First adverse effect of recording animals is lack of freedom. The pets or animals should be inside the place where they fit in. An pets or animals staying in the cage seem to be kind of tortured. Of course , they are tortured and for sure, it is difficult time for pets to stay in the cage for years to come. “When we lose the right to be different, we all lose the privilege being free (Hughes). Wild animals are supposed to live wildlife, supposed to look and survive as they live their own standard life.

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Although pets or animals in the tiergarten will be released by any opportunities nevertheless they will never be able to survive in wildlife. This is due to the lack of experience in wildlife and they will not be easily modified to the new environment. Is not just freedom a creature, who being captive within a zoo, all their chance for success is no longer all their control. Many people pondering Some universities organize institution trips for the zoo, intended for educational reasons.

A large number of people admit zoos are most definitely educational.

Yet, in reality people spend only few minutes of time to look at one particular animal, consequently there is practically nothing educational about. It is much easier to watch exactly the same thing on TV or perhaps go online. Although some people claim that there is a quite natural environment inside the zoo there may be nothing normal about it. For example, water pets or animals don’t have the required amount of water, or perhaps birds cannot fly as much distance that they can actually need. Some animals require privacy and seclusion, but this is not occurring in the tierpark.

As a result pets end up having abnormal habit or even worse the degeneration from the species. The bears simply cannot hibernate, lions continuously stroll inside circles, giraffes and elephants bang all their heads for the bars and etc. Zoos declare they actually protect animals by extinction, but in reality they actually the opposite. Sadly some of the animals will never be released to their crazy environment, although even if they will there is no the opportunity they would make it through.

The saddest thing is that the money spent on zoo ticket let persons look at pets to be locked up and traded. In the modern world it really is considered to be regular to capture pets or animals from their normal wild environment and put displayed. For example , pandas are one of the rarest animals in the world. It can be such a sensitive animal that requires privacy and privateness. A pandas are almost one step from deterioration, but it doesn’t stop Chinese language government to rent pandas zoos across the world for significant amount of money.

Another good example is usually African elephant, in its all-natural and untamed environment the standard lifespan is usually 56 years. However in zoos these elephants have life expectancy of sixteen. 9 years. In fact various zoos getting it out shutting the elephants exhibits, however it doesn’t stop all of the zoos close these exhibits. One other very distressing fact that the zoos with small budget reduce their particular supply about cages or perhaps order a smaller cages with less leaves. Indeed, can make animals’ lives almost not bearable. It is so miserable that those animals are becoming captured just for entertainment purposes.


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