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- Six Sigma’s Quality Control

- Product Design of Style and Beauty

- Advanced Technology and Innovative Capacity

- Peculiar Strategy to Attract Skill

- Excellent International Brand Picture

-Operating strategy is definitely conservative, and supplier lack -Low contribution rate to the low-end buyer market

-Rely heavily on Android os System, there exists instability factor.



- With advancement of digital technology, there may be enormous room for industrial development - Huge Prospect of Development of Smart-phone market

- Apple has become Samsung’s strong competitor with the high-end, well-known mobile phone marketplace - Inside the mid-to-low range of prices market, there is Nokia


1 ) The to begin Samsung Mobile’s strengths lies in Six Sigma Production, Which can be as follows: a. Emphasizing upon utilizing grassroots and front side line personnel for quality control capabilities b. Emphasizing on fortifying the early phases of production management; Give attention to stages of product style, production of samples and adjustment of product c. Paying attention to continuous and secure production of products to ensure quality d.

Using QCC methods to improve quality

e. Utilizing top quality control education for employees

2 . The second durability is in Samsung’s product style that combines Personalized outdoor with humanized design. Along with its innovative features, Samsung’s modern designs make Samsung mobile phones a popular choice among the list of masses. Samsung’s tactic of making bigger screens for its touch screen phone devices, particularly the Galaxy Be aware series, is a huge big component to its success in differentiating the brand from its opponents. The big screams have become trendy and attractive.

3. Samsung’s lead in technology and innovation consist of its third strength

a. Leading the digital fusion revolution – Digital Firm

m. Subsidizing mobile operating platforms, self-application (AP) processors, and screens

5. Samsung’s next strength is based on its technique to attract the world’s best talent.

a. Attracting professional talents through unique abilities

w. Making public service actions required courses for staff

c. Applying career training for employees

d. Using four concepts to determine wage – importance of job post, social id, comparison to original salary, and creation of value

five. Samsung’s sixth strength is based on its company image.

The samsung company is named while top growing brand by Inter manufacturer and is the 9th most beneficial brand with value almost $33 billion. It has risen by forty percent from 2011 to 2012. Samsung has become able to transform its manufacturer image coming from a “value for money” brand to an innovative leader that “cares for everybody. ” Samsung offers tried the best to create a contrast among its biggest competitors Apple as a “self-centered brand” vs itself, a brandname that cares for everybody. For instance , a recent ad for the Samsung Galaxy S3 shows images of married couples and families with kids, in an attempt to attract a broader viewers with slogans like “designed for human beings, inspired by nature. “


1 . The first weakness lies in Samsung’s operating approach. Samsung would not want to determine business interactions with many suppliers, and this is one of the reasons why Samsung’s development is fixed. Even though Samsung korea defends this by saying that it is better able to protect the intellectual houses this way, in current time’s environment with fierce competition, firms with more suppliers are more competitive. Thus, Samsung needs to be way more versatile in the company’s operating approaches.

2 . Another of Samsung’s weaknesses also lies in certainly not targeting low-end consumer market. Samsung concentrate on product style, so the price is relatively large. And Working in the WiBro (Wireless Internet connection access service) and DMB (Digital Media Broadcasting) marketplace, but return on investment cycle is long.

3. Samsung’s dependence on the Android os operating system (OS) is another weakness. Android phones are extremely personalized and they provide you with the freedom to experiment on your heart’s desire. One inescapable side effect of the freedom, however , is that sometimes your phone encounters a problem or two. Probably it won’t boot or maybe that randomly shuts down. Maybe you shed a critical record and now some features will not work.


1 ) The initially opportunity is the fact with improvement of digital technology, there is enormous room for commercial development. a. Inside the digital age – the age of electronic digital information – there are two major celebrities: mobile phones as well as the Internet w. With the creation of the modern age, consumers desire high quality of mobile phone goods c. Chinese language communication buyers develops speedily

2 . Korean also has an opportunity in the smart phone market’s expansion potential. a. The release of Apple iPhones began the wave of smart-phones n. In the cellular Internet grow older, every huge mobile phone company and user has marketed and made famous mid-to-low range of prices smart-phones. Customer leading the arrival from the era of smartphone evaluation.


1 . The first danger to Korean is - Apple is now Samsung’s solid competitor with the high-end, well-known mobile phone industry Apple’s cellphone has a high-end and well-known image, and shares substantial similarity with Samsung. Thus, more than the core and low-end markets, Samsung korea experiences a greater impact from Apple’s competition at the high end market. Looking at mobile phone products of different smart-phone price ranges, Apple attracts higher user interest and recieve more product competition than Korean, despite the much larger numbers of Samsung mobile phones in the marketplace. This is relevant to Apple’s unmatched brand appeal and connected operator support force.

installment payments on your The second risk to Korean is -In the mid-to-low price range industry, there is Nokia a. Relating to figures, Nokia got attracted a greater amount of user fascination than Korean at the mid-to-low end mobile phone market, in both the general and smart-phone market. w. Nokia’s cellphone market share depends mostly relies upon the mid/low-end mobile products. In the past two years, with Nokia’s decline around the mobile phone, particularly high-end smart-phone market. c. The mid/low-end market is among the most last sector of the industry where Nokia has a lead. Nokia the natural way will not dismiss this.


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