Thesis Assertion: Conquering the location of Arayat is more than just trekking the mighty “Bunduk Alaya” yet also finding their amazing history, taking advantage of their yummy cuisine, celebrating their unique festivities and most coming from all learning more about their interesting people. I actually. A number of historians have recommended varied details regarding the etymology of the name “Arayat”. a. Some people believe Arayat originated from Fernando de Arayat. m. Another vem som st?r argues it came from the Kapampangan phrase “Dayatan”. c. A different bank account states it rooted from “Alaya” another Kapamangan term.

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d. A present-day specialist claims it obtained thier name from the biblical Mt. Ararat. II. The fusses confronted by the present day Arayat seated from its questionable history.

a. The origin of Arayat continues to be unknown nevertheless historical accounts show that this already existed between 1335 and 1380. b. The people of Arayat showed abhorrence to the coming of the Spaniards and other invaders. c. Arayat gained prestige when it started to be the hotbed of many edgy groups following the colonial conflict.

1 ) The visible HUKBALAHAP movements stayed on the town right up until it passed at early 1950’s. installment payments on your Following the Huks, HMB was established to deal with against the US-sponsored Philippine govt. 3. The said to be daughters of HMB, NPA still continues to reside on the town.

III. Arayat’s tradition is a unique blend of its background, geography, traditions and customs. a. The Legend of Mt. Arayat is one of the recognized literatures in the town in addition to Pampanga. w. When it comes to architecture, Arayat shows classic and exemplary types of its illustrious parish house of worship and unforgettable national playground. c. In the trees of Mt. Arayat, the villages boast of their very own high quality real wood competent intended for global exportation. d. Its one of a kind halo-halo by Kabigting’s is the reason why Arayat a cut above the rest when it comes to Kapampangan desserts. electronic. Arayat’s key celebration is a feast day time of the patroness, St . Catherine of Alexandria, every single 25th of November. n. 90% of Arayat’s population is completely outclassed by the devotees of the Roman Catholic religious beliefs.

IV. The city of Arayat is not really second-rate when it comes to its tourist attractions. a. One of the most outstanding landmark of Pampanga stands at the heart of Arayat. b. The Mount Arayat National Playground offers a historical yet contemporary getaway experience. c. St . Catherine of Alexandria is the seventh oldest parish in Pampanga. d. The Cong. Dadong Dam was built to source water to seven neighborhoods of Pampanga. V. Arayat is a house to several infamous revolutionary individuality, national authorities officials and Armed Forces of the Philippines officers.



The town of Arayat lies in the northern tip of Pampanga, and is encircled on the southwest by Magalang, on the northeast by Cabiao (in Informacion Ecija), around the east by simply Candaba, on the south by simply Sta. B�tisier, and on the west simply by Mexico. Its total terrain area can be 17, 694 hectares having a population of 118, 312; less than 1 / 4 is forested. Only nineteen kilometers from San Fernando, the capital area of Pampanga, Arayat is approximately an hour travel from Manila. The town is the biggest in northern Pampanga

It is composed of 30 barangays/barrios specifically: Arenas, Baliti, Batasan, Buensuceso, Camba (Kaledian), Candating, Cupang, Gatiawin, Guemasan, La Serenidad (Turu), Lacmit, Laquios, Mangga-Cacutud, Mapalad, Matamo, Palinlang, Paralaya, Plazang Luma, Poblacion, San Agustin Aspiracion, San Agustin Sur, San Antonio, San Jose ( Mesulo), San Juan ( Bano), San Mateo, San Nicolas, San Roque (Bitas), Sto. Nino (Tabuan), Suklayin, and Telapayong, not to mention neighborhoods that develop outside the city proper among which are: Fidela, Guemasan, San Nicolas, Aliwalas, Castillo (Bitas), and Leonor Subdivisions.

Arayat is generally a plain or a level land, other than the areas wherever Mt. Arayat stands and its particular vicinities, having a type We climate and two distinctive seasons: dry and moist. The wet or damp season normally starts in-may and runs through August, while the dried out season is from Nov through Drive of the following year. The foundation of the Name “Arayat”

A few researches state that the identity “Arayat” comes from the brand of The spanish language encomiendero, Fernando de Arayat, who was first administrator from the town and who probably came from a village in Spain called Arayat.

Eventually one more particular vem som st?r allegedly statements that it was the natives who also coined the original vernacular term “Dayat” from their word “dayatan” literally that means “irrigated seedling bed”. non-etheless, a particular researcher argues that Arayat was earlier known as “Alaya” meaning “east”. Mount Arayat was after that called “Bunduc Alaya” or “Eastern Mountain”. The same resource states the Spaniards subsequently made up the phrase “Arayat”.

However , on a diverse approach, a up to date researcher suggests that Support Arayat is a biblical “Mount Ararat” where Noah’s Ark apparently ended up. But the same researcher will not say how the current term evolved; neither does this individual explain for what reason there is another Mount Ararat in the Middle East. Pre-Colonial Background

The appropriate date of the founding of Arayat cannot be determined. Nevertheless , between 1335 and 1380, historical accounts confirm that it absolutely was among the handful of Pampanga neighborhoods already existing. It had been allegedly founded by possibly Prince Balagtas, a monarch of the Madjapahit Empire who came to Luzon, or his son Araw (Lord) Malangsic. It was after that called “Bayan ning Pambuit” and located in the barrio of Panlinlang. The present Localidad was still a jungle with balugas (aetas) and other pagan tribes as residents.

It was a widespread encomienda consisting of the town as it is known today. At that time, it absolutely was an extensive recado consisting of this town (present Arayat), and areas of Magalang, Sta. Ana, Candaba, San Miguel de Mayumo (in Suclayin) and Cabiao (in Informacion Ecija). It the present, it is cited in the northern part of Pampanga. It really is bounded by towns of Magalang around the northwest, Cabiao on the northeast, Candaba around the east, Sta. Ana for the south and Mexico around the west, which has a total part of 17, 694 hectares. This town of Arayat is the biggest in Northern Pampanga Imp�rialiste History

By 1571, Arayat had emerged as one of the profitable settlements in Pampanga. Nevertheless by 1590 when the first Augustinian quest was established in the town by simply Fray Juan de Valderama, its populace numbered only 100. This is often explained by the very fact that many teenage boys had been conscripted into the army service to help the Spaniards contain rebellions and defend the nation against foreign invaders just like the Dutch, the British and the Chinese. Since 1660, there existed in Arayat a Spanish armed forces for which discovered well in the area revolts.

Really, Arayateñous distributed the Pampango’s reputation for bravery. The town bred this kind of revolutionary individuality as Generals Jose Alejandrino, Mamerto Natividad, Benito Navidad and Ananias Diokno. Arayat was once the hideout of insurrectos. Patrimonio Alejandrino in Panlinglang and Arenas (then called Baliti) was in fact attacked and destroyed for the reason that insurrectos were known to be prepared there.

Post Colonial History

After the previous group of invaders (the Japanese) left the province specially the town of Arayat, that remained a nest to rebellious teams like the HUKBALAHAP (Hukbo Laban sa mga Hapon). Back in the 1940’s Arayat gained undersirable reputation to be the breeding ground of HUKBALAHAP edgy movements. In those days, Mount Arayat was usually the scene of countless military problems. By early 1950’s the Huk rebellion reached it is pinnacle and after that diminished and disappeared steadily. This markee the formation of any new revolutionary army the HMB (Hukbong Mapagpalayang Bayan or Someones Liberation Army). HMB described its deal with against the recently established US-sponsored Philippine puppet republic. The thick forests of Support Arayat as well as its hard terrain gave these kinds of rebellious groups advantages to lure the military from tracking these people.

These characteristics of the pile kept these rebellious organizations secured and tenable. Throughout the Marcos program, a new vigilant group emerged, the NPA (New Householder’s Army) and in many cases up to on this occasion still gaining terms of numbers of members. At present there are still HMB’s and NPA’s residing in the town of Arayat. People there view HMB’s since “matwa” which means “older” men and the NPA’s as “anac” meaning “younger” men. The real reason for this is that the NPA is definitely believed to be the younger generation of the HMB. It would be common for people surviving in Arayat to determine these rebels wandering about town. They learned to talk about their much loved town to these people. In respect to some in the people presently there when it comes to dealing with these rebels, “if you never bother all of them, they will not bother you as well”. Literature

Legend of Mt. Arayat (Sinukuan)

There are several legends regarding the mystical Maria Sinukuan plus the mighty Mt. Arayat. This is one edition popular inside the town of Arayat: Long Ago, before the intruders came, the mountain of Arayat was alleged to be inhabited simply by an enthralled woman who had been believed to be the fairy our god mother with the townspeople. This kind of lady is definitely popularly called Mariang Sinukuan. Her normally curled dark hair actually reaches down to her ankles. Her nose is usually finely chiseled and her eyes are presented with long, dark lashes. Her lips had been well-formed, her eyebrows were arched and her skin was flawlessly brown. Nevertheless Mariang Sinukuan was not just known for her physical splendor. She owned a kind and charitable heart because your woman always helped those who were in want. It was said that Mt. Arayat was prospered in all kinds of fruit trees.

Aside from the fruits trees, it absolutely was said that animals of all kinds when rambled this kind of mountain. The eccentric point about these fruit trees and animals was that the fruit trees bore extraordinarily big fruits all year round plus the animals had been owned simply by no apart from Mariang Sinukuan. She accustomed to distribute these fruit trees and shrubs and family pets to the starving. Poor family members often awoke to see fruits and pets for their needs for their doorsteps. They knew it was Mariang Sinukuan who left these food types while they were sleeping. the natives were very thankful to be graced by the wonderful goddess. Also to show their very own appreciation and reverence, they will never attempted to go to her dwelling place in the pile. The people deemed her home as a sanctified place. Yet such was not always the truth.

There came a time when the inhabitants were no longer content with what the captivated lady left at all their doorsteps. That they wanted to attract more. One time, some young men decided to go up Mt. Arayat. That they wanted to get more of Mariang Sinukuan’s fruits and animals. They started out for the mountain early at start. They reached the base in the mountain with the sun with the lark. There were guavas bigger than their fists that drooped from the trees and shrubs. Pomegranate divisions almost come to to the earth because of the various and big fruits they weary. Ripe mangoes were simply within one’s reach. Fowls of every kind were considerable. Pigs, goats and other pets or animals wandered about. The young men were still viewing this kind of marvel of nature the moment from nowhere fast came Mariang Sinukuan.

We were holding impressed by her radiance. They will could not get any terms to say with her. It was Mariang Sinukuan who have first talked to them. She made welcome them and said that they will could eat as much as they want but they shouldn’t take anything at all home with no her knowledge. After coping with their amazement, the teenage boys began to get fruits. They ate and ate right up until they wasn’t able to eat ever again. Afterwards, one of the men prompted the others to choose some fruits and load the sack that he brought. However the other gentleman said that they will shouldn’t accomplish that because the girl already warned them. Nevertheless , the man was adamant on having some more fruits, he declared they’re ample and the lady won’t understand the difference.

Therefore, the young men did start to fill their very own sacks with as many fruits and family pets as they might get hold of. They started for home. As they were about to begin their ancestry they sensed their bags becoming heavy. They don’t mind this kind of, but they hadn’t gone five steps even farther when they sensed that their particular load was pulling these people down. Putting the carriers down, how surprised the young men were to find that the fruits and animals came into existence big rocks. They remembered Mariang Sinukuan’s warning. The young men started to be horribly terrified. Leaving their sacks in back of, they ran as fast as their feet may carry these people. But before they reached the camp of the hill, they saw someone stopping their way.

It was Mariang Sinukuan who had been very upset. Because of the covetousness of the teenagers, Mariang Sinukuan punished them. With the say of her wand, she changed the young men in swine. This did not include the last time that people tried to get hold of Mariang Sinukuan’s fruits and animals. Again and again they tried to grab them. Finally, fed up with the people’s greediness, Mariang Sinukuan stopped leaving food by their doorsteps. She induced the fruit trees and animals in the huge batch to disappear. She not anymore showed herself to the people intended for she was dismayed using their materialism.


St . Catherine of Alexandria Parish House of worship

Found in Arayat, St . Catherine of Alexandria Parish House of worship is the seventh oldest Cathedral in Pampanga. This Chapel was integrated the Spanish era honoring St . Catherine of Alexandria. The House of worship, measuring seventy meters very long, 16 meters wide and 12 metres high, is well known for its traditional architecture. The presbytery, threshold and the primary altar have been completely recently refurbished. The original stone facade have been covered with cement and painted white-colored.

Mt. Arayat National Recreation area

Situated at the base of the well-known Support Arayat is a Mount Arayat National Playground, a major traveler attraction not only in Pampanga, but whole Luzon. It is mentioned for its swimming pools, refreshing surroundings and its great water falling from its waterfalls. This Park was originally a project of Dona Alboreo A. Quezon, wife from the late Manuel L. Quezon of the Philippine Commonwealth, and has been progressed into its present state through the post war era.

Arayat Institute

Arayat Institute is among the oldest colleges that offers full general secondary course which is recognized by the federal government. Together with new Berline High School these two community high schools are backed by the authorities, on the other hand, Mangga-Cacutud and Camba Public Substantial Schools, colleges cater typically from barrio youth. All baranggays get their own elementary school.

Agriculture and Woodcraft

Arayat croplands cover 7, 716. 49 hectares or about 60% from the total area. It can be likewise said that this falls within the category of those with traditional commercial structures while reflected simply by its countries use, farming has the largest area, accompanied by forest area, swamp and marshed area. Rice and sugarcane would be the main software program products of the town, followed by corn, mongo, watermelons, turnips, peanuts, camote and different types of vegetables. Refreshing fish are abundant in its rivers and swampy areas. The forest land of Mount Arayat is the source of firewood, charcoal and the popular “Teak” wood used in pieces of furniture making.


It is not only having the most crucial landmark of Pampanga (Mt. Arayat) located in its gets that the community of Arayat is proud of, it also boasts of having the best halo-halo in the country – Kabigting’s Halo Halo. It is not your typical halo-halo for it has caramel made from carabao’s milk, cream of hammer toe and coffee beans cooked for a day to acquire a sweet flavor. So how would this take great pride in of Arayat came to be? Sometime in 1970 gave rise for this famous treat when Geraldine Kabigting suggested to his brother Jacinto Kabigting to add an interesting flavour to the set up and classic tropical fruit flavors of halo-halo so they added the caramel, cream of corn and coffee beans.

Susan and Johnny Medina who simply reside close to the Kabigting’s Home have felt the recently discovered unique flavor of halo-halo. Subsequently days after the first taste-test, the number of Travel Period with Leslie visited Kabigting’s Residence to have and expose their halo-halo on atmosphere. Kabigting’s Halo-halo was made well-known through that documentary account from Travel and leisure Time.

Suddenly, foreigners and tourists started to go and dine in the place. Everyone else from the community, known politicians (Tessie Aquino-Oreta, Lilia Pineda, Dong Gonzales, Monz Laus, etc . ) artists (Chesca Garcia, Angel Aquino, etc . ) press people (ABS-CBD Crew, Jessica Soho, etc . ) and in many cases former Director Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo personally went there to flavor their famous halo-halo. In addition they serve particular pancit palabok. Kabigting’s home served as the place to order Kabigting’s Halo-halo which can be located by Paralaya, Arayat, Pampanga. It includes branches likewise at Robinson’s San Fernando and Estampille Mall.


Arayat is the luckier in the act of the latest destructive natural calamities such as the 1990 Killer Earthquake and June 1991 Mt. Pinatubo Eruption, it being extremely spared of major damages in lives and properties. The town can be blessed to acquire as its Patroness, St . Catherine of Alexandria, in whose affectionate concern and curtain, brings a harmonious relationship and tranquility among the persons reign, despite the diffident livelihood of the persons and their varied political and ideological certitude and views, not to mention interpersonal differences. By her caring intervention, Arayat remains to become on the forefront in so far as peace and progress are concerned. The feast time of St Catherine of Alexandria is usually celebrated every single 25th of November. In accordance with this, 25 other bringues in tiny baranggays of Arayat happen to be celebrated honoring Santa Catalina (St. Catherine of Alexandria).


Much like the rest of the city of Pampanga, Roman Catholic remains the dominant faith in Arayat, numbering for more than 90% in the entire human population. Iglesia national insurance Cristo is definitely second then the Aglipayan Church, Seventh Day Adventist, Rizalists, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Methodist. Those of Arayat, although pre-occupied with different concerns, are not at fault in their faith based obligations. The Catholics happen to be keeping speed with the with regard to more spiritual facilities and services.

The town’s old catholic chapel, St . Catherine Parish, built in the Spanish era, was the object with the recent key renovations throughout the collective initiatives of required organizations. And due to demands of religious solutions to barangay northwest from the Pampanga River and to bring such companies more accessible to people, the Saint, Isidore Parish (Camba) began by the Archdiocese of San Fernando. The religion that catches our attention the most is the Rizalist.

Like Mt. Banahaw, Arayat too has a mystical area for it is at her rolling hills that Rizalist gathers every single December to honor the national hero in quiet ceremonies. The cult was brought about by Mariang Sinukuan, women incarnation of Rizal. This religion does away with the concept that Rizal is the reincarnation of Christ mainly because they believe that Christ will not exist. For these people, Rizal can be God him self, the Alpha dog and the Omega watches, the Kristong Kayumanggi as well as the savior from the Philippines. There could be many different labels but He could be only one.

Renowned Sites


The most used landmark of not only the town of Arayat but as very well as the entire province of Pampanga is definitely the majestic Arayat Mountain or also known as “Bunduk Alaya”. Attach Arayat is usually an extinct volcano on Luzon Island, Philippines, growing to a elevation of 1, 026 m (3, 366 ft) ASL. You cannot find any recorded eruption of the volcano, and its previous activity almost certainly dates towards the Holocene period. One academics report implies activity in the last 2000 years, but it is definitely believed this refers to the volcano’s geothermal activity.

Mount Arayat can be equally named “Mount Sinukuan”, entitled after the renowned Goddess and charmed lady, Maria Sinukuan. It includes three highs, the two maximum of which the Northern Maximum with 1086 meters altitude and the The southern area of Peak with 984 yards height. Fluttering at the ft . of Mt. Arayat is a well-known Pampanga River. One does not need to mount their summit to find out its organic beauty, for it is centrally located in the area, so that one particular will undoubtedly, take pleasure in their magnificence as he travel along national highways of Central Luzon.


Located at the foundation of the highly recognized Support Arayat is definitely the Mount Arayat National Recreation area, a primary traveler attraction with Pampanga, but the whole Luzon. It is observed for its swimming pools, natural, rousing and lush surroundings and its cool water cascading down from its waterfalls. This recreation area initially a project of Doña Aurora A. Quezon, partner of the past due Manuel M. Quezon in the Philippine Commonwealth, has been refurbished into its present state during the post conflict era after it has been broken in the course of the earth War II.

It was set up on Summer 27, 1933 to save and preserve the flora and fauna blossom set stage therein. The 3, 564 toes high pile at Baño, Arayat can be an perfect spot for outdoor activities using its picturesque area under great shades of agricultural green woods, mountain blowing wind, natural declines and two standard sized-swimming pools, fun halls and picnic huts.

The former Leader Quezon wonderful wife became adoringly obsessed with the place when they visited their medical officer, Dr . Egmidio Cruceta, a indigenous of Arayat. He seriously liked the cool piece of cake of the serene and calm town. He immediately bought farms which later known as Caledian & Suclayin, following his homes in his indigenous Tayabas which usually bore the same names. Through the summer he brought other government representatives and foreign visitors to Arayat.

Eventually he previously several improvements done in the town. He was accountable for the concreting of tracks, building of any bridge linking Arayat and Cabiao, in addition to the development of recreational facilities in the base of Mount Arayat, with the structure of a damages, dressing hq and a nursery. The project was discontinued if the World War II out of cash out, yet resumed later on under the guidance of local officials and civil-spirited citizens. It at this point bears the name Attach Arayat Countrywide Park.


The individuals of Arayat, although preoccupied with economical difficulties aren’t negligent in their religious requirements. The Catholics are keeping pace while using demand for even more religious facilities and providers. The town old Catholic cathedral, St . Catherine Parish, which was built in the Spanish era, was your object in the recent significant renovations vis-à-vis the chapel proper, the convent plus the church outdoor, through the ordinaire efforts of mandated organizations.

The cathedral was built in honor of the Patroness from the town, St Catherine of Alexandria who brings soft concern and safety and preserves serenity and peace among the people of Arayat, despite wide-ranging political and ideological points of view and beliefs, let alone social differences. By her compassionate treatment, Arayat has been on the front in so far as a harmonious relationship and improvement are concerned.

Santa claus Catalina para Alexandria (St. Catherine of Alexandria) is definitely the 7th most ancient parish in Pampanga constructed in 1590. CONG. DADONG ATTEINTE

The P3. 4-billion Cong. Dadong Atteinte, also known as DELTA to the natives was designed to irrigate 10, 270 hectares of farms in seven asian towns of Pampanga. Just lately, there are techniques that surfaced regarding the ceased use of the well-recognized dam.


Like other cities in Pampanga, Arayat features bred several prominent and outstanding countrywide figures in the Spanish period to the present. Remarkable to mention will be: Generals Jose Alejandrino, who may be a contemporary of Jose Rizal, Mamerto Navidad, his buddy Banito, Ananias Diokno, and Dr . Egmidio Cruz, the medical official of foremer President Manuel Quezon great wife

Ex – executive admin and Delegate Amelito R. Mutuc and Press Admin Leoncio 3rd there�s r. Parungao, both these styles the Macapagal administration, likewise came from Arayat. Not to mention armed forces figures that made all their marks inside the high disposition of the Armed Forces of the Israel, namely: Commodore Lodogovildo M. Gantioqui in the Philippine Nave, Col. (Ret. ) Vicente A. Pascual, former Mouthpiece Judge Counsel General, Major General Rene R. Cruz, former RaCom V. Commander and PC-INP Deputy Leader for Supervision.


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