Having been increased in a traditional Mexican family members, I thought that growing up I had a good understanding regarding the Philippine culture and families. Yet , I was really mistaken after returning to South america for a family trip. I was seeking to go throughout the border and experience items similar to whatever we have in the States, but that was not the situation. The experience is totally different and charmingly interesting. The facilities is absolutely nothing compered as to what we have in this article, the family members values are incredibly different and exactly how people would spend all their time.

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When I first found its way to Mexico I used to be shocked for their way of living. Just finding the properties that they call home was enough. The tracks were in the same way bad. Seeing these things for the first time was a he eye opener. The homes were practically falling apart. Even as were generating through the community to get to my own aunts property, I was pondering to me personally “So this kind of what my parents called residence.

 And at that minute I began to feel even more thankful for everything I had at home.

In South america I likewise realized that the worthiness family over individualism. For instance , after being at my aunt’s house for a while I asked my personal cousin in the event that she at any time planned to get married (that’s me understanding that she is previously 32 years old). The lady replied to my opinion “No I actually don’t, since then that might mean that I would personally have to re-locate with my husband and leave my parents.  I was completely shocked with this because We never thought of my parents by doing so. In South america they believe it is shameful to set elderly people in nursing homes. This made me think “Would My spouse and i be a unpleasant person basically dare to consider putting and older member of the family I a nursing home? 

When I was in South america I was thus surprised that I would have this component to aculture impact. People in Mexico perform almost the same thing that individuals do here for fun (depending on their funds situations). Each goes to the films, and parties and they go to the mall that they have there.

Everybody in this world undergoes culture shock at one particular point in her or his life. And it usually is with one more culture different than their own. Mine merely happened to be similar to my lifestyle. After encountering this traditions shock My spouse and i felt like We wasn’t really connected to my personal roots which I felt more “Americanized. Just because We look ‘Mexican’ and speak Spanish and eat Mexican foods will not make me like the people who are in Mexico. Discovering their facilities and the way they benefit family and how they spend their free time made the realize that its great to be different, because like that you can explain to all kinds of individuals with your personal encounters.

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