People often go to visit areas of their fascination like zoo, hill-stations, sea-shores etc . nevertheless our teacher one day produced a plan to check out a Chicken Sanctuary. This sounded quite thrilling to us since it was a extremely unusual type of visit. Recently I have been participating in the different characteristics related activities, quizzes, nature trails, cartel competitions, taking walks, programmes and so forth so I got selected pertaining to the go to. I was overjoyed and sensed on top of the world as it was gonna be a totally different experience for all of us.

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On fifth November, 2012 at 7 am i was to meet at the school premises from exactly where it was to our instructor. About following forty moments drive we were at the “CHINTAMANI KAR FOWL SANCTUARY in Narendrapur, Kolkata. It Is one of the most oldest Fowl sanctuaries in Kolkata and situated away from the hustle and bustle with the city. Even as we entered the sanctuary the pristine trees of the place made all of us speechless mainly because in towns only we can see the highrises, malls, multiplexes and lots of automobiles running everywhere.

The huge trees, the dense foliage plus the silence delighted us all. We were filled with inquisitiveness and the solid desire to explore. Slowly we were escorted into the sanctuary then it was hardly ever before. Amazing trees, creepers, canopies, distinct variety of Butterflies, Moths, Parrots, Squirrels and also other beauties of nature welcomed us. Even as headed inside, we got the glimpses of a Black Drongo, some Reddish colored ” Venting Bulbuls, a Black “Headed Oreol, Crimson Heron, Common Sparrows, Cormorants etc . The teacher noticed the common Kingfisher targeting his breakfast wonders. The interior with the sanctuary was similar to dense forest. After going through the sanctuary all of us realised how beautiful characteristics is and what I had been missing. There is also a small lake which was centrally located.

Presently there in the pond were Reduced Whistling Geese, Pochards and also other aquatic wild birds. Soon it absolutely was time to come back. We went back to school together with the fond thoughts of the check out. The trip to the refuge was not simply a new encounter for us nevertheless also very improving. Some activities are like surf which come and pass by sometimes leave a great indelible mark on our minds and my experience of the visit is one of them. I would like to thank our school for providing us such good opportunities and hope to have some more like this kind of in forseeable future.

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