The opportunity announcement provides the two weekday and weekend bare minimum for services hours An independent business figures service earnings by applying the calculation situated in the opportunity announcement under the system details section. The Stramatic 2 . zero is the system use to schedule and control service several hours. C. a few actions to lower noise levels in your business office Ensure the door to your workplace remains closed while you job. If appear passes throughout the door, consider investing in a solid core door. Close the windows to outside noises

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Do not place your table against a wall having a TV set, dishwasher, or washer/dryer on the other side.

Purchase a noise rescheduling telephone headsets. It should come with an “echo-canceller which usually reduces heurt between the loudspeaker and the audience. If your workplace has wooden floor or perhaps tiles, consider investing in floor covering because it will muffle appears. D. Preserving a professional method and photo Professionalism: approach the services you give with the same professionalism that you just would give if you were working in a company office establishing.

Phone manners: answer your business phone with a focused response, clearly declaring the name of the client with a confident and organic tone. Family members rules E. Check your understanding You should use DSL and cable television to assistance arise clients F. Security protection Appropriate software: computer virus protection (Norton), antispyware (Norton), and firewall (windows firewall). You must have by least 1 software program coming from each of the 3 categories of protection. Installation: you should install and allow antivirus, anti-spyware, and firewall software on your pc before repairing arise clients Host checker

III. Lesson 3: selecting business opportunities A. You can decide on a business opportunity throughout the: Partner vestibule dashboard: where you are currently going through the accès process. That’s where you will have your first probability to select a business opportunity and enroll in the related client course The arise site: you will just be able to choose business opportunities on the Arise Web site after you have picked you first income opportunity. B. Check your understanding C. Check your understanding

D. Check your understanding Elizabeth. Maximize your marketability Be picky and focus on relevant abilities and achievements Improve your qualifications by making these people more competetive. F. Provide yourself a competitive edge Choose the wording that will have the best impact Employ verbs that best illustrate your capabilities, skills, and accomplishments Assessment each section to see if you can edit the sentence to create a more favorable impression. Remember it is necessary to be truthful at all times G. Review of the occur portal

The 5 main functions from the arise web site: G.. 1 . Reviewing available business opportunities G.. 2 . Interacting with Quick Links G.. 3. Accessing Starmatic 2 . 0 G.. some. Reviewing the network status section G.. 5. Getting at support forums H. Check your understanding We. The 2 arise support stations The vestibule team: speak to for questions related to the admissions process by discussion Monday-Friday 1000-1700 EST Ava: contact for any nonadmissions related questions regarding Business opportunities, technological issues or perhaps other theme by electronic and live chat 24/7


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