In the twenties, many Americans had been trying to achieve the infamous “American Fantasy. ” The dream was going to be wealthy, successful, cheerful, and one of the social elites. However , although this was the dream intended for Americans in the 1920s, the overall standard has changed over the years in to the present period. Since the 1920s, the think of putting a large emphasis on an individualistic and materialistic lifestyle has evolved in a present day dream of working hard, possessing a well-paying job, and raising a family group.

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The twenties was an era of dropped social and moral values, as displayed by it is increased quest for pleasure. The moment World Conflict I ended in 1918, the young Us citizens who had struggled the conflict became deeply disillusioned, as the fights that they got just battled in produced the Victorian social values of the early 1920s appear to be hypocrisy.

This caused the ones that had battled in the war to not attention as much regarding upholding traditional morals. Also, since Globe War I was the “war to end every wars, ” Americans had been quite positive during the 1920s.

The uncontrolled pleasure that generated self-indulgent get-togethers and untamed jazz music resulted eventually in the corruption of the American dream, since the uninhibited desire for pleasure exceeded various other, less significant goals. Americans’ pursuit of satisfaction in the twenties resulted ultimately in a decline in beliefs. Many of the principles of this dream act like those of the 1920s. The dream today does contain pleasure and happiness. Yet , the think of the twenties was to put a much stronger emphasis on this than modern-day dream will. The ideals and honn�te today are usually more widely approved by the average person. An example of this is women putting on bathing suits to a public beach front. In the 1920s, it was a rotten thing to do that those swimwear were even the least little revealing.

Today, however , it can be perfectly suitable for women to wear bikinis to a public beach front, which are considerably more revealing than those of the twenties. This is because the standard has gradually changed with time. Many of the principles of the twenties were extremely new and deviated in the norm considerably. The “new” values crashed right into the 1920s while using emergence of the flapper, a fresh generation of ladies who bobbed their hair, put on short skirts, and listened to punk music. People had almost no time to adjust to these principles. On the other hand, the values in the modern American dream had been gradually integrated. Americans today have been around these principles long enough that they are now accustomed to them. During the 1920s, friends and family life was both similar and different than it is now. Breakthroughs in commercial production and technology empowered ordinary People in the usa to acquire what once was unattainable luxuries, such as autos.

These amusement that were component to everyday family members life in the 1920s remain part of the dream today. There are, however , dissimilarities between friends and family life from the 1920s and modern family life. In the 1920s, husbands were the “breadwinners” because of their families. While the men were at work, their particular wives prepared, cleaned, and looked after the property. Wives likewise did most of the raising in the children. Ladies in the 1920s did maintain jobs, yet that was something even more for small, single ladies. Married ladies typically would not obtain a job because it might cause them to take their concentrate off of taking good care of their relatives. The desire today is that both men and women execute equal stocks of bringing up the family members. Instead of just the boys holding jobs, women likewise hold careers today. Instead of just the women tending to the home and children, men also get involved.

Through these kinds of efforts, People in america can wish to achieve fault the imagine raising a family group. Throughout the twenties, Americans proceeded a spending spree. The rise in the stock market generated a sudden increase in the nationwide wealth and created a contemporary society full of materialism. People started to consume and spend as part of your, and they got the idea that cash and popularity could solve everything. A person from any social qualifications could, probably, strike a lot. Speculators and industrialists whom achieved the American fantasy in the twenties of “getting rich” were labeled the “new money. ” The aristocracy disliked the new money. The so-called “old money, ” households that had always had money that was passed down from technology to generation, felt the fact that “get abundant quick” ways of earning money are not as rewarding as the traditional ways.

Today, money is usually valued differently than it was in the 1920s. The dream is usually not focused so much about money since it used to always be. Yes, money is still of similar importance, but persons nowadays continue to keep other desired goals in mind aside from just making profits. The fantasy today involves having a task that will pay well that is certainly enjoyable, not only a job that only pays very well. Another section of the American fantasy that women got in the 1920s was the same rights with men. The ratification in the Nineteenth Variation in 1920, which allowed women the justification to vote, helped them come even closer to having equal rights with men. In the dream today, women apparently not always be as concerned about women’s privileges as they do in the twenties.

This is due to the reality most of the function that needed to be done had been done, including the women’s privileges movement plus the ratification from the nineteenth variation. Today, on average, women make 77 pennies for every dollar that guys earn. Girls still keep far less control, CEO, and other high positions within companies than males. These two facts are evidence that work still is still in the struggle for equivalent rights for ladies. However , ladies definitely arrived a long way in fact it is only an issue of time before they are equivalent with males, for most in the work had been done.

In the 1920s, there will have been an American dream that everyone was trying to achieve. Various people seemed and some can still do look toward this as being a model for their own specific American dreams. However , even though this might have been the fantasy for many Americans in the 1920s, the general common sure has changed over the years in to the present time. Since the 1920s, the think of putting a excessive emphasis on “materialistic” life has become incredible into a current day dream of working hard, holding a well-paying task, and bringing up a family.


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