The Reddish colored Badge of Courage, by Stephen Raie, and The Items They Transported, by Tim O’Brien, will be two books set a century apart, but they both equally connect to each other. Tim O’Brien’s novel displays his knowledge in the Vietnam War, whilst Stephen Crane’s novel demonstrates his encounter in the City War. These two novels focus on the image 1 gives him self while going into the conflict and picture one gets going out of that, whether a single makes it out alive or perhaps gets used by it.

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In these two novels the idea of being a “coward made a big factor in the way they say themselves. Both Henry Fleming via, The Crimson Badge of Courage, and Tim O’Brien from The Points They Transported, had a distinct reason for looking at themselves a coward. Tim O’Brien was drafted to the Vietnam Conflict, a warfare which he didn’t have confidence in, nor planned to participate. He left anything behind and was within the verge of fleeing to Canada.

He don’t want to shed everything at the rear of, his family members, his good friends, and his home.

Tim planned to be brave, leave almost everything and flee so he wouldn’t be involved in the warfare, but that wasn’t the case. “I would venture to the war”I would get rid of and maybe die”because I was embarrassed not to.  It was not fear or perhaps morality that Tim got, he only couldn’t keep everything behind and run away. “I was obviously a coward. I actually went to conflict.  In Henry’s case, he enrolled to the war. He wanted to be hero in this war, like he previously always thought. Soon this individual realized that all he was, was obviously a pawn on the chess panel. He was only soldier. When things received tough in the second fight he was in, he fled. Henry didn’t want to get the picture of himself being a coward. Every he was was obviously a coward, pertaining to fleeing.

Henry had all of this guilt inside him, for fleeing and lying about a fake battle scare he had got. When he finally regrouped with his team they found a small battle. Trying to push back the adversary, soldier following soldier stored firing their particular rifle which includes Henry. Henry had received consumed in the battle, reloading then shooting. He repeated this even when the foe had previously fled. “He lost feeling of everything but his hate, his prefer to smashinto pulp the glittering smile of victory which he could feel after the confronts of his enemies.  Henry was consumed in the moment of fight, shooting excitedly at his enemies. Following this small challenge, the lieutenant called him a “war devil. 

While in the additional novel, Martha Anne, a 17 yr old girl, was brought into the war zone. The lady stayed with her boyfriend Mark Fossie. She would roam about the woods, fascinated by the nature. With time she was not even familiar, with her necklace of human tongue. She was no longer that innocent woman that got first came to the battle. “She acquired crossed towards the other area. She was part of the land.  There are different ways which is why one could get consumed simply by war. Intended for Mary Bea, she became one while using land.

You will find things and feeling that go on though war, that one would just go through or feel in war. Equally Henry and Tim witnessed deaths through the novel, whether they knew anyone or certainly not. War actually changes a person, mentally and literally. One would enter war having a clear image of himself and come out of the war with another.

Those two novels illustrate how war changes the image you give yourself, whether you get consumed by warfare or make it out in. Both Henry Fleming and Tim O’Brien had to proceed through obstacles, changing the way they discover themselves plus the way others see them. These works of fiction may be established a century separate, but they hook up in so many ways.


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