Shashi Deshpande is an award-winning Indian novelist. Shashi Deshpande makes gender central to her producing. In her story “MY BELOVED CHARIOTEER” she tries to the show the relationships of grandmother, mom and daughter at various stages of life. It is a story of a mother child relationship as well as a women’s role as a partner. Mother and daughter romantic relationship is like sisters or sparring partners. They care for each other. My Precious Charioteer depicts the life of mother’s characteristics and behavior not as kindness but as a regular human being full of negatives and positives, packed with emotions along with frustrations and never a perfect staying.

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My Precious Charioteer by Shashi Deshpande is based on three generations, 3 women my spouse and i. e. grandmother, mother and daughter and three several mindsets living together. Grandma being the oldest one particular and the one who takes care of every and everyone in the home.

Mother called Arti the daughter of grandmother a depressed lady as for to whom she cared and adored have passed away.

The girl loved two persons that is certainly her daddy and her husband offers both died. She is today the most inflammed person inside your home and she spends her most of the time cigarette smoking and looking on the walls of her area. She doesn’t talk to any person neither with her daughter Priti and neither to her mother. She evens scolds priti for no reason. She’s so much entangled with the earlier that her present can be neglected. The daughter called priti the youngest and the most enthusiastic character. Her father and grandfather had both perished. Her mother doesn’t talk to her. Her caretaker and her closest friend in the house can be her grandmother (Ajji). Once Priti is fully gone silence forms in the house. The relation involving the Arti and Priti is not also good in the storyline.

Arti is definitely depressed, sad, unhappy, and is in soreness. She doesn’t do any operate, which a mother must do for her girl and for her aged mother. She does not talk to Priti; play with her however the lady scolds Priti at times showing her anger, outrage and displeasure. Because of her character grandmother Ajji have to take care of Priti, she acts just like her mother. She awakens her, she dresses her for university, make breakfast for her. It really is shocking to see that at this young age also Ajji does all of the checking and she even won’t complain. The relationship of Arti and Priti is bad whereas the relationship between Ajji and Priti is good. Ajji once demand Arti to go out of house just like park whereas in answer she says that seeing other folks happy your woman wanted to get rid of and hide their happiness. This displays one of the natures of depressed lady.

Actually Ajji’s partner’s room offers her the opportunity to find her voice, rebel against her daughter and break the silence that threatens to destroy her home and her granddaughter. The photo frame that was cracked accidently by simply Arti offered a chance, which usually helped Ajji to talk to her and to describe her that what gone is gone. Ajji is also having the pain of her husband but on the other hand she is controlling and not jogging from her problems and fears. Priti has a daughter and your woman need to take proper care of her. Ajji also says that your woman does not wish to ever see the image again since it is no stage of discovering things that gives pain and discomfort. Arti needs to be happy at which she got rather than things, which will she doesn’t have. Hence through this account Shashi Deshpande elegantly brings about the mother/daughter relationship upon different stages and aspects of life.


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