Ryanair is considered as the pioneer in the low-cost business design, while English Airways is constantly ranked between the world’s greatest legacy carriers. Both of these airlines are dominating companies inside their segment with high voyager numbers and vast network. Therefore the following question increases ” just how these air carriers are different in terms of finance and which business design is more fruitful in the middle of an economic downturn? To find the answer a comprehensive financial research has been carried out relying on your data outlined inside the airlines’ annual reports.

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In the first portion of the report the emphasis is placed on the current financial circumstances of the flight companies, while setting out the existing sources of finance. These kinds of sources are investigated extensively in the second part. The final section assess the feasible or obtainable sources to finance future investments.

Overview of Ryanair’s and British Airway’s current finances Ryanair inside the fiscal season of 2012 has generated a total of ¬4, 390.

2m working revenue mainly through scheduled revenues. The corporation has increased their operating revenues since 2010 by ¬1, 2bn mainly due to do increases. This year the total functioning expense was ¬3, 707m. This is also the height in the last 36 months, mostly due to fuel and oil costs, which have practically doubled since 2010. Therefore the net earnings for the 2012 fiscal year was ¬560. 4m, the highest inside the history of the company. British Airways in the financial year ended 2011 January 31 paid for a profit of 672m after paying the taxes. This can be regarded as a significant improvement after 2010’s profit of 170m. These kinds of figures tend not to provide enough in-depth information concerning the airlines’ real situation. In order to discover the causes of finance and the real situation of HANDBAG and Norwegian air further analysis with the use of ratios is required.


Current rate is a fluidity measure that compares the liquid or current resources of the air travel with its current liabilities. (Atrill, McLaney 2002)

For the fiscal yr of 2012 Ryanair’s CR was installment payments on your 1355, which in turn represents large liquidity. Usually the higher rate is considered to be the better. In respect to Morrell the sector general percentage is 1 ) 00. This kind of suggests that Whizz air is capable of financing its short term obligations towards financial institutions and suppliers However , it ought to be noticed that the airline provides significantly excessive cash reserves, namely ¬2. 7bn. Such charge suggests for the financial institutions and suppliers that the firm is low risk for purchase and features high fluid, but likewise proposes that the cash has been accumulated to finance future aircraft orders or additional investments. The simple fact that the money has grown with ¬1. 2bn in the last two years also underpins these presumptions. (Morrell 2007)

British Airways has a low current proportion of 0. 7531. This points out the problem that BA cannot finance its current assets from the current financial obligations. Thus, it can be assumed that the short term debts are loaned through the higher priced long term financial loans. The company’s money are 1. 7bn, which can be considerably reduced comparison to Ryanair’s reserves. This can lead to higher interest levels as the airline can be not regarded as a safe expenditure for lenders. According to Moody’s credit ranking company BA’s credit ratings had been B1 and BB this year. Also being a legacy airline BA works with more 3rd party suppliers just like travel agents and these issues often means that the pay-outs are late. It is important to notice that Ryanair and the low-cost business model will not use travel agents.

Performance and earning

The operating margin gives an indication of management efficiency in controlling costs and increasing revenues since it represents the operating income as the percentage of total revenues.

Assessing to previous year’s outcomes, both airline’s ratios have remained smooth, namely 14% for Norwegian air and 5. 2% intended for BA. It implies that on every pound or euro BA makes 0. 05 earnings, while Norwegian air ¬0. 14. However , the low-cost version seems to be even more profitable, nonetheless it must be considered that they are likewise operating in a lower cost framework. Also, BA has was able to generate an optimistic operational perimeter as in 2008 and 2009 its principles were adverse. Return in Equity (RoE) is the net profit after interest and tax indicated as percentage of shareholder’s funds.

PURSE has achieved a dua puluh enam. 2% RoE in 2011, as the same worth for Norwegian air was sixteen. 9%. It means that HANDBAG is producing more cash in on the shareholders money. The shareholder’s funds is only the one-third of BA’s advantage, while Norwegian air is 1 / 2 founded by investors.


Gearing proportion is a way of measuring of the contribution of long-term lenders for the long term capital structure of the business.

Ryanair’s gearing rate was 53. 98% in 2012, which is noticeably high for a low-cost flight. In other words it means that the company is financed half via borrowing and half via own capital. The lower the gearing percentage of the aircarrier the greater the firm’s capacity to borrow more income at a lesser interest rate, because of the lower risk to banks and lenders. Oppositely, BA posseses an even higher gearing percentage of sixty five. 5%. Around one third of British Airways’ capital is funded by shareholders, as the remaining is sourced from long-term loans and financial obligations.

The following table summarises the previously outlined overall performance and liquidity ratios in the airlines. BA() Airline Ryanair(¬) 9, 987 Total revenue 4, 390. 2m 672m Profit following tax 560. 4m zero, 7531 Current Ratio 2, 135 63, 80% Gearing Ratio 53, 98% 570m Cash Arrange 2708m 26. 2% ROE 16. 9% 5. 2% Operating Perimeter 14%

Navy commitments


Changing the aircrafts is not only enhances the airline’s prestige but often means a significant lowering of operating costs as the newest generation of aircrafts are more energy efficient or perhaps can carry more passengers compared to the predecessors. As the primary of the LCC business model Norwegian air only flies Boeing 737-800s thus reducing the maintenance costs significantly. The carrier offers one live contract coming from 2005 with all the American plane manufacturer that covers the procurement of 197 new 737800s that the unit value is $51m. (Ryanair 2012) ï‚· Ryanair’s long lasting debt for aircraft commitments, including current maturities was ¬3, 625. 2m for March 23, 2012. The airline provides funded a significant portion of it is acquisition of fresh aircraft and equipment through borrowings underneath facilities furnished by international finance institutions on the basis of warranties issued by Ex-Im Bank.

At the end of fiscal 12 months 2012 the carrier had a fleet of 294 Boeing plane of which 199 were financed by Ex-Im Bank assured financing. Some other sources to cover aircraft costs are Japanese Working Leases with call options (30 aircrafts) and industrial debt loans (6 aircrafts). According to the reservations, 235 aircraft are possessed by Whizz air, which are financed through long-term bank loans. Functional leases financed 59 aircrafts at Mar 31, which means Ryanair function these aircrafts, but does not own all of them.

The aircrafts are leased to provide flexibility within the airplane delivery plan. 55 aircrafts is being borrowed through fix-rate debts, while for the remaining four aircraft Norwegian air is spending variable leasing payments. From the 25 aircraft, which has been delivered in the 2012 financial season, 11 were funded through sale-and-leaseback loans and the remainder through Ex-Im Bank certain financing. To convert a portion of the floating-rate debts in to the fixed charge debts, Norwegian air has used rate of interest swaps and cross forex rate swaps. As a result ¬1, 314. 7m of the plane loans are remained in floating rates. The remaining ¬2, 310. 5m is in fixed-rate euro-denominated bills with the maturities of 7 to 12 years. Upon all of the previously listed borrowings the weighted normal interest rate was 2 . 9%.

The powerful rate is a rough approximate for the weighted typical cost of capital. It is determined by dividing the interest covered the year while using long term borrowings. For Norwegian air it is several. 01%, which is really near their presented figures. Accordingly their cost of long term borrowings is 109. 2m, which is often considered as low. The low level also signifies trust through the lenders and investors. But , on the other hand it should be noted that at 03 31, 2012 aircrafts with a net book value of ¬4. 8bn were mortgaged to loan providers as security for loans. This may be the explanation for the lower interest rates. Generally speaking, Ryanair has been able to make sufficient funds from operations to meet the nonaircraft acquisition-related working capital requirements.

Between 08 and 2012 March Whizz air had marketed and re-delivered a total of 39 aircrafts and also the business plans to dispose almost 8 additional prior to March 2014. Ryanair may choose to dispose of plane through sale and or nonrenewal of the functioning leases as they expiree among 2012 and 2013. Over the following year the business has a total obligations of ¬1, 143. 3m out of which the third, around ¬571. 8m is usually “purchase obligations, i. e. buying the staying 15 aircrafts. Each of the plane loans include similar terms ” maturity of more than a decade from drawdown date and being anchored by a 1st priority mortgage loan. The overall plane debts (¬3, 625. 2m) represent about 80% of all long-term liabilities, hence in case the airline is capable of having to pay these responsibilities Ryanair will be able to preserve its current financial status in the upcoming years.

As you possibly can seen the lower cost company Ryanair has generated up a well-functioning program to finance all it is aircrafts, including the 15 Boeing 737s that is delivered in the foreseeable future. Furthermore by simply currency replacing and low interest the company is within total power over its costs.

British Breathing passages

The openness of BA’s financial situation is usually significantly reduced comparing this to Ryanair’s. This can be discussed in 2 different ways, either they will prefer to never reveal all their financial technique and options as it can provide valuable details for the competitors or the company does not have the enough financial history to financing its long-term commitments. British Airways contains a completely different fast to cover equally its short- and long-haul routes. The fleet is definitely owned by the company or perhaps held in fund and operational leases. The 245 aircrafts take up two thirds (5. 7bn) from the company’s total non-current property. Also, 95% of the overall revenue is usually generated through the fleet.

The aircrafts contain different sized jets by various companies making the operational and maintenance costs higher. Inside the annual statement of season ended in Dec 31, 2011 BA layed out its current fleet and future airplane deliveries and options. These include 50 company orders and 84 choices. The new fleet is made up from A320s, A380s, Boeing 777-300s and 787s, which are likely to enter service between 2012 and 2017. Furthermore, in Note 13 the aircarrier states the fact that cost of these types of aircrafts will be 4. 1bn. But , zero other information is usually provided regarding the sources that will cover these costs, thus it is usually assumed the fact that future cash flows have relevant information on these funds, but they have never been posted yet. (British Airways 2012)

The non-current liabilities of loans, finance- and detailed leases add up to 4. 904, which is thirty percent more than Ryanair’s ¬3. 8bn total long lasting commitments. In respect to BA the bank and other loans by the end of 2011 equalled 1, 324m, composed of fixed- and floating level loans. 693m is in floating-rate debts, while the remaining 823m is in fixed rate financial loans and you possess. The average rate of interest for the fixed charge debts is around 6. 5%, which is considerably higher than Ryanair’s 2 . 9%. The floating rate financial loans are generally decided to be zero, 5%+LIBOR. The lenders consider the airline being a higher risk organization that is why the eye rates happen to be higher. Generally, the financial loans are repayable between 2014 and 2018, with 1 exception non-e of the financial loans need to be paid back until 2014 and on. These kinds of conditions allow BA to work with the debt to create cash in the next 2-4 years.

BA uses finance rents and seek the services of contracts to buy aircraft. These leases possess both restoration options and purchase options. The whole finance rent contracts really worth 2. 227bn and similarly like Norwegian air, it include different values namely US dollar, European, Japanese yen and Sterling. The noncurrent side of such contracts happen to be 1. 12b, but around half of this really is due necessary in five or more years. Four with the new 777-300s are getting leased through GE Industrial Aviation Companies (GECAS). The finance lease contract agreements are mainly in place to finance the existing fast. Therefore extra leases will be required, if the fresh fleet is usually wished to always be funded through such construction.

The operating leases for BA’s airplane range from five years and several leases include options for renewal. Nevertheless , this type of deal accounts for just 316m of which is 253 is certainly not payable within one year. Contrasting to 2010 BA offers halved its operational rents from 635m, it can be assumed that firm took the lease obtain an plane or more, which was expected to be delivered this year, but it has become delayed therefore the company ended the contractual agreement before the new aircrafts are sent. Accordingly, it might be assumed that operational lease contract commitments are going to rise in the next two economical years.

Unlike Ryanair, British Breathing passages does not give any kind of information about the structure in the leases. This assumption may be made nevertheless; BA presented worse fascination terms together with the loan contracts than Ryanair because of its sluggish liquidity and performance. British Airway’s effective price shows similar trend as the 4. 301%. The company paid out 161m this summer as expense for long term borrowings.

Auto financing in the short run

As it has become outlined previously mentioned, Ryanair includes a current rate of 2. 1, which provides a good base intended for the presumption that the aircarrier is loans its short-term liabilities from the current possessions and functional profit. Actually Ryanair can repay all its temporary liabilities from its ¬2. 7bn cash reserve and will still be left with ¬0. 9bn cash. In addition, Ryanair’s current liabilities happen to be half of BA’s short run obligations. In less than 12 months Ryanair will have to finance one particular, 1bn pertaining to obligations, like current maturities of long term debts and buy obligations. But then again, Ryanair has the capacity to pay these kinds of.

PURSE is more interesting in the growing process as the airline’s current ratio can be 0. seventy five. Logically problem arises ” if the initial liabilities cannot be covered from your operating revenue then how is it loaned? Possibly the long term loans are being used in this sort of case which can be leading to upcoming liquidity problems. The main issue is the “trade and other payables entry which accounts for 3, 117m inside current liabilities. But , using this total volume the real credit rating is 1, 457m, which can be the money BA owes to creditors just like suppliers and travel agents. The rest of the are mostly pre-paid flights the airline will certainly accomplish in the new monetary year. Having the suppliers wait for their money is actually a way to boost cash flow.

The money operating cycle for the business has been determined by separating the transact payables with operation expenditures (less staff costs and depreciation). The typical pay out period for English Airways can be 80. one particular days, which is often considered as substantial and nevertheless it also shores up the fluidity problems in the airline. However, Ryanair makes these towards the creditors payments within twenty two. 1 days and nights. Note twenty-eight describes BA’s liquidity risk in more fine detail. The effects suggest that within the next 12 months Uk Airways is going to need around 2. 203bn to finance all its responsibilities for that period. Where the funds is received from? This question remains unanswered, but it can be presumed that BA needs new resources to fund this 2. 203bn short-term responsibility combined with the 4. 1bn obligations for the new fleets.

Shareholders’ equity and dividend coverage

Ryanair has significant maintained earnings, specifically ¬2. 4bn, even though there was a ¬500m dividend pay-out in 2010 August and also a comparable sized you are planned in 2012 November. Discovering the effects and pay-outs it can be believed that the shareholders are happy while using dividend plan and this can serve as a basis for future capital injections, if necessary. However BA’s administrators declare that no gross to be taken care of the years of 2011, 2010 and 2009. Such gross strategy can be explained by the airline’s current liquidity concerns.


The two companies included their depreciation strategies in the annual information. Ryanair states accounts the Boeings to get 23 years, whilst British Breathing passages calculate with 18-25 many years of lifetime for his or her aircrafts. From these quantities it can be presumed to lower the depreciation costs the amortisation rates are underestimated simply by both airlines thus keeping millions in the accounts. United kingdom Airways 60 2012-2017 4. 104bn four. 301% 161m 3. 683bn 4. 904bn Data nondisclosure 80. you days 31 March 2012 Airline Fast commitments (no. of aircrafts) Delivery day Capital obligations for new aircrafts Effective charge Long term cost of borrowing/year Total current debts Total noncurrent liabilities Total noncurrent debts for fast Average pay away period Economical year finished Ryanair 193 2007-2014 ~$10bn 3. 01% ¬109. 2m ¬1. 815bn ¬3. 879bn ¬3, 625bn 22. 1 days thirty-one December 2011

Future loans


Through the analysis in the financial claims it has been says Ryanair includes a stable monetary structure that is certainly capable to account the various debts in the short- and long-run. The remaining plane deliveries will be funded through operational revenues and money. But , it should be kept in mind that the latest navy contract is usually from june 2006 and all aircrafts will be sent by 2014. The next month or two are going to be essential in terms of long-term strategy for Norwegian air. The accrued cash reserves point that the air travel is preparing for some sort of investment. It is usually the purchase of Aer Lingus or the purchase of new aircrafts. The purchase of the Irish carrier happens to be delayed by the EU, although Ryanair is usually putting all the effort to get become key shareholder in the firm, which would permit them to show on the long-haul market through Aer Lingus.

It also has been outlined inside the annual report that Boeing has granted to give drastically lower prices intended for Ryanair inturn of volume orders, marketing and other actions. In other words, they are inspiring the airline to visit invest to a new fleet in the middle of an economic downturn. In such case the investors might be ready to finance the newest requirements as they are kept “happy and also the flight has been retaining a steady expansion rate at profits and network coverage. Financial institutions are also conscious of the securitized aircrafts as well of the large number of cash stores. This history could permit Ryanair to obtain loans with lower interest rate. Ryanair understands the good contract circumstances with Ex-Im Bank as the company has explained that they expect any long term commitments or perhaps guarantees given by Ex-Im Bank to contain identical conditions.

Virtually any inability to get financing for the new airplane on beneficial term might have an adverse influence on the business, functions and economic conditions. However , easyJet president Stelios Haji-Ioannou calls for a slower fast expansion programs in the next years as he thinks that the annual growth is usually not the same with the volume of aircrafts in order. Whizz air should also think about this perspective of growth because they ground 80 of their aeroplanes for the wintertime period. An excellent bulk of aircrafts without satisfactory demand may destabilise the airline’s budget and could generate Ryanair to reassess the financial options. (Rothwell 2012)

United kingdom Airways

Additionally to the current-liability problems (see above), the other main financial concern for BA is to purchase the new navy. Like mentioned above the company features firm purchases for 50 aircrafts to get 4. 1bn and choices for additional 84. The following issue needs to be responded pretty soon ” who is going to lend funds for United kingdom Airways? How much is it gonna cost the airline? ï‚· The Uk flag jar could try to increase their funds by shareholders money, but it could be assumed that due to the insufficient the rewarding dividend plan shareholders are generally not ready to spend more money in the airline.

Also, BA is owned by International Airlines Group (IAG) which likewise incorporates the Spanish transporter Iberia. The problem is Iberia is making deficits, thus regardless if British Air passage makes profit this or perhaps next year IAG is going to use that cash to reduce the losses for Iberia. Put simply, the The spanish language carrier is definitely pulling United kingdom Airways again at the moment. Investors may consider additional money risky, consequently BA need to show that it can preserve its leading position as a legacy flight. ï‚· Funds can be generated by selling off assets or perhaps reducing costs. In Dec 2011 HANDBAG had just 39m available-for-sale financial asset. The airline has different amount of equities in several companies ” these could possibly be sold as well to gain money in the short run. By selling aircrafts, which are not essential needed, the airline may generate income.

It would not always be unreasonable in the event BA focused more around the long-haul paths and will reduce the number of aircrafts (114) flying within Europe since the company might not be making satisfactory operational earnings on some of these types of routes due to the low cost providers. The third strategy to the company to finance future commitments is to obtain loans from financial institutions, financial acadamies or sovereign wealth cash. The latter is a possible remedy as Chinese language or Gulf wealth cash could be ready to inject capital into the air travel, but the query is at what interest rate? Lenders know that HANDBAG is fighting the payment of the shortterm liabilities and they are using the long lasting loans, the “more expensive money to finance the functional commitments, consequently the interest charge for the credit can expected to become high.

This would solve the liquidity query in the upcoming years, nevertheless such economic funding would also suggest difficulties in the period after 5 years. However , in the event the carrier may continue its recovery in the downturn in that case there is a very good chance for a financially secure British Air passage that can pay out all the liabilities. Economical and functional leases may go, but they will only relate with the aircrafts. Also, it is usually assumed from the drop inside the operational lease that PURSE has these contracts prepared and sorted out, they are not just not live as the new aircrafts have not recently been delivered however.


The report offers investigated two different organization model’s monetary structure. Benefits show the quantity’s victory above quality. Norwegian air can maintain steadily its market leading position and increase income from year to year. This is due to the steady and well-functioning financial and operational program, which enables growth, assets and also controls liabilities and aircraft responsibilities. The seek out new monetary sources is merely necessary, in the event Ryanair decides on a fleet expansion strategy and the aircarrier cannot agree with Ex-Im Financial institution about upcoming fleet purchase.

On the other hand, English Airways manage to struggle with it is existing money hence new financial resources are required to make it through the upcoming years. The decision on these kinds of funds is hard as in BA’s current circumstance non-e of those can be called useful. But , to find the best solution financial advice highly recommended for the carrier. Inspite of all the dissimilarities, the two flight companies have one part of common ” the next twelve months are going to have an excellent effect on both carriers’ long term operations.

Reference list

ATRILL, L. and MCLANEY, E., eds, 2002. Accounting and Financial for nonspecialists Fourth edn. Pearson Education Limited. ENGLISH AIRWAYS, 2012. Annual Statement and Accounts Year finished 31 12 , 2011. British Airways. MORRELL, P. H., ed, 2007. Airline Finance Fourth edn. Ashgate.


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