Madagascar is an island inside the Indian Sea, it belong to southern Africa. This country is actually a green jewel in the Indian Ocean. Madagascar is very charming. It has wood carvings, peculiar animals, and several sapphires.

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Wood carving is a indication and sign of this region and the place’s culture and history (Heale, Abdul, 2008). There are noted locally while the “holy wood, this type of wood is hard and hefty, and the texture is grayscale white (Ashamu et, ‘s.

2005). Many individuals like buying some real wood carvings, if they go back.

For its unique background, Madagascar provides lots of various unusual varieties (Vences ou, al. 2009). Madagascar offers about 200, 000 varieties, but regarding 150, 500 species will be unique (Vences et, approach. 2009). The star is a lemur. Lemurs are primates, it just found on Madagascar (Black, 2012). Today, about 60 species of lemur lives in Madagascar. Such as Ring-tailed lemur, Aye-aye, and Mouse button lemurs (Black, 2012).

Madagascar is not just a real gem, but half of the world’s sapphires are making in Madagascar (Pezzotta, 2001).

Nearly all city contains a jewelry market. Some people just like buying some gems in Madagascar.

Madagascar is very captivating. This country has its own wood carvings, strange pets, and lots of gems. So , whatever your interests and exactly where you are derived from, Madagascar has something for you. (228)


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