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Over the years while technology keeps improving, a lot more people are using it in their daily lives. Over these past few decades, there has been a tremendous advancement in neuro-scientific technology. In addition obvious in the public eyes nowadays is a advancement of communication devices. Communication products are products or hardware designed to maneuver or communicate or info from one destination to another. Put simply, allowing one person to contact another. During the earlier days, there is just one form of connection device which can be the telephone.

At that time, the mobile phones can only be applied to make telephone calls or acquire them. However , in this modern day, phones can easily do a lot more than that. In fact , there are plenty of more sophisticated connection devices available besides cell phones.

Communication equipment have developed over time. Besides making and receiving calls, telephones nowadays are equipped with abilities such as taking pictures and connecting to the Internet. Humans have also developed various types of conversation devices just like computers, smartphones, tablets and many more.

Even greater is that a large number of communication devices can internet access. Internet is the reason why these conversation devices prosper. This is because the world wide web is the most strong, global info communications system making it the best invention of science because of its wide range of rewards and uses in the world today.

The biggest benefit of the world wide web can be found in the academic sector. Teachers can obtain learning material via it, put together courses on the web and deliver music and image information to students. It is just a valuable resource for referencing material and tool in enhancing their knowledge. Example of one of the most powerful and most used form of internet technologies in the educational sector is E-learning. According to (Ove, Salleh & Iahad, 2010):

“E-learning is the utilization of Information and Communication Technology e. g. Internet, Pc, Mobile phone, Learning Management System (LMS), Televisions, Radios and others to boost teaching and learning activities. E-learning can be described as unifying expression used to describe the fields of online learning, web-based teaching and technology delivered instructions. 

E-learning is a popular learning approach in higher educational institutions due to the fast growth of internet technology. Today due to the competitive advantage, a large number of universities possess implemented E-learnings. By doing so, that left a massive positive impact within the students’ overall performance. The internet also provides a quicker and more effective ways of connection such as video conferencing, e-mails and more. With just the just click of a mouse button a person can link to someone who is in one other city and even halfway around the world. Distance is erased within just seconds and spatial limitations have come a crash down because of instant messaging providers.

For a college student, information including the student particulars, notes, papers and etc. could be transferred immediately from everywhere with the help of internet. Besides that, students could also leave brief messages or notification in front of large audiences by using e-mails. This is both convenient for individuals, lecturers and also faculty employees of the university. However , communication devices are needed to be able to access to the internet. You will not connect to the internet without using conversation devices these days. Therefore , this kind of shows the value of interaction devices for individuals especially in the place of work and educational areas.


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