The form of the composition is not easy to determine. It consists of six stanzas of unequal length, that happen to be, except for the first and fifth, again divided into sub-stanzas. The m is abnormal as well as the entire verses and there is also simply no rhyme plan. Cervantes performs very widely with the structure of poems. She will not use an established type of composition and neglects rhyme and meter, nevertheless she reveals her phrases graphically as stanzas, in separate yet related parts.

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The half a dozen main parts are numbered. It can be believed that the arrangement of the verses was carried out consciously which it aims at a certain reception on the side of the reader.

Each time a stanza or perhaps sub-stanza begins, a kind of temporarily halt emerges. This also permits the composition to have spatial and provisional, provisory leaps with out transitions, it increases the troubles concerning the understanding of the text. Furthermore, many things are only vaguely hinted or ambiguously presented.

The natural continuity with the poem can be achieved by their themes and by its symbolism.

The initial section deals with “the darkness of the freeway, the image that may be also inside the title in the poem. It might be obvious that the speaker lives next into a freeway; the lady can watch it right down the street from her porch. Daily she realises that the darkness of the freeway lengthens. This is certainly interesting, mainly because freeways normally do not cast dark areas, they are toned. This appears to suggest that the freeway is truly a metaphor, hence the speaker lives next to either a true or a metaphorical freeway.

The family is presented in the second part. It is an all-female family members, consisting of 3 generations: grandma, mother, and daughter. Grandma is a “Queen, mother is definitely “Swift Knight, Fearless Warrior, who wants to become a “Princess rather. The presenter herself is usually conflicted by simply her part in the family members. Because your woman cannot determine, she becomes a “Scribe: a translator, somebody who does “light man work. These fairytale images comparison sharply get back of the highway. They are a magic, marvel family that reside next to a cold, ordinary freeway.

Inside the third stanza the tight of the composition changes by past tense to present anxious. Nature symbolism is displayed; it explains to about seagulls and wild birds. Nature is definitely again a contrast towards the freeway. The past two lines of this part: Grandma “trusts only what she develops / with her own hands, could be read being a hint the fact that freeway, not being built simply by oneself, is definitely not to always be trusted. This kind of passage also contains accusations against guys. The male mockingbirds are, unlike men, vocal for their spouses and “They don’t leave their families / borrachando. This really is said simply by grandma and it is very likely that she is speaking out of her own experience. In the poem the woman-family, left by their males, shows the difference between the imperfect human world and the idealized idea of mother nature: the mockingbirds’ family-structure remains to be intact. Males are to be manufactured responsible for the destruction in the human family members unit. This is made specific in the next stanza.

Grandma’s spouse is identified as “a gentleman who attempted to kill her. Now in the event he certainly attempted to murder his wife or in the event he attempted to kill her physically, would not make an excessive amount of a difference. It is shown that males are chaotic and the destroyers of the family members. The tight is once again past anxious. The men of such women are part of the past; they can be history. Granny became a powerful and self-reliant woman following being as well as her husband. The is shown as being happy simply by not having males, who can endanger all their content lives.

But the harmony of the woman family is endangered. In the pursuing stanza the speaker describes a man, going into the house during night, violent, drunk and spreading dread. It is not crystal clear who he is; probable the man of the mother, but it is also the grandmother’s husband. Almost all of this component is crafted in dialogic form, however it is unsure who is speaking or who will be addressed. Additionally it is ambiguous what time this section refers to. Earlier tense is utilized, but conjunctive in the first line “in the night I might hear it indicates that something comparable happened (or happens? ) more than once.

The very last section can be finally harmonious and shows a positive perspective, also relating to men. Created in the present tense it explains to about the current and the season is summertime. It depends on a discussion between among the women andher daughter. It can be probable the mother discussing with the speaker. She gives her bits of advise, that are mainly warnings of guys. She has got her encounters and does not have any confusion, but the girl is more idealistic and trusts in a sort of natural rules: “If you are good to them as well as they will be great to you back. And it appears as if the speaker received confirmed in her view, because she is sleeping “with a gentle person / to the hymn with the mockingbirds. This final stanza then as well tells regarding the future. The things the child plans to do refer back to the grandmother. The three generations are thus linked together in cyclic harmony.

A relationship with man may be achieved, if perhaps independence can be preserved and confidence is merely placed in yourself. The connect of the family, the unity between mom and child will always be better than any kind of relationship between man and women. The mockingbird, which lives the ideal of any natural family including the male, is definitely a confident image in addition to a contrast for the freeway. The bird occurs with the grandmother’s patchwork plus the speaker’s sleeping with her gentle gentleman. The highway is mentioned again in the last stanza, but this time through without any unfavorable connotations. It is just said that it can be “across the street.

This is certainly just a fairly neutral statement, the freeway does not cast any kind of shadows anymore. The natural, the mockingbird, and the unpleasant, the highway, have come to conditions with each other. One could also believe the mockingbird stands for the loving and caring girl concept, including instinct and nature, whereas the freeway expresses the male notion, being unnatural and without feeling and thinking, a “blind worm. Just as characteristics and environment have to have a problem with human improvement, women need to struggle with guys.

A lot through this poems keeps ambiguous and vague. Usually the sounds of the three women are not to be recognized; their identities merge and this increases the idea of continuity and interconnection among three generations of women, in which men will always be outsiders, even if they may be “gentle.


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