Differences Between Oligopoly and Monopolistic Competition Market Structures Market structure identifies the interconnected characteristics of your market, which include the number of firms, level and forms of competition and level of item differentiation (Business Dictionary, 2012). Based on these kinds of parameters, a lot of market buildings are identified and this article will give attention to two of them, namely monopolistic competition and oligopolistic markets, by talking about the differences most notable and their effect on the customers.

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Oligopolistic market is defined as a market that may be dominated simply by few significant firms, and that these organizations are mutually dependent, in which they have to monitor the actions of other competitors strongly and take action accordingly in response to that (Ison and Wall membrane, 2007).

These types of firms concentrate on bigger market segments, at regional, national and even international level. Examples of oligopolistic markets incorporate airline, petroleum and bank industries (Economics Online, 2012). On the other hand, monopolistic competition market refers to a market with numerous firms, each producing slightly different product, my spouse and i.

e. their products are one of a kind in its personal right thus the organizations have a particular degree of monopoly power (Ison and Wall, 2007). On the whole, these businesses target a compact market size, say for a local or perhaps regional level (Economics On the web, 2012). For instance , restaurants, curly hair saloons and boutiques are typical examples under this market framework. Firms in oligopoly industry have a particular degree of control over the price of their products (Ison and Wall, 2007). However , there exists interdependence in cost making between firms.

For non-collusive oligopoly, any cost making decision will have to consider the likely result of the other firms to make sure market share (Economics Online, 2012). Hence, we have a potential for selling price war, where firms try to beat the other person by cutting down the price, with no increase in demand for their products, as illustrated by Kinked Require Curve (Figure 1; Economics Help, 2012). Such scenario is undesired as their earnings might be reduced and the buyers will be the only beneficiaries.

In contrast, in the case of collusive oligopoly, the firms collude among themselves by tallying on a price of products to stop price battle. Owing to the numerous market share that they own, they can set the price high to achieve supernormal revenue (Geoff Riley, 2006). Physique 1 . Kinked demand shape (Economics Support, 2012). In monopolistic competition, the companies have simply little control of the price (Ison and Wall, 2007). This is due to the extensive differentiation of goods means the firms encounter constant competition from others, and may quickly be replaced in case their price is considered unreasonable, irrespective of certain exclusive features of goods.

Oligopoly and monopolistic competition market set ups also change in term of earnings making. Firms in oligopolistic can make supernormal profit at all times and there are several reasons to this (Ison and Wall, 2007; Amos Web, 2012). Firstly, they own significant business in a huge market, which means sales volume level is excessive. Secondly, common cost of development is low as they develop in bulk. Third, as mentioned before, they have the ability to collection price, particularly in the case of collusive oligopoly (Amos Net, 2012).

As an example, Tesco is actually a chain supermarket that is discovered everywhere in the UK (hence large market size) and as they purchase their products from suppliers in bulk, the charge is held at minimum, thereby increasing their income (Mearday, 2009). In contrast, for monopolistic competition, profit producing is designed for sure. Nevertheless , theoretically speaking, there are two stages for the profit producing by firms in monopolistic competition (Ison and Wall membrane, 2012; Bized, 2001). In a nutshell run, the firms may set the price high to obtain supernormal income (represented by simply shaded region in Number 2A).

Because the irregular profit earning in short work attracts various potential rivals, the businesses must after that set the cost low to be competitive extended range run (Figure 2B). For example , in Canada, the cost of personal computers was very expensive when they were 1st introduced in to the market, but since the number of pc manufacturers increased, the price of pcs has been suffering over the past decade (Figure several; Statistics Canada, 2011). N B A A Cost Cost Price Price Physique 2 . (A) Profit maximisation in short run in monopolistic competition.

(B) Normal revenue making in long run in monopolistic competition (Bized, 2001). Figure 3. Change of computer price by different purchasers. (Statistics Canada, 2011). Mode of competition is also different between firms in oligopoly and monopolistic competition. Oligopoly is definitely characterized by imperfect competition, primarily due to high barriers to get entry to market (Economics Online, 2012). It is because various reasons including special resources title, extensive relevant knowledge, patent and copyright, other federal government restrictions, managerial challenge and high start up cost.

(Economics Online, 2012; Amos Net, 2012). Aircarrier industry is a typical sort of that, as setting up a great airline firms requires enormous financial source and compliance to rigid rules and regulations made by the expert (Amos Net, 2012). For instance , in Malaysia, the second airline, AirAsia was only founded in 2001 (AirAsia, 2012), 46 years after the establishment of Malaysia Airline in 1947 (Malaysia Airline, 2012). In contrast, there is certainly near ideal competition in monopolistic competition market, since there is independence to enter or exit industry due to low entry barrier (Economic On-line, 2012; Amos Web, 2012).

As opposed to oligopolistic market, the beginning up expense for businesses in monopolistic competition market is much lower, as the market size they concentrate on is smaller sized (Ison and Wall, 2007; Economic On the net, 2012). Likewise, as discussed before, product differentiation through this market means each company has a to some extent unique product, fulfilling the necessity of a certain group of consumers in the market. Moreover, there is less limitation from the authorities and beginning firm would not require unique knowledge.

For example , one can easily open a restaurant, given that he or she has a distinctive menu to supply. In conclusion, oligopoly and monopolistic competition signifies two unique market constructions. From consumers’ point of view, monopolistic competition is more preferable. Through monopolistic competition among the organizations, consumers get pleasure from to choose from a wider product selection, which are available at more competitive prices. It is because the organizations always try to enhance their items with better innovation and maintain their prices down to entice customers.

Oligopoly on the other hand is less desirable to get consumers while products can typically be overly-priced since the firms have a better control over selling price.

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