ii Outline Thesis: Athena is certainly a powerful woman figure within just Greek mythology; however you will find obvious contradictions between the belief of Athena and the actuality of how the goddess is represented within just Greek Materials and these types of contradictions must be examined offered Greek Literatures foundational function in molding our awareness of a heroine. I. Description how females were looked at in Historic Greece 2.

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Common perception of Athena in Traditional Mythology a) Goddess of War b) Powerful c) Equal to Zeus III.

Part that Athena truly enjoyed as Zeus’s daughter a) Non intimidating: enable the end of Kingship of Paradise b) Virgin mobile daughter, chastity IV. Illustrations supporting the repositioning of Athena as being a determent to women within just Greek tradition a) Athena and Poseidon clash over Athens b) Athena’s mothering role in Odyssey c) Athena’s role within Aeschylus’s Eumenides V.

Athena’s rendering within Traditional Mythology provides proven to be an incorrect icon pertaining to the personal strength of women.

iii Fuzy Athena is regarded as a powerful female figure within Greek mythology; however there are obvious contradictions between the belief of Athena and the reality of how the goddess can be represented within just Greek Literature and these contradictions should be examined provided Greek Literatures foundational function in molding our perceptions of a heroine.

The undercurrent of inconsistant messages among Athena’s iconic state being a powerful goddess and the basic oppression of Greek female supports the idea that there could be more to Athena then simply first complies with the eye. Common myth and two wonderful works of ancient Greek materials are used to support the thesis that Athena may have been an instrument of oppression used resistant to the women of ancient Portugal. 1 The Importance of Athena in Ancient greek language Mythology The foremost strong female figure in Greek Mythology was Athena, the greyish eyed goddess.

She is typically hailed as as an icon pertaining to female electricity within Greek literature. This kind of misperception increases the mystic that Greek civilization was socially evolved over and above it’s time. By taking a closer look at how Athena was immortalized within the Parthenon, the role the fact that Goddess played out in Homer’s Odyssey, and her role in Aeschylus’s Eumenides that quickly becomes clear that we have been romanticizing Athena’s electricity. By tugging back the curtain on the obvious and revealing what resides slightly below the surface a fresh pictures comes into focus.

Athena is regarded as an effective female physique within Ancient greek mythology; nevertheless there are apparent contradictions between the perception of Athena and the reality of how the goddess is represented within Ancient greek language Literature, and these contradictions need to be analyzed given Traditional Literatures foundational role in molding our perceptions of any heroine. In the first place it is important to come to a agreement regarding the lifestyle of an Athenian woman in Ancient Portugal. Based upon the reading which i have done, there is certainly little question that the girls of that time had no rights.

The Ancient Greek culture in many ways showcases today’s modern conservative cultures of the middles east, when it comes to women’s rights. The Ancient greek language culture was highly patriarchal. Ancient women were regarded as property of their fathers during their delivery, and then utilized in become the home of their husbands directly following marriage. Young women were often forced to marry men twice their age, whom that were there never met. Women, naturally , had not any right to political election, no right to own home and oddly enough were not permitted to watch the enduring Olympic games.

Yet , the most mind numbing understanding for me was that women were not allowed to go out without permission. Women weren’t permitted to wonder in public areas unless they had an explicit reason given the green light by their husband. It is suspicious to me that given most of these widely acknowledged facts we would thus easily recognize that Ancient greek men were creating heroes of power as superb as Athena’s perceived electricity. If nearly anything, I do give these Ancient Greek author’s credit rating for being sly.

They developed goddess whom Greek men could idealize as the ‘perfect’ girl, fearing her power, while at the same time defining the powerful goddess who was obedient, compliant, acquiescent, subservient, docile, meek, dutiful, tractable to males. 2 An over-all definition of Athena provides all of us with an example to comparison against the “average Athenian girl. Harris and Platzner offer a general description of Athena’s power in Classical Mythology Images & Insights. An excellent description can be levied by authors, “Athena, a potent symptoms of her father’s innovative intelligence (82).

Athena is usually widely known since the empress of knowledge and conflict. She is hailed as the defender of Athens and the comparable to the ubiquitous Zeus. However , and this can be described as big nevertheless , that is just upon 1st glance. Even as dig much deeper into Athena’s story a fresh spin starts to present itself. First, the legend of Athena’s impressive birth, which actualization is merely a reflection of Zeus’s success. Athena has been said to have leapt from Zeus’s head. The depiction of her beginning is around the east pediment of the Parthenon, which ensures its role in the daily lives of Greek men.

Zeus in an effort to deny the prophecy that Metis could someday weary a child who overthrow his power; this individual ate Metis. By consuming Metis this individual also eats her forces and Athena his unborn daughter. In concept Zeus then offers birth, the sole uniquely girl power that been with us in Historic Greece. Athena, now staying directly ‘sprung’ from the human body of her father is definitely forever faithful, as he is currently part of her. In this one particular sweeping myth Zeus outwits Metis, prevails over his fate, gives birth and makes an equal virginal partner whom has an undying faithfulness with her father.

However, focus on her virginal point out, associates her with the classic concept of ‘ownership’ by a woman’s father until she is wedded. Athena’s extremely birth leads to increasing Zeus’s greatness and defining women as obedient, compliant, acquiescent, subservient, docile, meek, dutiful, tractable. The second essential piece of information and facts regarding for what reason Athena came to be a woman, is easy and computed. The fact that Athena can be described as woman ends the traditions of The Empire of Paradise, and assures Zeus’s master rule. If perhaps she had been born a guy, there would be menace of usurpation. Ss women; with no husband she will serve no danger.

Again, a myth determined to support the greatness of Zeus. a few The west side in the Parthenon is another sort of how a fable, at first glance, showing up to support the great wisdom of Athena in the end this kind of myth provides the purpose of Greek men, and serves to repress Ancient greek language women. The west pediment depicts the contest among Athena and Poseidon to get the ‘sponsorship’ of Athens. Athena is said to have gained the favour of the Greeks by offering a great olive shrub to the people of Athens. Poseidon offered the city a sodium water spring which was rejected, thus problem Poseidon.

Multiple points jump from the life of this misconception. First, benefits, by choosing Athena over Poseidon the Traditional men have a direct link to Zeus. She is selected because she actually is well linked! Secondly, and even more manipulatively, to be able to appease Poseidon’s wrath Ancient greek woman will be continued to be reprimanded and not provided the right to political election. The first advancement of the woman in a powerful location generates a backlash that will ensure that no woman is usually ever offered any REAL form of electrical power within Ancient greek language Culture (Harris and Platzner 9).

However, what is strange in this is really deep that it is almost comical. We have now set up that the two key misguided beliefs used to establish Athena’s electric power are in fact undermining her power. In the event anything, we all begin to watch her since Zeus’s pr consultant. Right now by looking at the way that Greek copy writers have translated Athena’s capabilities into actions, we can see why these nuances did not go undetected by Greece’s creative thinkers. A refined example exists within Homer’s depiction of Athena in The Odyssey. Athena plays a motherly part to both Odysseus and Telemachus.

The girl never gets directly associated with any discord, she only provides guidance and support for the men. She is rewarding the growing traditional position of a mother. In the stories opening the moment Athena hide herself since Mentor (a man) to find the trust of Telemachus her goal is only to guide him in the path to member. She encourages him to take a stand on the concern of his mothers’ fresh suitors and also to go on a transitional phase journey to look for his father. The book is full of examples of how Athena offers a soft contact is supporting the improvement of Odysseus’s cause.

The girl organizes the ship pertaining to Telemachus’s trip. She pleads with Zeus on their behalf in Book five, she shows up in a dream to Phaeacian urging her being at the lake to help Odysseus when we washes to shore. The list goes on and, in Publication 20 Athena helps Odysseus in his plan to surpass the suitors by ensuring the suitors antagonize the concealed Odysseus, which feeds his desire to regain Penelope. Many of these actions mirror that of a mother, aiming to encourage the best for and from her children.

This further supports the notion that women in Athens are supposed to be your family support, and support the achievements of their fathers, and then all their husbands. 4 The most manifest example of improper use of Athena’s perceived electricity occurs in Aeschylus, Eumenides. A jury is organized to judge Orestes for eliminating his mother and his dad’s murder, Aegisthus. It is decided that in the event the jury are not able to come to a agreement of Orestes’ sense of guilt then Athena will make the final decision. Athena’s ultimate consensus reads as follows, “The last judgment is best left to me, and I Announce that my political election shall be given to Orestes.

Simply no mother gave me birth, and in all things Preserve marriage I actually commend with all my center The assertive, my father’s child without a doubt. Therefore I cannot hold in higher confidence A woman murdered because your woman killed her husband. In case the votes are equal, Orestes wins. Area appointed officers proceed To clear the urns and count number the votes (H & P 636). Athena says she is the servant of her dad in this talk. Here is a son who has wiped out his own mother, and Athena clearly states that she values the life of Orestes’ daddy greater than the life span of his mother, Clytemnestra.

Even when the literature clearly gives Athena power, the girl only uses it to further confirm the dominance of men within Ancient greek society. I actually am positive that there are many other good examples that support my notion of a dual sided Athena. Every model that I discovered of Athena within Ancient greek literature allows for a theoretical positioning of Athena as being a Greek application of woman oppression. Athena is the Ancient Greek’s variation of the women in the girdle commercials inside the 50’s, Cindy Brady in the 70’s, or even more accurately the 5 Britney Spears these days.

At first glance a single thinks is actually nice to view positive imagines of women, however when you begin to appear a little nearer one can evidently see the leaf spring shackles. 6 Functioning Bibliography Graham, Casey, “Ancient Athenian Ladies.  http://www. angelfire. com/ca3/ancientchix/ Harris, Sophie L, and Platzner, Fausto. Classical Mythology Images and Insights. 5th Edition. McGraw-Hill. 2008. “Role of Women in Ancient Portugal.  http://www. factsmonk. com/role_of_women_in_ancient_greece Stebbins, Elinor. “Pallas Athena, Goddess of Wisdom.  <

http://www. arthistory. sbc. edu/imageswomen/papers/stebbinsathena/athena2. html>


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