This kind of sonnet of Edna St Vincent Millay is a literary piece reveals many confronts and communicates so many connotations. Nevertheless even if they have many connotations, the general concept and which means is about unreturned love. It conveys overpowering feelings; longing and a desire for a lover. The interesting factor of “I, Becoming Born a female and Distressed is the stimulating features of the sonnet inconsistant message and desires stated.

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Saying that she’s “born a lady and distressed signifies that she surrenders to this sort of fate that she is from the female sexuality with its consequent circumstance adjacent women.

Then the sexy acknowledgement of the “propinquity (nearness) of a fan, the sonnet defines what pleasure these kinds of nearness provides. The sonnet yearns that the two bodies with the lover be near to each other. It is because such nearness enables the “fume to clarify the pulse and cloud the mind, that means such nearness allows the savoring of their mutual aromas. In which, it is further more expressed that such nearness and a sense of “undone, possessed brings them to higher amounts of joy.

However , the sonnet defends that such serious happiness to be together does not necessarily mean that it deters rightful reason or perhaps thinking as “stout blood is “against my staggering brain. It is just that such nearness alwaysemploy joyful sojourn and leaves fond recollections. Furthermore, such nearness reaffirms the commitment and conviction of affection shared and cherished. Nevertheless, around all the “frenzy, the misunderstandings, the sonnet evoke the inability to truly exhibit in words that could help to make a reasonable chat “when we meet again.

The entire sonnet is a gradual mode of rising emotions from the beginning before the conclusion that apparently can easily leave a single expressionless, wordless. There exists a possible paradox wherein the sonnet incorporate humongous operate of thoughts and yet cannot find what to say these people. There is the feasible inconsistency that inasmuch as the climb of emotions is wondrous, yet, they may not be wanted. Maybe it is because it is so challenging to contain substantial feelings of love and happiness, that it might be better not to achieve the feelings ever again than being unable to have them. It is like as if the sonnet shows a lover’s dual function of being “both [a] champion and [a] loser. It is because there is certainly “zest, frenzy, “seduction, “staggering. (Hubbard, 1995)

The sonnet for some reason refers to this sort of incongruent thoughts and paradox to the fact that the feelings and thoughts come from a woman ” who may be not capable of this kind of enormity of feelings. This sonnet explains that “being born a woman is not really the because of anyone ” thus, it is not anyone’s mistake that the succeeding experience and nurturing this kind of passion and joy cannot be covered.

The ultimate interesting part is that despite every one of the paradox, the sonnet is convinced that there is complete cause and awareness as to what pleasure such love and happiness beings. The sonnet finally expects to illustrate that whether or not there is dilemma in these kinds of situation and so on enormity of feelings, it truly is still directly to nurture these kinds of feelings. The sonnet confirms that love and keenness is a right and it is rational.


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