Oedipus, in Sophocles’ play Oedipus Rex, through definition, a tragic leading man. King Laios of Thebes was given a prophecy from the oracle that he would end up being murdered by his son’s hand, and this his boy would get married to his better half, Queen Iocaste. When Oedipus was born, Full Laios experienced him taken to Mt. Cithaeron to pass away, however , the servant who was instructed for taking him for the mountain sensed pity pertaining to the baby and turned him over to a shepherd coming from Corinth.

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When in Corinth, he was elevated by California king Polybus and Queen Merope, and the prophecy slowly became a reality. Oedipus grew up, trusting that he was indeed the son of Polybus and Merope, every time a drunken guy informed him that having been not his father’s child.

In search of the facts, he traveled to the shrine at Delphi, where he was told of the same prophecy his birth father and mother already understood, and fled to Thebes, believing the prophecy pertained to California king Polybus and Queen Merope.

In going to Thebes, he discovers that California king Laios was murdered inside the same location that he had recently killed a man in. He tells Iocasta of the event, exclaiming that he previously “killed him. [He] killed them all.  (Scene II, ll. 288-289) His interest gets the most of him, and he purchases ” as the new california king of Thebes ” the fact that people find out who murdered Laios, and that they report this to him immediately.

If a messenger brings the shepherd to the structure, he is informed that he was Laios’ son. Oedipus realizes that he has slain his personal father, expressing, “Ah God! It was true! All the prophecies!  (Scene IV, ll. 68-70) Iocaste is horrified by this, and flees with her room, wherever she is later found “hanging, her physique swaying through the cruel power cord she experienced noosed regarding her neck.  (Exodus, II. 38-39) Oedipus detects her lifeless body, and breaks down, entirely hysterical, inch[striking] his eyes ” certainly not once, but many times.  (Exodus, l. 52)

His entire lifespan is completely full of tragedy. His nobility, his curiosity, his bad choices, the understanding of a foretold prophecy arriving at life, the death of Iocaste, plus the blinding simply by his individual hand, every contribute to the theory of him being a tragic hero. He was born the son of your king, and lived his life full of equally Corinth and Thebes ” responsible for those of his land. His curiosity is usually his biggest flaw, as they can’t keep well enough only, and goes toward great extent to find out the reality.

His decision to kill the man on the road instead of just allowing the confrontation go made the decision his fate. Realizing that he is murdered Laios even though however triedso hard to prevent the prophecy coming from becoming a fact was not bearable. Finding Iocasta dead in her room by her own hand was his suffering. Finally, gouging out his very own eyes in a hysterical attempt to punish him self was a consequence far further than the criminal activity he had dedicated. These factors alone usually do not define a tragic hero, but when helped bring together the way they do in Sophocles’ play, they make Oedipus a tragic hero.


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