk of fraudulent actions, and supervision bias that increases the likelihood of fraudulent economic reporting. Al’s lack of action caused Hard woody to steal a great deal of inventory. An audit personnel would have had the opportunity to get Woody in the act of theft if they served with because of care and used professional skepticism throughout the audit. 2 . Goodner’s acquired no true internal regulates set up on the regional office buildings * The owners dependable employees due to background checks. 5. Insufficient control consciousness within the organization, for instance , the sculpt at the top and the control environment. * Missing or limited segregation of duties within a significant bank account or method. Absent or inadequate controls over the safeguarding of resources (this applies to controls that the auditor can determine would be essential for effective inside control over financial reporting). 5. The lack of an internal method to record deficiencies in inside control to management over a timely basis. * Sales reps were allowed to collect repayments. * Sales reps were allowed to deliver tires. 3. The good thing the Goodner’s could have carried out would be to build controls independent duties.

If perhaps Woody wouldn’t have been in order to deliver goods or collect the payments this hardly ever could have happened. Woody must have been able to issue the sale, but a delivery crew should go away the tires and the client should have to mail the repayment in to the revenue department or accounts receivable department. The second control insurance plan would be to keep inventories more secure. Goodner’s ought to set up a posture in the products on hand department that they do is usually allow for inventory to be make the warehouse or released. Keeping track of all ventures that handle inventory.

In the event that Goodner would have had better regulates on their inventory, Woody by no means would have had the capacity to go through the warehouse and pick and choose items that he may easily conceal off the literature. A third policy that Goodner should have create is never enabling employees who have deal with sales to do the year-end inventory check. Just auditors should be allowed to do the year-end products on hand check. This kind of weeks document “When the Boss Trumps Internal Controls, perfectly goes along with what could always be prevented if perhaps proper inner controls were inline and properly practiced.

In the content the leader clearly saw weaknesses in the accounting program and got advantage of every thing she may. The exact same factor Woody do to the Goodner brothers. All of this could have been prevented if the internal controls were properly inforced. 4. Many people were partly responsible for Goodner Brothers, Inc. losses. Initially was the provider’s management. The corporation provided extremely minimum to safeguard its inventory. With merely padlocks with out one to safeguard its products on hand, everyone can access the warehouse and leave with tires without the records of this person becoming ever right now there.

Also, it looks like the company did not practice job rotation. With just 12 to 12 employees for each and every sales store, the employees were founding themselves having multiples responsibilities in the same organization. For example the sale manager was also someone buy district. The individuals in charge of the sales were also the ones teaming up to hand-count the inventory. In addition , they were no inside control because the company depended on the trustworthiness and honesty of their staff.

The product sales representatives were allowed to enter in transactions straight into the system and access consumers’ account and do all the adjustments they wanted to do without the limit. Someone else partially in charge of the situation was Al Quest. As Woody’s friend, this individual should have asked him even more seriously about how precisely and in which he was getting the tires, then when he noticed that his good friend was maybe involved in a fraudulent activity, he really should have stopped ordering tires from charlie and attempted to talk him out of this situation. Nevertheless instead, he pretended that there was nothing at all strange happening and just held buying from him.

Finally, Felix Garcia the sales administrator for the Huntington Product sales Office is usually responsible for the losses of the company. While the sale manager, he by no means contacted any customers of their complaints and let subordinates deal with those issues. Once in mil novecentos e noventa e seis, the products on hand shrinkage represented 2 . 1 percent of the inventory, he would not think it had been excessive and did nothing to understand this shrinkage. He presumed that his only work was to sell off tires and this was this so he never looked at any strange situation happening in the firm.


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