The purpose of this nota is to evaluate and describe the current brand positioning and target market of South African company, Vodacom, from earlier commercial adverts. After having analyzed the latest target market and brand situation we would recommend a new marketplace and placement for Vodacom of To the south African’s a long time, 15-55 (58. 7 % of total population) including the following sections within the marketplace: white and black To the south Africans, business adults and corporations, while still such as the younger even more technologically friendly age group 15-24 (38.

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1 % of total population).


A detailed examination on regulatory, political, social, international, and economic elements has led to many specifics that can influence Vodacom. You can expect solutions to these factors below.

Regulatory Elements

South Africa, despite it being the most created country in Africa, remains divided with a number of different laws and regulations put in place decades before. Consequently, many competitions and cultures within this country are seperated from one one more. We identified this is where Vodacom will encounter problems as a result of many different neighborhoods that all will vary interest.

Our tips to Vodacom would be to offer an assortment of adverts that singularly targets different segregated residential areas in order to take full advantage of profitability.

Personal Factors

The political circumstance within S. africa today helps a presidential representative democratic republic, the place that the president is usually both mind of the authorities and multi party program. South Africa is ranked 69th out of 176 countries on Transparency International’s Problem Perceptions Index 20125. 53% of To the south African Purchase professionals have concerns aboutpolitical instability in the arriving year. Especially with the death of their previous president Nelson Mandela, a South Photography equipment icon. Data corruption may influence Vodacom regarding efficiency, source allocation, development, and supervision. The bad allocation of resources and management are continuously harming the company. For example , allocating assets to pay off officials to advantage the business can lead to short term help, but long haul harm. Development can also be difficult due to the status companies get when reputed for corruption. It is more difficult to find key buyers when morceaus and payoffs are involved, which proves to be a high take into account South Africa. I really believe Vodacom will benefit (in long run) to try and stop the large corruption price within the organization. Vodacom may implement a great anti-corruption plan that details corruption by a macro and micro level. The anti problem policy should also apply to every single section of Vodacom’s value sequence, corporate level to suppliers and potential buyers of the organization. This anti corruption coverage will ensure that corporation will not create any kind of liability that may damage product sales and the trustworthiness of Vodacom. Weakened legal organizations and poor governance heighten the risk of trading. The substantial risks associated with investing in South Africa prove to be a problem for Vodacom, making it much harder for the organization to grow and catch the attention of investors. An essential component in any marketing/business plan may be the investors, making this one of Vodacom’s more pressing issues. A simple solution to this issue will be tracking down key shareholders with considerable funding to benefit Vodacom even in a society with poor govt. Involving crucial investors in promotional advertisments that would be mutually beneficial could do this.

Cultural Factors

Southern Africans constitute about 48, 601, 098 million occupants according to CIA universe fact book of a September 2013 census. The multiple races that comprise South Africa happen to be limited, with 79 % of Black Africans, being unfaithful. 6% whites, 8. 9% colored, and 2 . 5% Indian/Asian racial (2001 census). There is selection of languages voiced within the region but the top rated three dialects include: IsiZulu with 23. 82%, IsiXhosa with 18. 64%, and Afrikaans with 13. 35% popularity and English at 8. 2%. South Africa’s most widely found religion is usually Protestant by 36. 6%. The amount of S i9000. Africans surviving in rural areas hasfallen by 10% seeing that 1994. Today, 62% of the population comes from urban areas, having a 1 . 21% annual rate of modify. The remaining population that comes from rural areas could pose as a threat to the selection in customers. 38% of the population could lack the right necessities to work with Vodacom. Furthermore, this market also includes the highest range of segregated groups. A solution to the problem is to analyze what assets are available in the rural areas and if they have the appropriate technology to have Vodacom. Vodacom could after that depict the biggest target market in this particular group trying to better placement their brand to meet these consumer wants. Vodacom will not want to limit the number of potential clients due to exactly where certain clients live. Furthermore, Vodacom may maximize income if it made its item available to make use of all of South Africa, regardless or rural or urban setting. Post-Apartheid S. africa remains divided. Amongst these dividing factors is sexuality, geographical location, and the most noticeably is definitely race. In the event that any one of the groups is definitely not correctly targeted, Vodacom risks losing a large percentage of potential consumers. In order to avoid having this problem, Vodacom must universally industry its merchandise to all targeted consumers effectively. Because S. africa has numerous dividing lines, it is important that Vodacom leave out any group in order to maximize income.

International Factors

Over the past decade South Africa offers reduced the number of tariffs. A result of reducing tariffs is more competition and reduced cost structure within the industry. Because Vodacom employed the initially mover benefit when entering the Southern region African industry, they can use the tariff changes as an edge. If Vodacom can continue to produce their item cheap and readily attainable the contract price reduction can just ensure that the company maximize profits.

Economical Factors

The CIA community database reports that South Africa is a middle-income, emerging marketplace with an abundant supply of all-natural resources; well-developed financial, legal, communications, strength, and transfer sectors and a stock exchange that is the fifteenth largest in the world. Even though the countrypossesses modern system that support a relatively effective distribution of goods to key urban centers throughout the area, some pieces retard expansion. GDP fell nearly 2% in 2009 yet has recovered since then and is growing for a price of 2. 5%. Unemployment, lower income, and inequality remain difficult, with standard unemployment at nearly 25% of the work force. South Africa’s economic plan has focused on controlling inflation, however , the nation has had significant budget deficits that prohibit its ability to deal with important economic problems. As our economy declines this decreases the quantity of business for the company, which directly impacts Vodacom. Today, in the age group of 15-25 is a 49% unemployment charge, so they may be not necessarily the majority of the target marketplace. This can have an effect on Vodacom’s foreseeable future sales. In the event that youth under 25 is usually unemployed how will they manage to purchase items from Vodacom? There must be a variety of products accessible to meet the needs of every viable buyer option.

Current Target Market

Coming from analyzing Vodacom’s commercials and demographics the latest target market is definitely the developed market, specifically the white Southern region African adult in higher income organizations age range 30-54. The initially two advertisements represent a campaign that relates to the rugby fans, which is especially popular among people of Afrikaan descent. These two commercials concentrate on player 23 and a rivalry between Elton and Jan. Making use of the Rugby athletics ties in groups that might have in any other case been divided the limitations. The language in these two commercials is also the factor in studying the current target audience. The Afrikaan language was 13. five per cent of the human population in a 2011 census, Zulu comprised 22. 7% and Xhosa composed 16%. The other commercial speaks the older Afrikaan target audience due to the Afrikaans singing experience Robbie Wessels. Another aspect that plays a role in the target companies are the third industrial. This industrial is two of the half a dozen commercials that features black To the south Africans. This commercial particularly makes take note of the insufficient innovation within South Africa “we been having it! . The industrial is focused around the dark South African official thinking he is up to date with technology and conversation, when in actuality he is 1 step at the rear of Vodacom, the main cellular network. Furthermore, they specifically decided to go with one of the most well-known Kenyan actorsCharles Bukeko. Creating a widely known celebrity in their industrial brings very much positive awareness of their organization. The white South Photography equipment adult era 30-55 is definitely the current marketplace of Vodacom, which only counts pertaining to 8. 9% of South Africa. In my opinion this target market is a lot too small , leaving a lot of potential consumers to be attracted by competing cellular firms.

Current Company Positioning

Vodacom is known in South Africa while the leading cell phone company. The corporation also hopes to increase the number of 3G bottom stations inside South Africa so as to reclaim their particular unhappy customers and provide a far more efficient services around the country. Vodacom is recognized as a prime service featuring innovative and accessible products. On a lighter weight note, the rugby player 23 represent two opposing views uniting and riding of all before conflicts as a result of a country large sport. These kinds of campaigns give a sense of understanding the local population, and give trust and admiration in the local human population and in go back instill these types of qualities in Vodacom. Vodacom’s brand consciousness is increasing from these types of tactics of appealing to the best rugby supporter. This is one of the many ways Vodacom has combined the country in which they operate.

Recommended Marketplace and Manufacturer Positioning

Via a concentrated analysis in the current marketplace and manufacturer positioning we recommend to change both the marketplace and company positioning. My personal recommendations is going to expand the point market in order to extend potential outreach and profitability. The latest brand placing offered important Vodacom company strengths, yet we suggest more key factors for a more appropriate brand positioning. The brand new target market is South Africans ages 15-55. We also recommend 3 specific concentrate on segments within this target market. 1st, Vodacom should certainly target white colored and black South Africans. Second, the organization should also focus on business adults and corporations, ages 25-55. Lastly, we recommend aimed towards the youngsters, specifically scientifically savvy children, ages 15-24. The previous Target Market was centering on a small percentage of South Africa. Vodacom should take complete advantage of the diversity within just South Africa, broadening theirtarget market in order to take full advantage of the full potential of the business and its revenue. Targeting this kind of a small percent of the human population gives means for factors, including high unemployment in the younger generation, to make an pregressive difference in profitability and success. Furthermore, black Africans account for 79% of the total population, although a larger concoction of this percentage represents the reduced class, there is still a definite amount of market potential within this section. Vodacom should certainly branch out its current target market through the upper class, which is significantly Caucasians at about 10% from the population, for the different industries found in the developed and developing types as well. Especially, in the produced sector we recommend Vodacom target organizations and companies alike thus taking advantage of this untapped marketplace by offering unique “corporate offers to those entitled. The created market includes high-end business adults that incorporate the innovative individuals that are involved in current societal tendencies. Lastly, the tech savvy youth could easily be a huge target market intended for Vodacom. The tech knowledgeable youth from ages 15-24 comprises twenty. 6% of South Africa’s population. Though nearly 50% of this category is out of work, the remaining fifty percent give opportunity for Vodacom to generate a life-long customer/supplier romance. This target market is ground breaking and looking forward to the latest technology to come up. The current target market should be expanded to the producing, developed and youth technology savvy markets to reach complete potential and profitability.

Manufacturer Positioning may be the second category that needs to department out by Vodacom’s current positioning. The current branding position needs a tiny adjustment adding global manufacturer as a main factor in brand positioning. Creating a strong global brand produces a competitive edge and most important a strong and positive manufacturer image. Vodacom needs to focus on letting the client know what and who they are: “South Africa’s leading cellular network, with ground breaking, affordable, and accessible goods, tailored to the needs of any one South African consumer.  Up coming, Vodacom must deliver this kind of message throughout the right channels, which will be this: Sunday Instances, Daily Team, and Connection. Another route should be promotions for buses that travel in Cape Community, the following needs to be used: Algoa bus organization, Baz Shuttle bus, and Greyhound. A third funnel that should be applied ispopular international airports throughout South Africa: Voted top rated 3 in popularity I suggest Johannesburg/Tambo Airport terminal, Cape Town International Airport, and H N Verwoerd International airport. The above programs will together and efficiently target the developed, producing, and scientifically savvy children. Another crucial factors had to reshape Vodacom’s brand setting is the method customers perspective their products cost. We suggest that Vodacom make it conveniently known and accessible for the public that they offer a selection of product alternatives with a multitude of prices that may be tailored to the needs and means of a single customer. All of us recommend Vodacom promote this kind of to the open public by incorporating the flexibleness in rates in advertisements.

Marketing Mixture

ProductVodacom must have top of the line and many technologically advanced, however accessible items. This product will need to have features that provide opportunities to speak. Such features include: lengthy distance phoning, chat chances, group sending text messages, video calling, picture/video messaging, net, and very good 4G. As a result of 3 goal segments (developed, developing, and technologically savvy), Vodacom need to provide a line of products that focus on each marketplace. The line of cell phones need to consist of fundamental operating at a reduced cost and less fresh consumers to innovative mobile phones for the technologically smart consumers. 1st, the basic telephone product line, this line will be tailored to the Black South African. We recommend concentrating on this product with this segment since these individuals are not buying high-tech cellular phone. Generally, this kind of sector has to have a basic, cost-effective, product that could satisfy daily needs. The essential phone collection will include this phones: The samsung company A107, Nokia 7020, and LG Revere. The intermediate package will probably be targeted to the developed sector in S. africa. This will contain cell phones which have been more fresh, yet happen to be predominantly common products, just like: Samsung Odyssey and the Blackberry Curve 8530. Finally, the final category can target the technologically savvy youth. This device line could be the newest and best item available such as the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Android. The products must also offer service strategies thataccommodate each target market, which can be range in prices. The service plans must assist the range of market. The service programs include the following: prepaid options; basic protection and info usage; average coverage and data usage; unlimited insurance coverage and data usage; and company level info usage. These kinds of coverage and data services strategies are were made to the focus on markets and segment.


Vodacom must be accessible and affordable for the target market. Because of the range inside the target market, the merchandise collection must give a range of selling price structures to allow for each section. I recommend Vodacom aggressively restructure their prices and the deals offered in in an attempt to gain full customer potential. The costs will follow the number in products from standard being lowest cost, and most advanced product staying higher costs. This range of product pricing attracts a wide range of customers via different demographics. The basic phone line goods will range between one hundred and eighty. 00 ” 470. 00 rands (19. 00-48. 00 US dollars). The average phone line will selection between 480. 00-760. 00 rands (58. 00-77. 00 US dollars). The advanced phone line prices can range between 770. 00-1800. 00 rands (80. 00-180 US dollars). By having multiple flexible cost packages offered to the customer, Vodacom gains a sustainable competitive advantage.


Being To the south Africa’s greatest cellular network the corporation has the resources needed to to focus on having accessibility pertaining to consumers. The item must be placed accessibly in each target markets region. First, the organization office of Vodacom ought to be located in Gabardine Town plus the warehouse inside South Africa as a result of tariffs and taxes that may cause further costs pertaining to Vodacom. For the producing nation the Vodacom dealers must be located near the areas centers the company developed to enhance brand recognition. Strategically putting products near/at targeted buyers work and social environment will undoubtedly increase client brand recognition. For example , I would recommend the product channels to be found in highly inhabited urban areas which include Cape Town and Johannesburg. Shopping centers and University Campuses in these two cities is another place Vodacom shouldhave their products in order to reach the most consumers. These areas are often stopped at by the projected target consumer and offer a means for them to get to know the product ahead of deciding to buy it. Lastly, for the growing technology savvy age group, these fun storerooms will probably be located around universities, principal and supplementary schools. Some universities and schools Vodacom can place products are definitely the following: School of Shawl Town, School of American Cape. Specifically, University of Cape Town is best known because student community as well as the existence of an international population. Simply by strategically putting their product Vodacom must be able to increase their market size and potential.


Advertising is vital promotional method Vodacom uses to effectively reach the point market. Initially, because sports are highly idolized by Southern African individuals, I inspire that Vodacom continue to use main sports numbers as brand representatives. Vodacom should start a promotional advertising campaign that focuses on having Southern region African movie star spokespersons, such as: Siphiwe Tshabalala famous soccer player, Olympic bronze medalist, Llewellyn Herbet, Charlize Theron actress, and Candace Swanepol Victoria Secret Model. I would personally look into applying Olympic and rugby sports athletes in future advertisements, as well as the Éxito Secret unit Candace. Doing this would carry on and unify the under common variables. This may further enhance the brand image of “unity that Vodacom did so hard to accomplish. Second, I would really prefer to see Vodacom focus on promoting their restricted flexible packed price prepare. Vodacom must gain clients that would otherwise go to different cell phone carriers by making it does not only the ideal cell phone transporter, but an cost-effective one too.


Ad #1 ïƒ Caucasian girl in backgroun and African descent men and female getting a on their iphone’s. This advertising campaign will focus on the younger part ages 15-25 that are technically savvy. Having a white and black person in the commercial will that both equally races are targeted. This kind of advertisement will be aired in Aafrikan and English

Advertisements #2ïƒ Anyone of South Africa’s ideal rugby players” Stefan Bason, Kabamba Flooring surfaces, Ryno Benjamin, Fabian Juries and Danwel Demas can play the business in this advertising campaign, in addition to Candace Swanepol. In this ad, I would like to view one of the players checking video game scores on the smart phone, right before getting on a air travel with their hot South Photography equipment supermodel. Key to this advertisements is centralizing all the goal markets through a common Southern region African superstar. This ad will target the created segment that is on-the-go and professional. language Aafrikan and English.

Ad #3 Emerge a rural environment, women is jogging with other folks on dirt road. The woman gets an urgent mobile call resulting in saving her farm. I recommend Vodacom make this advertising campaign a priority, as it targets the largely untapped population in rural South Africa. The cell phone of choice is known as a flip cellphone, which suggests a fewer wealthy target market. The setting is important for the reason that phone call could possibly be made actually in a distant area (good cell phone service). Finally, this shows the value of having a cell phone through Vodacom, mainly because without having received her call something negative could have took place to her farmville farm.


All of us propose some changes in Vodacom’s target market. We might recommend broadening the current target market from ages 30-55 to 15-55. By doing this, Vodacom will probably be targeting a great up-and-coming technology that is fresh and furthermore provides potential of growing. I would personally also suggest that they goal not only the developed marketplace, but the producing market in South Africa as well. This is a vastly untapped market that Vodacom would highly profit from by taking advantage of this prospect. We likewise recommend that by re-positioning the manufacturer, Vodacom may increase product sales and profitability. In conclusion, the newest marketing mixture provides a better product, selling price, place and promotion to achieve a more competitive advantage and be more successful in the industry.


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