Hiya. This is the history about the first time I got a pet. my name is Hugo Lambrechts here is in which it all began. Last night at around doze: 00 pm hours I was gonna go to bed when i was introduced to a present on my bed from my Mom. After i opened my gift I saw a plaything elephant inside. I saw that and I looked for quite some time, had taken a big breath and smiled. When I was about to go to foundation I was hoping to see having a family pet elephant and how it would be to have an elephant to get a pet.

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The next morning, it absolutely was my birthday! I hopped for delight. Mom welcomed me a happy birthday. I quickly saw my dad, he was the main one i had to beat, I mean if I require a pet hippo, then I have to go through him.

I stated “Good early morning Dad. 

Then father said “Happy Birthday! What would you like for your birthday? 

I asked him “Dad can I have a pet elephant? 

My Dad looked shocked in that case he laughed a little in that case he started to be serious.

This individual said with a loud tone, “No! You can’ to have a pet elephant! After all do you even know how to care for an elephant?  I actually didn’t know what to say, I used to be stuttering just like I was inside the North Post for days. Then this school shuttle bus went by using a big “HONK!  I can’t consider I was kept by the school bus. I was rushing to get away as soon as possible. “Bye Dad, L8rs Mom see ya afterwards.  My spouse and i said in a hurry.

Then I ran out the door inside the school coach and off to school. After school, I managed to get home i quickly overheard my father talking contacting companies then he was talking about job and products then it struck me We heard him talking about a present! Then that made me think. So I only went about my place and contemplated it for some time. The next day, while I was eating breakfast I could see my dad dedicated to the computer looking for something on the site regarding wildlife and stuff. Therefore it made me question more and more. So when I got back from school I could see my Dad and Mom before the TV watching those documentaries about pets and so while i got uninterested I gone upstairs inside my room and thought about it again. Once i got home I could see boxes everywhere and so I asked, “What will be these bins for? 

Then Mommy answered “We are shifting to a fresh house. 

Then I asked But for what reason? 

“You’ll see.  Said my Mom with enjoyment.

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Then I travelled upstairs to pack my personal things. While we were driving a car to North Island I was thinking about what is going to the shock be? Thus when I got there My spouse and i went jogging down the car and up the stairs and in the room. I then saw a holder on the floor and it explained

To Hugo Dear favorite Hugo

Happy Birthday! I am hoping you love the gift.

From your parents

Then when I opened the holder it was an infant elephant inside!. And that is the storyline of how I obtained my pet elephant.


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