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Odyssey/Libation Bearers

The Odyssey, which was written by Homer, and the Libation Bearers, that was written Aeschylus are some of the ancient Greek writings that behave as classic literature. These writings depict incidents and tragedies that took place in the classic Greek culture and provide significant lessons for modern literature given all their classical characteristics. One of the important passages through the Odyssey by simply Homer plus the Libation Bearers from the Traditional tragedies may be the story of Agamemnon. The Odyssey by simply Homer offers a detailed consideration of the lifestyle and times during the Agamemnon who was a Greek king plus the brother of Menelaos. Alternatively, the Trankopfer Bearers was written after Agamemnon’s loss of life and acts as one of the major pieces of the trilogy by Aeschylus, an ancient Greek playwright. The passages have got certain comparison based on a unique theme that underpinned and inspired the writers.

Summaries and Points

The specific passageway chosen from the Odyssey and Libation Bearers is the story about the death of King Agamemnon. Homer is a author of the epic made up of several pathways with different persons speaking to others under diverse circumstances. The opening lines of Book I from the Odyssey start with Zeus condemning Aegisthus to get disregarding his divine warnings (Hughes, n. d. ). After neglecting to listen to Zeus, Aegisthus seduces King Agamemnon’s wife, Clytemnestra whom they may have an affair with. Along with Clytemnestra, Aegisthus plots to kill King Agamemnon if he returned from fighting the Trojan Battle. As reported in Publication III, Line 21, “Together they murdered Agamemnon after his homecoming. ” The murder of King Agamemnon was later avenged by his kid, Orestes since shown in Book III, Line twenty two, “Then, seven years after, he was avenged by his son, Orestes. ” In Book XI, Agamemnon produces misogyny traditions in the underworld when he narrates the story of his wife’s infidelity to Odysseus. Agamemnon warns Odysseus that the days of faithful wives no longer can be found, which turns into a major impact in Odyssey’s life. In fact, the story impact on the behavior of Odysseus as he returns residence pretending to be a beggar (Hughes, n. m. ).

The Libation Bearers by Aeschylus provides particulars regarding life after the murder of Agamemnon since it was written a long time after the king’s murder with the hand of his wife and Aegisthus (Webster, in. d. ). The second play in Oresteia trilogy commences at Agamemnon’s tomb the moment his boy, Orestes, comes back home secretly with Pylades. As a indication that he had reached maturity, Orestes shaved two tresses of his hair, that were each focused on the local lake and mourning his dad. The refrain of slave women enclosed Orestes and Pylades helped bring libations to pour on Agamemnon’s tomb. The women lamented about Clytemnestra who is portrayed as godless since she sent those to appease the king’s ghost. In Line 121, the women urge Electra to pray for the man or daemon to come and kill, “… kill individuals who killed… ” i. e. Clytemnestra and Aegisthus. Orestes later killed Clytemnestra and attempted to rationalize his actions by arguing that proper rights had been served. However , he later flees Argos when he was pursued by the Erinyes who cursed him intended for killing his mother.

Thematic Context

The thematic circumstance of the history of Agamemnon in the Journey is infidelity and its future consequences. Clytemnestra, King Agamemnon’s wife is usually presented while an disloyal, weak, and faithless better half who is easily seduced by the king’s wife. Given her unfaithfulness, Clytemnestra becomes Aegisthus’ tool since she is utilized to plan the killing of her hubby (Suksi, d. d. ). While her own will is hardly presented in the passage, Clytemnestra forms the thematic context of the verse i. elizabeth. unfaithfulness. Even though she had no motives to kill her partner, the affair with her husband’s foe acts as a catalyst for the murder of Agamemnon. This is evidenced in Line 21 of Book 3 which claims, “Together that they murdered Agamemnon upon his homecoming. inch The thematic context of infidelity or perhaps unfaithfulness with this passage in the Odyssey is definitely shown the moment Odysseus visits the underworld in Book XI. The ghost from the dead california king narrates the story of Agamemnon’s murder and concludes having a warning about unfaithfulness. The king warns Odysseus of

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