The Cock as well as the Fox is one of the fables of Aesop, a learned servant in the mid-6th century BC in ancient Greece. The different collections that go under the title Aesop’s Fables have been enjoyed for centuries for his or her clever portrayal of pets or animals in various scenarios speaking as humans, and then for the moral lessons implied in those tales. In the 17th century, the most famous People from france fabulist Jean de La Fontaine put most of Aesop’s stories to sentirse in his collection of Fables.

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This account of Chantecler and the Fox celebrates the astuteness with the cock, which gets the better of the fox in a video game of sensibilities. Its lessons seems best suited for each of our times, using its mania pertaining to ecumenism and having a visionär world serenity. Ecumenism plus the new world order plan are traps to lure naïve Catholics using their secure classic position and “be eaten by the shrewd foxes ” Progressivism and Freemasonry.

Here is his story: A cock, perched among the divisions of a lofty tree, crowed loudly. The shrillness of his voice echoed throughout the woods, as well as the well-known sound brought a fox, who was prowling in quest of prey, towards the spot.

The fox attempts to lure Chantecler to the floor with talk of universal brotherhood| Seeing the cock by a great elevation in the tree above him, the sibel set his wits to work to look for some way of bringing him down.

He greeted the bird in the gentlest voice and stated, “Have you not heard, special cousin, in the proclamation of universal peace and tranquility among all the various beasts and birds? Our company is no longer to prey upon and devour one another, yet love and friendship are to be the order of the day. Do come down, and we will talk over fantastic news for our leisure time. 

The cock, who suspected the fox was only up to his old tricks, pretended to be observing something inside the distance. The fox asked him what was this individual looked at so earnestly.

“Why,  said the dick, “I think I see a pack of hounds yonder. 

“Oh, then,  said the fox, “I must be eliminated. 

“Why, dear relation,  explained the dick, “pray will not go. I actually am simply coming down. You are surely not afraid of dogs during these peaceable occasions. 

“No, no,  said the fox. “But they may not have heard of the proclamation however! 

And off he ran in fright, disappointed.

Now the English add a moral with their version: Be mindful sudden gives of friendship.

But the extraordinaire La Fontaine ends his verse with this:

And our cock chuckled to him self at the fox’s fear

Because the satisfaction is doubled when the cheater is scammed! 


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