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The Internet and computer networking means that there is a requirement for new reliability measures to lower the risks and challenges inherent coming from these new technologies and software applications and network equipment. Information, network equipments, tranny media, computer systems, and computers are controlled by threats. “Yet the use of details and conversation technologies has grown the situations of laptop abuse.  Computer reliability involves protecting computing assets, ensuring data integrity, limiting access to authorized users, and maintaining info confidentiality.

Effective laptop security as a result involves acquiring physical protection measures (to ensure hardware and multimedia are not thieved or damaged), minimizing the chance and significance of problem, failure or loss (for example by simply developing a strong back-up strategy), appropriate customer authentication (for example by employing strong move wording), and possibly the encryption of very sensitive files. All of us live in a new where “information wants to be free in addition to which folks are getting used to having access to no matter what information they want anytime, everywhere and coming from a wider range of computing devices.

However, in terms of the security and power over the resources to which computers permit access, this can prove a significant problem. Without a doubt, many users unfortunately generally view secureness and control measures because inhibitors to effective laptop use.

The student’s recognition about computer security measures can be a huge help to them to acquire some know-how about protection with their digital advantage. In this feeling, the students get knew understanding on how to make use of computer security measures in order to protect each of the data kept in their personal computer. Because of the computer systems evolution, the researchers need to share the implications on how important the pc security measures, so that the participants will be able to understand on how to take care of some cases down the road. Globally, the best computer protection measures are Anti-virus courses are the most often used equipment to protect computer systems, and they has to be upgraded regularly to protect against any kind of new viruses.

Firewallis not the same as anti-virus software, which merely verifies that the file is definitely virus free of charge. You can also put an anti-spy ware software. Spy ware is actually a small plan downloaded on your computer over the internet, usually with your approval, to get information. Anti-spy ware operates a lot like computer antivirus program, nevertheless role should be to prevent harmful spy ware (or malware) via sneaking on your computer and transmitting your own personal data. Fire wall intercepts and controls visitors between networks with varying levels of trust. It is portion of the network perimeter defense of the organization and should enforce a network secureness policy. By simply Cheswick’s and Bellovin’s definition, it provides a great audit trail. A firewall is a good location to support good user authentication as well as private or secret communications between firewalls. While pointed out by Chapman and Zwicky [2]#@@#@!, firewalls could be an excellent spot to focus reliability decisions and also to enforce a network reliability policy.

They could efficiently record internet operate activity, and limit the exposure associated with an organization. The exposure to strike is called the “zone of risk.  If an firm is connected to the Internet without a firewall, just about every host within the private network can immediately access virtually any resource around the Internet. Or put it as being a security officer may possibly, every number on the Net can attack every host on the pri vate network. In the Korea, some of the businesses are employing secureness products, including intrusion recognition system and firewalls, and other internal handles which are intended to safeguard, physically and logically, all servers and info systems, like the data stored in the systems. In Davao City, many colleges’ offers IT programs and one of those schools is the Holy Cross of Davao College. Some computer protection measures found in some educational institutions are anti-virus, firewall, ad ware, spyware and adware and etc. This kind of help to protected data coming from viruses, illegal access, hardware failure and hardware robbery.

Rationale in the Study

The definition of Information Technology may be the area of controlling technology and spans wide variety of areas which include computer software, data systems, computer hardware, programming languages but are not really limited to things such as processes, and data constructs. In short, whatever renders data, information or perhaps perceived expertise in any visual format in any respect, via virtually any multimedia division mechanism, is known as part of the Information Technology (IT) domain. Computer protection is to prevent or identify unauthorized activities by users of the program.

The safeguard of data kept in your computer system. The protection of data (information security) is the central. The protection of sites is important to avoid loss of machine resources along with protect the network from being used for illegitimate purposes. The goal of this examine is to understand the level of awareness and using all initial year BSIT students in terms of computer malware, unauthorized get, and equipment failure and hardware robbery.

Theories and Concept

This study was anchored within the concept of Dynamic awareness theory (DAT) offers an alternative to describing the creation of understanding in sent out work groupings. DAT shows the important part of users and social practices in awareness creation. The theory further more points to the dynamic nature of awareness creation: Understanding emerges as time passes and depreciates when not becoming actively dealt with by the users.

A person’s awareness is not only a static condition which can be arbitrarily turned on and off. It is rather a gradual build-up of information about his surroundings (Kai Riemer, Russel Haines, 2008). This theory of awareness is use for conceptualize every individual of their daily awareness about what happen inside their community, since awareness requires active routine service because it reduces over time.

Self-employed variable Reliant variable

Figure 1 . Conceptual Framework Demonstrating the Factors of the Research The response of the 1st year BSIT students in the level of understanding and usage about laptop security procedures in terms of Malware, Unauthorized Access, Hardware Inability and Hardware Theft will depend on with the experiencesthey encountered within their system by which it is the foundation the reasons to get the understanding of the students.

Statement of the Complications

1 . What is the level of awareness of the respondents regarding computer protection measures resistant to the following threats:

a. Virus

b. Illegal access

c. Hardware failure

d. Components theft

2 . Precisely what is the level of utilization of the participants on laptop security measures? 3. Precisely what is the most used computer security measure by the respondents? 4. What is minimal practiced pc security measure by the participants? 5. Is there a significant difference between your level of awareness and usage of the computer secureness measures by the respondents?


The researches conduct this sort of research in order to obtain selected information about the computer security measures. The analysts used detailed assessment approach in order to meet the objective of the study. To collect data, the researchers use these types of procedures in order to assess the data which was collected.

Study Design

To be able to determine the level of awareness and utilization regarding computer secureness measures, the descriptive analysis method of studies used. This is certainly used by the researches because the objective with this study is usually to determine the amount of awareness and utilization in the first 12 months BSIT learners without affecting them in any respect. Descriptive research design displays specific subject matter and as precursor to even more quantitative studies.

The actual review is done during the second semester in the year 2011-2012. The procedure utilized is carefully, analyzed to be able to obtain

accurate information.

Research Environment

The researchers conducted an investigation to a certain private school. The Holy Combination of Davao College is located at Sta. Avenue Davao City. The respondents of this research are generally first yr BSIT learners.

Respondents from the Study

To own desire details, all initially year BSIT students of O Cross of Davao School were the participants from the study. They were chosen because they are not more experienced compared to the larger years. The selected numbers of participants were supposed to give their very own honest answers.

Research Instruments

In this examine, the researches use set of questions as research instrument. It truly is most common device or application of exploration for obtaining data further than the physical reach in the observer. Part I with the questionnaire may be the level of understanding of all initially year BSIT students to computer reliability measures when it comes to Viruses, Illegal access, Components Failure and Hardware Fraud. Part 2 of the set of questions is the level of utilization of almost all first 12 months BSIT pupils towards laptop security steps in terms of Malware, Unauthorized gain access to, Hardware Failure and Equipment Theft.

Info Gathering Methods

In gathering data process, first the researchers conceptualized what research to carry out and showed up to a research title “Level of Awareness and Utilization of All 1st Year BSIT students about Computer Protection Measures. The investigation title was approved by the investigation adviser with all the panel of examiners. After the approval from the title, a questionnaire began to answer the research study was validated.

Info Analysis

The next statistical tools were applied to answer important problems with the study, the following:

Consistency Count: It was used to count the amount of items of the respondents whom are aware and unaware regarding the computer reliability measures and its utilization.

Weighted Mean: The weighted imply is similar to an arithmetic suggest (the most common type of average), where instead of each of the info points contributing equally to the final average, some data points add more than others. The notion of weighted mean plays a role in descriptive statistics and also occurs towards a more general kind in several other locations of math concepts.


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