Via his conception, Alexander was destined intended for greatness. Delivered to Olympias, Princess of Epirus and Phillip II, King of Macedon, interest and purpose were the driving forces of his young lifestyle. As a fresh boy, in Philips deficiency, he interested Persian envoys and much for the surprise with the guests instead of asking about the Local hanging home gardens, he mentioned the state of the Persian military services and the highways. Clearly, in his tender age, his thoughts had been already wear conquering.

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Years later, following the death of Philip in 336 BC, Alexander followed Philips plans to beat Persia and travelled throughout the Hellespont in order to rightfully generate his fame and compose his name in the history literature. In the years that implemented, Alexander would just that, proving his technical brilliance in battle and thus, conquering the greatest empire of the age. With Persians, Macedonians and Greeks under his rule, Alexander devised an insurance policy that would assure the smooth running of his empire.

It has been called by students as his ‘Policy of Fusion’.

That which was Fusion?!

The dictionary defines fusion since: the process or result of getting started with two or more points together to create a single enterprise. In the case of Alexander, it identifies his ‘fusing’ of the Persians with the Macedonian and Greeks to create a super empire, combing the best of Persian and Macedonian Kingship. Alexander would not wish to damage Persia and replace it with Macedonian rule, instead this individual took a lot of actions to actively motivate the mixture of the two ethnicities. His concept was straightforward: treat the natives because equal, certainly not inferior, tolerate the indigenous customs and religion and adopt a few of the nativecustoms. Relating to Curtius Rufus, Alexander said: “Everything is signing up for the same shade: it is no disgrace to get the Persians to copy Macedonian customs nor for the Macedonians to imitate the Persians. Those who find themselves to live underneath the same king should benefit from the same rights.

The nature of Kingship


The Macedonian characteristics of Kingship is that the Ruler was ‘prima inter pares’- first amongst equals. This meant that the King probably would not bask in splendour, he would wear a similar clothes as his males and be approachable to all of them. (Alexander realized most of his men by simply name). The epitome of leading from the front, the King would have a determining rold in fights, earning value from his men because they shared in the glory of victory.


In abgefahren contrast the Persian Full had an exulted status while all subjects were necessary to perform proskynesis before him. He was considered to be god’s consultant on earth. He lived a life of luxury and was attended by ushers, bodyguards and eunuchs. Use of the the courtroom was controlled by the Vizier. His dress was extravagant and set him besides his topics. He dressed in a crimson tunic, platinum cloak and belt and a jewelled scabbard.

The vastly various sorts of Kingship outlined the need for an insurance policy of Fusion.

Similarities and Differences


Philip’s procedures for dealing with overcome people differed vastly to Alexander’s Plan of Blend. For after the Battle of Chaeronea the Greek States were forced to become a member of the League of Corinth that Philip was hegemon. From the Greek Says money, guys and allegiance was had to ensure peacefulness. Although the Traditional states got ‘autonomy’ it was within the Macedonian parameters. A bit of an oxymoron really; incarcerated freedom. Rigid Macedonian Garrisons and a pro- Macedonian Government were in enjoy to maintain buy and provide a device if there was disorder. More over, Persians and Macedonians were encouraged by simply Alexander to co-exist and live with each other, enjoying similar rights and governed by the same rules under the same King. Wether the purpose of Alexander’s policies was ‘homonoia’, or as a practical means to guideline or was an attempt to Helenize Asia- Persians benefitted from his rule. When it comes to Philip, the Greeks would not receive the same treatment. Lycurgus once once said: “The Battle of Chaeronea proclaimed an epoch for all ages. With the dead was buried the freedom of Greece. 

The purpose of Philip’s policies was entirely pertaining to the benefit of Miscuglio. Hamilton claims that: “Philip’s policy was primarily directed at the advancement of Macedon and for this kind of he identified Greeks beneficial, perhaps essential. Alexander great contemporaries received a good Ancient greek language education in addition to them Ancient greek culture was more securely rooted. But admiration for Ancient greek language culture do not need to imply a desire to protected the wellbeing of Greece¦

Was Fusion even Alexander’s idea- Local policies!

Even though it is hard to define once exactly the thought first ‘popped’ into Alexanders head, it certainly might have manifested alone during the Macedonians stay in Babylon. Because it was from here that he had the cabability to fuse the two cultures, since after Gaugamela- the Persian Empire was effectively his. At the time Alexander’s policy was considered groundbreaking, the complete contrary of the Macedonian dealing with overcome people. Nevertheless , as Sibel suggests without the “Persian background Alexander’s own plans to get government have been completely made to seem unnecessarily significant.  Persians in fact , have been fusing suggestions and civilizations for generations as “two hundred years just before Alexander, they’d overthrown the empire in the Medes and annexed the ancient civilisation of Babylon, but in every case they had availed themselves of their subjects’ experience.  Alexander’s policy and the coverage of the Persian King Cyrus (both attained the title ‘Great’) were much the same.

In about 550 BC Cyrus extended his annexed Median and Persian lands to include the Fertile Cresent. After mastering “He followed a policy of toleration toward the people this individual conquered. For instance , he allowed them to speak their own languages, practice their particular religions, and follow their own ways of existence. He likewise declared the first Charter of Human being Rights. Imprinted on a clay cylinder, this charter established Cyrus’ goals and guidelines. His respect for the folks made Cyrus popular and made it much easier for him to create a peaceful and stable empire. 

Reasons for Commonalities or Differences!

Philip got no reason to fuse the Ancient greek and Macedonian cultures since, aside from Macedonian being governed by an absolute monarchy and the Greek Claims being ruled by democracy the two civilizations were fundamentally the same. This was because Miscuglio was Hellenized. Alexander alternatively, was coping with two tangibly different nationalities and necessary fusion to effectively secret over both equally.

There were also differences as well between King Cyrus, and Alexander’s policies. King Cyrus’s policy performed. As the most essential man in the nation, if perhaps Cyrus suffered the Medes and the lenders from the Suitable for farming Cresent, the remaining of his subjects may have too. As opposed to the Greeks and Macedonians, they did not believe themselves to be better than the people they will conquered. The nature of Persian Kingship ensured the stability of the empire for the next 2 hundred years. Alexander would have known of Cyrus’s policy and can potentially have got tried to simulate it, seeing as it was therefore effective. With no Persian Qualifications Alexander’s individual plans to get government had been make to look unnecessarily major (Fox).


The purpose of Alexanders Policy of Fusion have been widely discussed. There are several arguments.

On one hand, we now have William Tarn’s utopian look at of homonoia- Alexander’s desire to have universalism, to make a ‘brotherhood of man’. On the other, we have the juxtaposed ABS Boswoth’s watch that Alexander did not really attempt to ‘fuse’ the two ethnicities together, instead he was really playing one particular off up against the other. As discussed in Nicholas Male impotence Foster’s thesis, both Time-honored Historians have flaws in their arguments. Tarn is identified to practically worship Alexander and his achievements, focussing about creating the main issue of the great king, although overlooking anéantissements that happened during the campaign. Bosworth does the opposite, as he focuses on the massacres and ignores Alexander’s intentions. There are other tips surrounding the objective of fusion, is that it was used because itprovided the functional means to guideline the two individuals. Other’s believe fusion was an attempt to spread Greek culture.

Brotherhood of Guy

At the time, Alexander’s ideas were considered groundbreaking. His activities completely gone against the suggestions of Aristotle, where captured people were barbarians, treated even worse than family pets. Alexander altered this entirely. When he announced that all men were equally sons of 1 Father and once, at Opis he interceded that Macedonian and Persians might partners in the earth and that the peoples of his world may live in a harmonious relationship and oneness of cardiovascular system and mind (Tarn). According to Curtius Rufus Alexander justified his entire conquest by saying he had expected to annex his empire to many famous peoples. This individual also justified his actions around marriage by saying that his objective “was to erase almost all distinction between conquered and conquerer.

Practical Means to Guideline

Alexander’s Plan of Fusion is considered by some to acquire stemmed from need. Put simply, blend was a practical way to bring Hellenic and Eastern cultures beneath one rulethis was the purpose of it. As a result of vast vista of the empire, the area simply became too large to be managed solely by the Macedonian Armed service. Furthermore, “By appointing Persian satraps, or in many cases simply leaving these people in their previous positions of power, Alexander was able to stop the rise of dissent in the populace.  (Nicholas Impotence Foster, Thesis LSU)

Tamsin Woolf AS91397

Policy in Action:

Alexanders Coverage wasn’t a mere Policy of words, it absolutely was a Policy displayed in action. Alexander showed his policy in numerous ways, equally big and small.

Following entering Babylon, Alexander was quick to initiate his policy of fusion through action. His first actions, after getting into the great town, was to reestablish the temples that were damaged by Xerxes, including the great Temple of Bel, where he made a sacrifice. Very much to the big surprise of the Macedonians, respect was shown to Persian nobility, specifically to Kings of the past. Bessus, for the killing of Darius, was paid out special attention. Following having his face typically mutilated and torturing him, Alexander “had him ripped limb via limb. He previously the surfaces of two straight trees and shrubs bent down so that they achieved, and part of Bessus’ human body was linked with each. Proper each tree was release and jumped back to its upright position, the part of the entire body that was attached to it was torn off by the recoil. (Plutarch)

Persians were given positions of power and incorporated into Alexanders military. Previously regarded as ‘barbarians’ were made Satraps of provinces with all the most significant being Mazeaeus re-established because satrap of Babylon and Porus, getting given back his rule following his defeat at Hydaspes. Alexanders top notch Companion Cavalry which recently was made up of men from the ranks of Macedonian the aristocracy, who had verified their really worth in the field of fight now included Persian Lords.

Alexander used the Local dress, wearing the diadem along with a genuine white robe cocktail and sash, a give up between Local and Typical costume. “He may have done this coming from a aspire to adapt him self to neighborhood habits, as they understood the sharing of race associated with customs is a wonderful step towards softening men’s hearts.  (Plutarch)

Just like his daddy Philip, Alexander also used marriages intended for political reasons. Through his own relationships to Roxanne (the attentive daughter of Oxyartes, a Bactrian noble), to Barsine, the eldest daughter of Darius and (according to Aristobulus) to Parysatus girl of Artaxerxes Ochus, Alexander had associated himself with both branches with the Achaemenid Persian House. Alexander also motivated marriages between his guys and Local women. It was demonstrated with the mass relationships at Susa which relating to Edinburgh: “brought into a climax his policy of fusing Macedonians and Persians into a single competition.  It had been at Susa that 90 of Alexanders men wedded noble Persian women in a mass celebration. The brides received considerable dowries.

One of the most questionable enforced activities introduced simply by Alexander was your Persian court practice, proskynesis. Researcher Herodotus of Halicarnassus observed the practice: “When the Persians meet each other in the tracks, you can see whether those who satisfy are of equal rank. For rather than greeting simply by words, they will kiss the other person on the mouth area; but if one is second-rate to the different, they hug one another for the cheeks, of course, if one is of much less respectable rank than the other, this individual falls straight down before him and worships him.  As part of his Policy of Fusion, Alexander believed the action would bring Persians and Macedonians together, even so instead of this kind of, it simply managed to emphasize the differences among races. Although Persians currently performed proskynesis to their Full, for Macedonians, the action was appropriated only for gods.

Along with his other actions, Alexander ensured sustainability for future years and had 35, 000 Iranian boys educated for the military, these were taught Ancient greek language, wore Macedonian attire and used Macedonian weapons. They were called ‘The Successors’. In accordance to Arrian, Alexander known as them his Epigoni- his inheritors. It for the boys was apt because they would get the disposition, and just before Alexander’s fatality, they were appreciative to him only.

Persian Reaction:

Effects and Effects

The Local people seen Alexander as a liberator, his actions repeatedly encouraged those to trust him. Unlike the Macedonians, the Persians did not have to do anything to be a part of Alexanders policy, instead, Alexanders actions encouraged the Macedonians to consider Persian traditions. Through sacrificing to the Serenidad of Bel, ensuring a suitable funeral intended for King Darius and seeking out Bessus to get Darius’s murder, Alexander demonstrated great admiration for the Persian persons and their persuits.

Before Persepolis Alexander’s guys followed their particular leader blindly. They would perish for him. They would perish for the noble reason for punishing the Persians. While Alexander begun to implement his Policy of Fusion discontent began to produce amongst the Macedonian Camp. Having to live in a harmonious relationship with the ‘barbarians’ who they came to Asia to conquer was a thing they were not really prepared to get. This was a thing they struggled with since the Macedonians andGreeks believed that they had been the excellent race. Furthermore, many Macedonians felt that Alexander was no longer faithful to these people and thus became resentful. Any risk of strain in the relationship is proven through a number of events some of which are explicit reactions to fusion, and some are acted.

Division between Old Protect and New Guard

The division of the and New Guard is usually shown through the Old Guard’s more extreme reactions to Alexander’s Coverage of Blend early on in the piece. Many of the Old Shield had fought against under Philip and had been used to his ways. This, combined with their particular distaste for the Blend Policy and the Old Shield felt that their activities at Fights past, have been forgotten created a divide between young and old.

Philotas and Parmenio

In late 330 BC, in the early stages of the setup of Blend, a plot was hatched to eliminate the Full. Philotas was informed to refer to the California king immediately, yet failed to twice. Because of this he was connected to the plot and wiped out. Shot straight down by the Macedonian javelins along with his fellow conspirators (Arrian). There are numerous other factors that could have contributed to his death. Philotas was known to condemn the Coverage. His death was a mix of Alexander’s growing insecurity regarding plots and the Macedonian bitterness of Fusion.

These elements blinded Alexander into assuming Philotas’s guilt. There is no evidence to suggest Philotas’s remorse. The only proof of it appears to be his failure to organise a group for Cebalinus or to advise Alexander of what he had been told (Hamilton). Because of the danger of the Parmenio filled with vengeance at the death of his son, Parmenio was murdered too. These incidents confirm how deal of Alexander was to continue with his policy, applying brutality pertaining to the greater very good of ensuring balance between two peoples.


Cleitus the Dark-colored was the Commander of the Noble Squadron of Companion Cavalry and a friend of Philip. In Maracanda, 328 BC, at a drinking get together Cleitus plus some of the old members started to be offended by an disparaging chant. The division between old and young is highlighted because the “older members yelled their disproval of the two composer plus the singer, but Alexander and the ones next to him listened with obvious enjoyment and told the singer to carry on Whereupon Cleitus who, besides being normally surly and having a savage temper, was by now drunk, became extremely angry (Plutarch). In his conversation, Cleitus venting all his feelings during the last few years, particularly around blend.

“It has not been right for Macedonians who were much superior to people who mocked all of them, even if that were there met with bad luck, to be insulted before residents and opponents. 

“The dead I actually call fortuitous; they avoid live to see the Macedonians flogged by the the rods of Medians and begging Persians for agreement to have an audience with their king.  (Plutarch)

¦ “Go, and experience foreigners, slaves who will bend down before your Persian girdle and your white tunic.  (Plutarch)

As a result of Cleitus’s comments, Alexander (who was also drunk) snatched a spear from of his bodyguards and ran it through Cleitus.


Historically, Persians got performed proskynesis when identifying someone better rank than them, as they had done to Darius, they prostrated themselves before Alexander. The actions was not one among worship, simply recognising an individual of higher rank. For the Macedonians nevertheless , the actions was a thing only the slavish barbarians performed. For them, the action was strictly available to gods. Inspite of Alexanders endeavors to show his divinity, he was human. What added salt to the wound is that before the campaigns he had used the traditional Macedonian form of Kingship- prima inter pares- first amongst equals. Irrespective of knowing this, Alexander got counted inside the action to enhance his blend policy. In 327 BCE Alexander attemptedto introduce proskynesis at a drinking party.

According to Plutarch Alexander passed the cup to just one of his friends, who took that, rose coming from his lounger, turned to encounter the hearth, consumed, and performed proskynesis just before kissing Alexander and resuming his place. All the friends followed suit except for the philosopher Callisthenes, who declined to prostrate himself. One opposed to the action appears insignificant. Indeed, he was the sole person to voice openly his disproval of what all the best and oldest with the Macedonians resented in their minds. By preventing the introduction of this practise he saved the Greeks coming from great shame and Alexander from a better (Plutarch).

Mutiny at Opis

One of the most illuminating examples of the Macedonian a reaction to Fusion was the Mutiny for Opis- since it highlights the extent with the discontentbetween Alexander and his soldiers. With a past mutiny, conspiracies and the rejection of proskynesis already under thier name, the introduction of the ‘Successors’ in Susa was the tip of the iceberg for the Macedonians. The 30, 1000 Iranian kids arrived in Susa wearing Macedonian clothing and carrying Macedonian equipment, executing a dazzling display of willpower and deftnessbefore the Macedonian Army. At Opis, Alexander announced that he was releasing from your Army people who, because of old age or disablement, were will no longer fir to get service and was sending them residence (Arrian). This greatly vexed the Macedonian Army because they assumed that Alexander designed to replace them with the fresh ‘war dancers’ as they resentfully termed them (Hamilton).

This kind of assumption, along with their distaste in Alexander’s dress over the campaign, his appointment (or re-appointment) of foreign Satrap leaders and inclusion of Persian inside the Army (including into the esteemed Companion Cavalry) lead to their very own response. Arrian states that: “they would not stand passively in sincere silence, nevertheless shouted to him to dismiss every man of which and continue with his ‘father’, mocking Ammon by this comment.  A mutiny against Alexanders actions as a result of his Fusion policy is significant because it displays just how popular the unhappiness was, this kind of discontent was not something sensed only by Old Guard.

Patterns of Reaction

Fusion- Can we trust it?!

Fusion ruffled the feathers of the Macedonians. It created tension which cause recurring bad reaction. Even though most Macedonians were compared with tothe policy from the outset, the Guard appeared more upset by it and individuals knew wherever they was standing. The delivery of Philotas and Parmenio and the tough of Cleitus show exactly how important the policy was to Alexander and how seriously this individual took competitors to that. As time went on warfare weariness and Alexander’s change in status from ‘first amongst equals’ to Son of Ammon did start to take a toll on the remaining troops, the discontent in the Macedonian Military regarding fusion became even more widespread, in the end resulting in Mutiny.

As non-e of the main sources are present today, Personally i have tried all secondary sources within my report. This kind of begs the question- can the sources become trusted? The secondary options each applied different main sources by both the Very good Tradition and the Vulgate. My spouse and i used Arrian, Plutarch and Curtius Rufus. Arrian used mainly Ptolemy and Aristobulous but he also utilized Nearchus and Callisthenes. Plutarch used most sources, whilst Curtius Rufus used a mysterious source, adorned with Cleitarchus who used sensational well-known beliefs, rather than facts. This ultimately made Curtius Rufus less reliable than Arrian and Plutarch. However , it really is highly improbable that the second sources employed the primary sources word for word, alternatively they employed the primary sources to back up their own conclusions regarding Alexander. Addititionally there is the question of what the primary sources were required to gain from their writing. Although the good custom are considered to be more reliable than the vulgate, they were all near to Alexander and potentially developed his achievements for their own personal gain.

Bottom line:

In conclusion, Alexander’s Policy of Fusion was implemented to ensure that Alexander to effectively govern both Persians and Macedonians. It started many adverse reactions from the Macedonians who also viewed themselves as superior. Initially the more extreme reactions were shown by the Outdated Guard, good results . time, the whole of the army came to oppose the policy, as shownthrough the Mutiny for Opis. Inspite of the opposition, Alexander chose to always pursue his policy with great perseverance.


Websites: Date Alexander%20PwrPts/E. %20Alexander%20&%20the%20Macedonians/1. ThePolicyofFusion. pdf format! %3A%2F%2Feduco. vln. college. nz%2Fmod%2Fresource%2Fview. php%3Fid %3D4300&ei=WMlpU5XECIilkQXVkIHwBg&usg=AFQjCNExDT4GSgLAlubZldzs7r8rQUMag&bvm=bv. 66111022, d. dGI


Arrian. (1976) The Promotions of Alexander, page 356 Penguin Classics

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