Be aware: 420 is definitely lowest common multiple of crop existence cycle (4, 3, 15, 28) and assume that period value involving is ignored (no discount cash moves to present value).

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From show 11, Net return from Cane buy highest net present value for period from 1998 to 2015 with nominal discount price 13. 3% per annum and opportunity expense of labor can be $1. 00/day: NPV Walking cane +21, 599; NPV blueberry +3, 865; NPV caffeine -9, 998; NPV plastic -20, 664, NPV combination A -12, 777; NPV combo N +2, 555, NPV combination C -799 (US$ in thousands).

” Other benefits: One of 3 parts of NATL’s development program is a great outreach program to help neighborhood farmers to convert to cane production which means that their sweets cane may have more added values mainly because cane development can sell with higher value and the maqui berry farmers can use goods.

The corporation expected to use 725 persons, provided in-house training a lot of members in the farmer family can become workers, educated ones can also turn into staffs. This will create many good affects to the regional farmers.

The project will need roughly three hundred lorries through the harvest time of year so a lot of farmers can easily borrow money by local banks to buy fresh haulers to transportcane for the factory.

With many benefits as above, prior to converting to sugar walking cane the local farmers need to understand/know the risks of converting:

The first risk is to steer clear of converting a lot of from the beginning of the project. The factory will reach full capability by the 2002/2003 harvesting time, so to get the period coming from 1998 to 2002, the numbers of hectares convert to cane need to maximize accordingly.

Second risk is related to the NATL’s complex payment system, with the initially installment, roughly 75% in the total, will be made within just 14 days of delivery and the rest will be made at the end of the period with adjusting for sugar content and market price. The local farmers seem to be too knowledgeable about simple full payment upon delivery though with lower price, many poor farmers can have enough cash for their lifestyle and no impacted by modification with the old payment technique.

With these analysis’s, the famers could have much more rewards, some related risks can be viewed and manipulated so I assume that they will convert to sugar cane.

_Question four: Will the federal government support the project? _

The Japanese government is going to strongly support the job in term of both economic and large social rewards.

Economic rewards:

In nineties Viet Nam was a poor country with a population nearly 80 million but low gross domestic product and low normal annual every capita salary. Agriculture continue to accounted for practically half of the country’s income. Together with the investment in sugar sector, main economical benefits will be clearly under:

Reduce deficit trade equilibrium and foreign currency for importance payment: in 1997Vietnam used more than seven-hundred, 000 a great deal of sugar (in which imported 340, 1000 tons) as well as the demand for sugars was highly increased with economic creation. Full ability of the manufacturer (900, 000 tons) is expected to reach in 2003 so this home-based production could reduce trade import a lot more than US$ 55 million every year (exhibit 8).

Net duty revenue: value added tax’s effects from NATL would likely tiny because the VALUE-ADDED TAX was thanks and collected up to full level. Via Exhibit eight, NATL can pay more than US$ 6 million profit income tax per year from 2006, the federal government would lose about US$ 11 , 000, 000 in tariff revenue: the net loss is definitely US$ five million each year. This is due to 30% tariff price but in the future when Viet Nam incorporate WTO, glucose tariff rate will have to be reduced ( 15%, 10%) and profit income tax from NATL will increase coming from year to year hence the net damage in taxes revenue from the project is going to reduces to very small.

Cultural benefits:

Commercial development: during 1990s, there were mainly ineffective “handicraft mills in the north. NATL with 42% shares of Tate&Lyle PLC (one of world’s largest producers of white colored and raw sugar) may have advanced technology, contemporary planting approaches, well management skill. This can help to develop sugar industry in the north of Viet Nam.

Career and lower income improvement: the project invested in Nghe A great province which can be one of the weakest regions (low capita profits, poor health solutions, ox-driven gardening equipment, and undeveloped infrastructure). NATL would employ roughly 725 personnel, their pay were ten or seven times as high as wages paid to staff with related backgrounds and equivalent duties in the near-by state corporations. The plant will require about 22, 000 local maqui berry farmers and to expand the walking cane. It also produce incentives for local 300 truck haulers

New international investors: with open-door coverage, Viet Nam government motivate foreign benefactors investing in a large number of fields ( industry, service, education ¦), each good company gives a good example to other overseas investors, with regards to foreign expense, Vietnam is in as good a position as additional Asian countries.

Looking at many above benefits and also other impacts from the project such as environmental effect (It will be legible because NATL develop Greenfield job, the generator was designed to beat the World Bank’s strict suggestions on air and drinking water emissions), vehicles benefit ” $800, 000 cost to upgrade, the Vietnamese government would expect NATL get powerful business in Nghe An province and fully support the job.


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