In 1773 parliament handed the tea act when the British shell out less for tax to ship spots. This built the prices of tea reduce from The uk. Since Boston’s tea can be more expensive no one would get it from their website. The tea act was just another issue adding up between your colonists and britain. This kind of made the colonists wish to be independent from Britain. The colonists made a decision to rebel and dumb 3 hundred and 44 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor.

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The action was given the name the Boston Tea Party. The majority of the British thought of the Boston Tea Party as an act of terrorism. The Boston Tea Party was just another stage to freedom for the colonists.

In 1763 the British place a range along the Appalachian Mountains and so the the settlers could not move into the Kentkucky River Valley. This was known as the Aveu Line. The British prohibited the colonists from their land to protect them from the Indians.

The colonists who went resistant to the British and crossed the queue were after killed by the Indians after which asked for the British to shield them once again. When the settlers asked for support they British were even now in a lots of debt from the war that they fought to shield the settlers. They put Uk soldiers at risk to protect the colonists. This is a little bit impolite of the colonists to make an effort moving into the Ohio Lake Valley when the British had been trying to make them.

The fact the British had been forbidding the colonists via passing the Appalachian Mountain range made them very angry. They checked out it since the British not letting them settle into more land. The colonists were not in order to buy and live on the land that they fought and won a war to get. It was presently there land and in addition they were being starving their right to their own house.

The Sweets Act took place in 1764, the next thing to make the colonists furious. The glucose act set tax on sugar from a different nation making it more pricey. The glucose was at this point more expensive than the British sugars. The United kingdom perspective on it was reasonable because they were in main debt fromthe war they fought to get the colonists. They were merely hoping the fact that colonists will by their tea so that they could use the money to pay off the debt. They thought they were being fair simply by not demanding their sugar so the colonists would not have to pay a duty.

The way the settlers saw the Sugar Take action was a great act of selfishness. The British taxed the tea the colonists used to get because it was cheaper. The British had no right to tax the colonists. That were there no claim in just how much the tax should be or what it was on. They will used glucose everyday it was completely unjust.

In 1765 the Uk made the Quartering Action. It required for british troops to have to are in the colonists homes after they were stationed in the colonies. The United kingdom thought it was only fair intended for the colonists to take care of their soldiers. A lot of those soldeirs battled in the battle against the France and Indians. It would price too much for england to spend to build enclosure for the soldiers.

The colonists did not like the Subdivision act. They did not want to address the soldiers. First of all for the reason that soldiers had been the ones by keeping these to get to the remaining of their land in the Ohio River Valley. Now we were holding being forced to deal with the troops. Nobody planned to because they did not even have sufficient room within their homes. They were doing not have enough money to clothe and feed these people either. The soldiers were very impolite to the colonists and kind of scared many of them too.

In 1767 a powerful British man named Charles Townshend experienced the idea of adding taxes about glass, lead, paints, paper, and other everyday products of the colonists. The real reason for taxing the products was therefore Britain could get more money for their government. Additionally they did it for further power over everyone.

The colonists would not like the Townshend acts. It absolutely was just a means for Britain for taking more money. The colonist rebelled just like they were doing with the quartering and sugars act. They boycotted British products. The trade betweenthem dropped by fifty percent therefore in the exclusion. They believed it was unconstitutional because the colonies did not have got any claim in the Parliament. The issue wether or perhaps not the colonies got represntation in parliament was not settled before the revolution.

The Tea Act was handed by the United kingdom Parliament in 1773. The British achieved it so the settlers could not but any tea from a single else aside from the East India Company. The East India Company was poor and the British wished to help them with their business. The tea work made the buying price of tea decrease from the East India Business so everybody would purchase from them. Someone said that it was an advantage to the settlers because they could get tea cheaper now. The taxes on the tea was low and they wanted to put a tax onto it to show they may have the right to duty.

This made the Settlers look at the Tea Act as one more taxation devoid of representation scenario. It supposed they wasn’t able to buy tea from someone else and so their particular tea might lose the business. We were holding also angry because it gone against the english right of only being taxed by elected reps not the parliament.

The Sons of Liberty were a group of patriots who were dedicated to getting freedom for the colonies. They Sons of Liberty Supported being cost-free. They were a secret group that wished to fight for America. The group formed if the British Empire became on of the extremely feared capabilities in the world. Samuel Adams shaped the Daughters of Liberty.

The British saw the Boston Tea Party since an take action of terrorism. They found it as a group, be it natural or processed of consumed and crazy people dropping their tea into the boston Harbor with no paying for it. That they completely rebelled against the government and squandered a lot of money all things considered that the Uk have done for these people.

On Dec 16, 1773 the Daughters of Freedom boarded three British boats. They clothed as Mohawk Indians in order to be able to access the ships. They also were required to arm themselves with hatches and axes to make all their disguises more believable. They opened and dumped every single chest in to the BostonHarbor. This was called the Boston Tea Party. When it was above there were three hundred and forty two wooden chests floating in the water. A great many other people boycotted the tea in the same way afterwards. The settlers did this to show independence.

I can see how the British thought the Boston Tea Party was an act of Terrorism. I believe the fact that Boston Tea Party had not been an act of terrorism. Britain required advantage of the colonists. Even though they tried helping the colonists several times they nonetheless should not have used us to make additional money for their authorities. They should be able to run and handle their own financial issues without taking the colonists funds. The settlers were definitely correct in acquiring action and rebelling against the British in every single way they could. The Boston Tea Party was just another stage closer to the independence of America.


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