‘Of Rodents and Men’ is a short novel by simply John Steinbeck, which is occur 1930s America. At this time in American Record they were affected by a hard hitting economic depression. This book is set on the ranch in Soledad, A bunch of states. Throughout this kind of novella, Steinbeck addresses important theme, one example is discrimination, loneliness and the American Dream. Curley’s wife can be described as complex personality. She is the sole woman for the ranch. Curley’s wife is utilized as a storyline device by simply Steinbeck to explore themes like discrimination and attitudes toward women in the 1930s.

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Although, she is thought of as a ‘tart’ at the beginning, through the entire novel we develop the opinion of Curley’s wife. Steinbeck features us to Curley’s partner through the judgment of Chocolate. His landscapes and thoughts are misogynistic, when he phone calls her a ‘tart’, making the reader prejudiced towards Curley’s wife prior to we also meet her. Candy describes that the girl ‘got the eye’ describing that she’s being flirtatious and immoral as we will be told that she is passade with other men straight following we are advised that the lady married to Curley.

Candies makes us anticipate her entrance ‘Wait till the thing is Curley’s wife’, Steinbeck uses this technique to make the reader need to read on and find out more. When Curley’s better half is first launched we gain a prejudiced impression coming from her explanation ‘She put on a cotton house outfit and red mules’ rewarding our initial opinion of a ‘tart’. The product she wears is also incongruous on a functioning ranch and expensive through the economic depression demonstrating that the lady wants to impress. She is large maintenance while ‘She got full roughed lips and wide-spaced eyes, heavily produced up’ displaying to the visitor that this lady has to look perfect before leaving the home and needs to look quite to the males. Steinbeck totally describes the actions of Curley’s better half. This displays physical consciousness the men have towards her, ‘She set her hands behind her back and leaned against the door frame in order that her human body was chucked forward’ Steinbeck’s description of Curley’s partner actions is not just to describe the men’s physical awareness of the smoothness but to show the desperation of Curley’s better half and other girls in the thirties.

Throughout the talk between George and Curley’s wife, the girl doesn’t maintain eye contact, ‘She looked at her fingernails’ this implies that the girl with trying to passade with her eyes. This kind of use of body gestures is in a flirtatious and provocative approach. When Curley’s wife gets into ‘The rectangle of sun in the door way is usually cut off’ Steinbeck uses this obstructing light to suggest that Curley’s wife is an obstacle, to Lennie’s and George’s ‘light’ which is mentioning their fantasy. This means do not like Curley’s wife since she positions a threat. The fact that George phone calls Curley’s better half ‘tramp’ makes us immediately dislike her as we trust George’s opinions. As her appearance is usually described initially this suggests that others judge her on how she looks and her appearance is regarded as her most crucial feature. This idea is usually developed through Curley’s wife’s sexuality which can be evident in her apparent flirting when ever she techniques so that ‘her body was thrown forward’ and speaks ‘playfully’. Through Curley’s wife actions, Steinbeck suggests that her sexuality is the only type of power she gets and is the only method she knows to gain interest. The initial entrance to get Curley’s better half lives up to and confirms the impressions developed by Chocolate.

Although primarily we believe what Candy explained, as the novella progresses more of her character can be revealed. When Slim detects Curley’s partner, at the end of her initially entrance ‘She was suddenly apprehensive’ that could suggest that Curley’s wife is usually scared of Curley and suggests that he is intense towards her linking towards the theme of physical violence. The reader is definitely apprehensive of Curley’s wife and the destruction she might cause. The men from the ranch think she is ‘jailbait’, and they are afraid that they may well lose all their job. You agrees with what the men for the ranch believe as the girl may lead to the downfall of George and Lennie. At this point in the novel, Curley’s wife is seen with contempt and there is little sympathy for her. The repetition with the colour ‘red’ suggests hazard and passion, maintained similarities between her and the girl in Weed. Not simply is Curley’s wife referred to as a floozy, but as well as intimidating. When she enters the barn where Crook and Candy will be, they are both frightened and ‘were scowling straight down away from her eyes’ this kind of prevention of eye contact could be seen that she is exerting power over the men. The girl exercises her power by threatening to hold Crooks, ‘I could get you stung up on a tree thus easy’, this kind of links towards the theme of violence as the lady acts meanly and cruelly which displays the interpersonal hierarchy of that time period. She goes from staying bullied by men to bullying the ‘weak ones’.

Curley’s better half gets annoyed by their unresponsive behaviour toward her. The girl with used to spotlight the hurtful society and also to show the position of black people during that time in America. The reader maybe apprehensive toward Curley’s Wife, yet it is clear that she may be lonely. Curley’s better half has a lot of time on her hands ‘Her face was heavily built up’ this can be shown simply by how much make-up she is often wearing. non-e of the men on the ranch will speak to her as they are scared that they may be tempted ‘Maybe you had better go along to yours house now’ The reason they don’t talk to her is they are frightened that they might get into difficulty with Curley. Steinbeck performs this to show just how isolated females were in the 1930s. Even though Curley’s better half has just been married two week we get told that Curley are at the ‘Cat house’ and isn’t together with his new better half with indicate that he has no coming back her and a lack of take pleasure in. When she is in the barn with Crooks, Candy and Lennie ‘talkin’ to a couple of bindle stiffs –a nigger an’ a dum-dum and a lousy ol’ sheep- an ‘liken’ it because they ain’t nobody else’ this display she will go to great plans to talk to someone and will even talk to the ‘weak ones’ when nobody is around. Once she is only in the hvalp with Lennie, she conveys her loneliness ‘I acquire awful lonely’ she does this to gain sympathy from the visitor, although the girl with telling one person who will not likely understand what she actually is saying.

Curley’s wife may be the only females on the hacienda and this could link to her loneliness. This kind of links to 1 of Steinbeck theme, isolation and how Curley’s wife being female ensures that she is constantly segregated and isolated because of her gender. As the reader reads in we learn to realise that Curley’s partner isn’t what we expected. All of us start to notice that she is more of a victim. Her name Curley’s wife suggest that she is a possession of Curley’s ‘Curley’s is even cockier’n ever since he got married’ this claim that she is a thing that Curley can present off for the other men on the ranch. Also Slims dog and Aunt Clara all include name although Curley’s better half doesn’t which will even more suggests that she is thing in world. She is also married to Curley who have isn’t usually spends his Sat evening in the ‘Cat house’ which does suggest that Curley has no take pleasure in for his new better half. Curley’s better half has an natural understanding of society. She recognizes her positions and understands what she can and can’t perform. ‘nobody’d tune in to you’ all of them are helpless while society is definitely harsh and what Curley’s wife says applies to all of them in the barn. Curley’s better half is only flirtatious and mean to men because it is in order to she is aware of who to talk to men.

Although she is pictured as a sufferer and as depressed, we still see since manipulative when ever she talking to Lennie approaches the end with the novel. While Curley’s partner describes to use the reason why she is married to Curley it come noticeable that she married Curley to get away after her mother died and then she wants to make use of Lennie to receive away from Curley, Steinbeck has used this to make the reader think that Curley’s wife is naive and provides poor judgement. The reader will be able to tell that Curley’s wife provides thought through what she wants Lennie to perform and the girl thinks that she may use him with her advantage. With this section she’s being manipulative ‘you can easily break his other han” She can see that Lennie can stand up to Curley even if it is only into a basic level. Though you could argue that Curleys’s better half was identified as a ‘girl’ which suggests purity and naivety. She is relatively like Lennie in that your woman doesn’t think before the actions. The clothes she wear can be seen about be putting on a costume to seem like idols which is hiding below her make-up. If this is almost all true in that case Curley’s partner suffered a horrid death which she doesn’t deserve the loss of life she was given. Throughout the novella, Steinbeck discusses the idea of the ‘American Dream’, like George and Lennie, Curley’s better half has a desire and that was to be in the ‘pitchers’.

Her dream is usually to be actress but is it really the idea of being an actress or maybe the reason is that she needed the money therefore she would have the ability to buy the outfits but not to accomplish the work. The lady met a guy who explained she could possibly be in the movies nevertheless never got letter, the lady blames her mother for never getting letter but it really is possible which the men never actually was from the films and if having been at the films then so why was this individual a not known riverside boogie. Also the simple fact that we will be told regarding the nasal voice ‘Her voice had a nasal, frail quality’ show to the visitor that she is deluded which she will never make her dream but has them to keep going about what is a gloomy life. Guys are bias towards Curley’s wife along the way in which she looks. Steinbeck’s initial characterization of Curley’s wife shows her to become mean and seductive temptress, and alive she is the bond to Event, she provides evil into men’s lives. She is as well blamed for many of the actions of Curley’s and the girl with thought of simply by how she looks not by simply how the girl with. The final scene for Curley’s wife can be her fatality. When she actually is getting murdered, the compassion lies with Lennie. Steinbeck did this to create even more sympathy through the reader intended for Curley’s better half.

This is what Steinbeck has been leading up over the book and also to the downfall of the romantic relationship between George and Lennie. HEr magnificence is displayed though once she is lifeless ‘she was very very and simple’, this creates more compassion from the reader by demonstrating how simple and pretty your woman was. Also the to link with the description the term ‘girl’ can be used, to create chasteness. The reader perception of her has changed ‘Ache for focus all gone’ Steinbeck wrote this to make the readers understand the problem of what has been carried out and how we are able to only discover her innocence, simplicity and beauty. A final description of Curley’s partner shows all of us the girl under what the world she lived in made her.

Although we come across this distinct side to Curley’s wife, Candy continues to have his misogynistic opinion of Curley’s better half, ‘Ever’body knowed you’d clutter things up’ this demonstrate that Candies blames Curley’s wife so that has happened even though Lennie was the individual who murdered Curley’s wife. Candy’s lack of compassion towards her creates more sympathy through the reader. Steinbeck does this to show that Women got blamed so that the men did even if that were there nothing to carry out with this. In conclusion, Curley’s wife was in fact the victim of her culture and even though some of her action had been in some ways indecent for a newly married ladies it, somehow this displays how much she was actually a victim. Likewise she was job burning the actions and shower like the celebrities which the girl idolised. My spouse and i personal believe Curley’s better half was not all to blame for her actions and so she did not deserve the death that she acquired as it was severe a raw.

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