A whole lot of companies and businesses needed the assistance of computers because of its speed, precision and productivity. Moreover, many businesses flourished mainly because production was increased and human mistakes were reduced and administration decisions had been facilitated through accurate and reliable info generated simply by software applications. The business world has become reliant to the significant use of personal computers and electronics. Nowadays, almost every corporate and company, great or small , and enhances their very own business success rates and profitability through the use of personal computers. In Products on hand System with POS if automated or manual, consists of machines, persons, and/or strategies organized to process, disseminate and send data that represent consumer information.

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An Inventory System with POS can be described as system that supports a business in the monitoring of items and sales. Likewise, it is a computer system processing where the computer responds immediately to user asks for. Thus, Malaya and Timber Construction Supply, the subject of this kind of study, is in need of an inventory and sales software program to help them recognize inventory requirements, set targets, and report actual and projected products on hand status.

The introduction of an automatic system wants to15325 optimize the inventory levels and remove stock-outs. SHORT HISTORY

Malaya Lumber and Construction Supply has been a acknowledged name in the Makati Hardware industry for over 40 years. Malaya Lumber and Construction Source carry a variety of construction source to suit just about every need. The Malaya Wood and Construction Supply range includes market renowned hardware equipment’s coming from leading suppliers including YELE, CEMEX, ABOY, etc . Malaya Lumber and Construction Source, supply a range of electric powered, sand, bare cement, steel, plywood, sink, lavatories, plumbing and tiles to suit every price range.

1 . 1 Statement of the Problem

Malaya Lumber and Construction Supply are experiencing difficulty in monitoring their inventory and product sales. * How you can design and develop a module to screen the availability with their items. 2. How to generate reports according to client needs, for elizabeth. g. Sales Report, Products on hand Sales Record. * The right way to

observe the return/exchange of the items.

1 . two Current State of the Technology

Malaya Lumber and Construction Source are currently using a labor-intensive method in products on hand, calculating of sales and producing information. Listed below are categories of inside operations that enable the company to do business with the public. Buy OrdersSales Products on hand


These classifications are carried out by hand and the most of the information is stored on a ‘Logbook’ and with sales purchase is completed thru a pre-printed numbered empty receipt. The needed reports are mostly protected by a bureaucratic level staff thru Microsoft Excel. Complications like lose files of records happen to be minimized and definitely will help them alleviate deluge a record of work done simply by existing older use of the hand system and logbook based record keeping. The proposed Inventory System with Point of Sale will make daily procedures effective and convenient to use as well.

1 . three or more Objective

1 . several. 1 Standard Objective

The advocates aim to produce a computerized Products on hand System with Point-of-Sale to get the Malaya Lumber and Construction Source that will aid their particular daily operations regarding their very own inventory and sales function. 1 . three or more. 2 Specific Objectives

* To provide a monitoring module that may track the availability of items inside the inventory. 2. To create a module that will make reports pertaining to Inventory and Sales. 2. To develop a module that may track the record with the return and exchange of the items. 1 ) 3. 3 Scope and Limitations


This kind of study is exclusively designed for Malaya Lumber and Construction Source. This study is concerned to build up an Inventory System with Point of

Sale pertaining to Malaya Timber and Development Supply which will cover sale transactions and monitoring stocks. The system provides the pursuing functionalities:

1 ) Display inventory conditions with the products, including stock, out-of-stock, back-ordered or perhaps pre-orderable. installment payments on your Filter merchandise listing to demonstrate only individuals products which might be currently available in stock. several. Decrement inventory levels when orders will be processed.

5. Receive announcements when inventory levels reach an out-of-stock threshold. * The system has got the capability to keep a record customer and supplier data. * A delivery component that watches products delivered by the distributor and products delivered to the costumers. * The system gets the capability to create a back-up backup of repository file. * The system provides a security to keep all information guaranteed for unauthorized users. * The system includes a module that will prompt the user if a particular item features reach it is critical level. * The program will be implemented in a LAN based network.

* Record Module generates hard copy of record data in a daily, quarterly and annually basis.


* The system will never support pub -coding pertaining to items.

* The machine is not capable of accepting bank cards as repayment. * There is not any record admittance in calculation of taxes payment intended for submission in BIR. 5. The system will not support plan of delivery for the clients.


2 . 1 Advantages

Just about every computer system needs to be supported by hypotheses. Given that the proponents intend to develop a sales and inventory system, hypotheses concerning inventory control and transaction control system must be

studied. Computer related topics, including database, GUIs and others, is additionally studied. These theories can eventually bring about the overall structure and style of a system. The theories mentioned in this phase will be the foundation of the propose system. 2 . 2 Inventory Control System

Some of the best inventory management software is equipped with a low-level warning system that will inform you whenever your stock achievement low so that you don’t be depleted of something that is advertising well. You need to the ability to observe in real time what stock you could have on hand at another area and keep program it. In the event you offer item kits you need to use a plan that will allow one to keep an eye on your sales and inventory so your kits are all accounted for. [TOPT2013] 2 . three or more Software Prototyping

Prototyping is the process of building a model of a method. In terms of an information system, prototypes are employed to help system designers build an information system that intuitive and simple to manipulate intended for end users. Prototyping is an iterative procedure that is portion of the analysis phase of the devices development existence cycle. [UMSL2012] 2 . three or more Transaction Processing System

A transaction process system (TPS) is an info processing system for business ventures involving the collection, modification and retrieval of all transaction info. Characteristics of any TPS contain performance, trustworthiness and uniformity. [TECH2013]

2 . 4 Graphic User Interface

A graphical user interface (GUI) can be described as human-computer user interface (i. electronic., a way for humans to interact with computers) that uses windows, icons and menus and that can be manipulated with a mouse (and often to a restricted extent by a keyboard since well). GUIs stand in sharp contrast to command series interfaces (CLIs), which use simply text and are accessed exclusively by a computer keyboard. The most familiar example of a CLI too many people is MS-DOS. Another case in point is Linux when it is employed in console mode (i. electronic., the entire display shows text only). [LINF2004] 2 . your five Database

A database is known as a set of data that has a regular structure that is certainly organized so that a computer can easily find the desired information. Data is a collection of distinct items of information, specifically information that is formatted (i. e., organized) in some certain way for utilization in analysis or perhaps making decisions. A data source can generally be looked at as a general collection of documents, each that contains one or more fields (i. e., items of data) regarding some entity (i. electronic., object), for instance a person, organization, city, item, work of art, menu, chemical, or perhaps sequence of DNA. For example , the areas for a data source that is regarding people who work for a specific business might include the name, staff identification amount, address, phone number, date job started, position and earnings for each staff member. [LINF2006] 2 . 6 Data source Normalization

Normalization is the technique of organizing data in a databases. This includes creating tables and establishing relationships between those tables in accordance to rules designed the two to protect your data and to make the database way more versatile by eliminating redundancy and sporadic dependency. [MICR2013]

2 . 7 Computer Network

Some type of computer network can be described as group of computers and other computing hardware products that are linked together through communication programs to aid communication and resource-sharing among a wide range of users. Networks are generally categorized depending on their attributes. [TECH2013] installment payments on your 8 Backup

In the laptop world, a backup is known as a copy of some info. This backup could be utilized to restore the original data if the original info is lost or destroyed. You can make copies of your data manually, simply by copying the files to another place: a CD, one more disc, another machine, into a tape gadget, etc . Ideally, the backup should be kept on one more physical place and should not really be stored on the same room where the initial is. In case of disaster, such as a fire, having both the unique data plus the backup on the same physical place could be perilous. I recommend you to make multiple copies of

the valuable data: for example , you will get a copy kept on one more hard drive and another copy on several remote FTP server, intended for maximum reliability. [COBI2009] 2 . 8 Summary

Different hypotheses the advocates have taken to consideration to develop our product sales and products on hand system. The proponents researched the inventory and deal theory in order that we can have got of thought on how this concept works. The program prototyping may help the proponents and the customer to have summary of the format of the program. The data source normalization theory will play a massive role within an inventory program. The products on hand system will certainly handle many amounts of data so it will be hard to achieve the database normalized properly. Back-up theory will help to ensure the protection of the info. For inside cooperation for the company, the machine will be integrated in a LAN environment. The graphical user interface theory will help in making the design more user-friendly.

Section 4 Functionality Analysis

some. 1 Advantages

This chapter provides procedures on how the advocates used to examine and check the overall performance of the program. The proponent’s objective was to provide a monitoring module and create a component that generate reports and develop a module that will tract the record. The group conducted correct testing methods to prove that the system is capable of doing required requirements. The intended users of the program are the product sales representative, buyer, cashier plus the administrator. The sales consultant manages every one of the walk-in orders and delivery orders. The purchaser manages all the purchase in purchasing products and monitoring of inventory. The cashier manages the payment in the customers.

The administrator is the one who improvements the data file maintenance, method the get level, makes backup and restores the database of their system.

four. 2 Trial and error

List of tests procedures below are the factors used by the proponents to measure most functions effectively according to the specific objectives of the systems.

4. 2 . you Unit Screening

Refers to test that verify the functionality of specific section code, usually at the function level.

The proponents conducted an intensive testing of most validation rules implemented. Using the system, advocates entered a few values for all data entrance forms to check all valid, invalid and limit of most input. In addition to that, the supporters checked exactly what the result, kind of value and attributes will return if this was named. Overall persistence of system’s application is also check on this kind of experimentation.

some. 2 . 2 Integration assessment

It is any sort of software assessment that attempts to confirm the interfaces between pieces against an application design. Software program components could possibly be integrated in an iterative way or as a whole.

In this component to experiment, the purpose of proponents was to expose problems in the user interface and interaction between included components. The proponents studied all the regions of inventory and sales to make sure if just about every module and its functions will be integrated effectively, specially the computation of commission and generations of most necessary reviews.

4. installment payments on your 3 Program testing

The proponents analyzed a complete bundled system to verify that this meets its requirements.

The precision and persistence of the automate system was very effective rather than the old business process consequently the proponents realize the alternative of new process and outdated convention of their business.

5. 2 . a few Alpha screening

Alpha testing is simulate or actual operational tests by the prospective user or an independent test out team on the developers internet site.

First testing was conducted at the developers’ site by the sales person. to make sure in the event there’s a issue when using the explained system. Consequently , the sales rep. gave some suggestions and comments about the process of the program to enable the proponents to gain more information.

four. 3 Effects and Examination

The advocates had finished the trial and error and takings to the evaluation of all challenges encountered. The following are the errors and the proponents’ actions during the experimental of the system. 2. Logic Problems

The types of errors occur once incorrect judgment and purpose used during system creation. This usually happened when coils were not correctly terminated, inappropriate assignments had been done, and incorrect comparability made during filtering procedures. * Syntax Errors

Syntax errors arise when typographical errors and incorrect usage of object homes and other keywords were employed. The group has ascertained that all format errors have been completely eliminated.

2. An updateable Query

This error occurred the moment fields inside the tables from the system’s data source were being update while the databases was at the moment in a go through only method. * Expected Statement Problem (End In the event without If)

This error takes place when the End In the event that of the If perhaps Statement is positioned wrongly or the If Affirmation does not have a corresponding End In the event that. * Integrity Constrains

This mistake occurs if a record having child record are being deleted or possibly a record that is being added contains the same primary key code as an existing record in repository. *

5. 4 Summary

The result of number of testing and analysis turned out to be satisfactory for the proponents and customers. The device was able to carry out the processes that it is intended to perform.

The program was able to successfully record and monitor revenue and products of the organization therefor which makes it for the administrator plus the sales rep to monitor items and sales.

It also made the sales person. work much easier because the system provided these a file repair module that allows to add, change, delete and back-up data. The system was also ready automatically print out all the essential reports that customers necessary.

Shifting the Malaya Timber and Building Supply from unorganized to well coordinate system simply by automating it is a big help out to the company. Since the system has been tested thoroughly, it was capable of perform well thus making a processes a lot easier for the Malaya staff.

Chapter a few


The proponents need to complete every one of the requirements and specifications of the system such as a monitoring module, record generating and a component that will system the record. The developers have successfully met the objectives in the study.

Especially, the system surely could secure all the records by unauthorized personnel to maintain data integrity to be generated employing Log-in showcased of the program. For repayment and cashiering, with the use of the device, producing invoices were less difficult and more quickly without miscalculating of service rendered of every employee. While using used of Computerized Product sales and Products on hand for Malaya Lumber and Construction Source, sales, delivery and products on hand of products happen to be efficiently watched and noted. Also, quickly and appropriate generation of reports is definitely provided. Therefore , the supporters conclude the fact that produce outputs and procedure of Electronic Sales and Inventory System for Malaya Lumber and Construction Source are proven

improve and greater than the company’s current labor intensive system.


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